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Sanellan Court, 1 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4HXMapesbury Prebendary (Historical London) Thomas Brock (Sculptor) Henri de Montpezat (Prince Consort of Denmark) (Royalty)(Photos Taken: 23-Mar-2020)Link
Plaque Wording: (Note by John Mann, Historian): It says this house is on the site of the prebend which goes back to the times of Henry VIII [first half 16C]
This is wrong by two or three hundred yards and almost four centuries.
The area of the prebend was roughly the area bounded by Willesden Lane, Walm lane, and Shoot up Hill. The moated manor house was about half way between Deerhurst and Coverdale Roads with its main exit on to Willesden Lane [known until 19C as Mapes Lane]. In 19C the manor house garden extended as far as Chatsworth.
Walter Map after whom the prebend and the manor estate are named lived and flourished in the time of Henry II [ie second half of 12C] who spent most of his reign in France about half of which belonged to him or his wife. Map was an almost man in both church and state, who wrote satirical sketches about court life. H II's sons included Richard the Lion Heart and bad king John who was the one who was forced to sign Magna Carta which was really about rights for barons not rights for you and me.

14 Harley Gardens, Chelsea, London SW10 9SW Frank Dobson(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 11-Jun-2015)Link

near 15 Gloucester Gate, Regents Park, London NW1 4HGMatilda Fountain (Historical London) Joseph Durham (Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 01-Jan-1970)Link
Plaque Wording: Saint Pancras Middlesex. This fountain and works connected therewith were presented to the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain Association on the 3d day of August 1878 by Matilda wife of Richard Kent esq. Junior Churchwarden 1878. The figure now cast in bronze was designed by Joseph Durham ARA {roman date unreadable}

Zimbabwe House, 429 Strand, London WC2R 0JR Jacob Epstein(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 22-Feb-2022)Link

24 Queens Gate Mews, London SW7 5QJ Jacob Epstein(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 09-Jun-2015)Link

18 Hyde Park Gate, London SW7 5DH Jacob Epstein(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 09-Jun-2015)Link

7 Greenwell Street, London W1W 5BR John Flaxman(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 24-Sep-2015)Link

92 Carlton Hill, London NW8 0ER Arthur Fleischmann(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 10-May-2015)Link

32 Queens Grove, London NW8 6HJ George Frampton(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 28-Jan-2016)Link

25 Winthorpe Road, Putney, London SW15 2LW Henri Gaudier-Brzeska(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 16-Dec-2017)Link

The British Library, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB Antony Gormley(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 21-Jul-2012)Link

Junction of Green Street and Barking Road, West Ham, London E13 9ERWorld Cup 1966 (Sport) Martin Peters (Sportsman) Geoff Hurst (Sportsman) Bobby Moore (Sportsman) Ray Wilson (Sportsman) Alan Ball (Sportsman) Nobby Stiles (Sportsman) Bobby Charlton (Sportsman) George Cohen (Sportsman) Roger Hunt (Sportsman) Gordon Banks (Sportsman) Jack Charlton (Sportsman) Alf Ramsey (Sportsman) Philip Jackson (Sculptor)Prince Andrew (Duke of York) (Royalty)(Photos Taken: 07-Feb-2022)Link
Plaque Wording: THE CHAMPIONS England and West Ham United Captain Bobby Moore hoisted on the shoulders of his team mates holds aloft the Jules Rimet trophy. This famous image captures England's memorable 4-2 victory over West Germany in the 1966 World Cup Final at Wembley Stadium. England's goals were scored by West Ham United's Martin Peters and Geoff Hurst whose hat-trick made him a footballing legend. It was a defining moment for both England and West Ham United. Sculpture by Philip Jackson. Unveiled by HRH The Duke of York CVO ADC on 28th April 2003

67 Albert Bridge Road, London SW11 4QE Charles Sargeant Jagger(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 29-Mar-2016)Link

34 Wood Lane, Highgate, London N6 5UB Patrick Macdowell(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 13-Jun-2015)Link

63 Glebe Place, Chelsea, London SW3 5JB William McMillan(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 18-Oct-2016)Link

11A Parkhill Road, London NW3 2YH Henry Moore(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 14-Jun-2015)Link

3 Adie Road, Hammersmith, London W6 0PW Henry Moore(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 10-Jun-2017)Link

44 Mortimer Street, London W1W 7RJ Joseph Nollekens(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 06-May-2015)Link

2 Fielding Road, Acton, London W4 1HL Ercole Parlanti(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 17-Jun-2022)Link

18 Albion Mews, London W2 2BA Lucie Rie(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 17-Feb-2016)Link

2 Melbury Road, London W14 8LP Hamo Thorneycroft(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 02-Jan-2016)Link

16 Redington Road, Hampstead, London, NW3 7RG Hamo Thornycroft(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 17-Mar-2021)Link

SOAS University of London, Torrington Square, London WC1H 0XG Arielle Tse (Sculptor)Women in London University (Education)(Photos Taken: 20-Jan-2023)Link
Plaque Wording: I am rooted, but I flow Arielle Tse
This work commemorates the 150th anniversary of the UK's first admission of women into university education by the University of London
It was made possible by generous grants from the University's Convocation Trust and the University of London. November 2018

24 Wellington Road, London NW8 9SP Madame Marie Tussaud(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 06-May-2015)Link

109 Cheyne Walk, London SW10 0DJ John Tweed(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 27-Feb-2016)Link

14 South Audley St, London W1K 1HN Richard Westmacott(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 09-May-2015)Link

49 Old Church Street, Chelsea, London SW3 5BS Charles Wheeler(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 04-Feb-2018)Link

Chelsea Embankment Gardens, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London SW3 5TRMachine Gun Corps Memorial (World War History) Derwent Wood (Sculptor) Edward Bainbridge Copnall (Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 07-Jul-2020)Link
Plaque Wording: {top left}The Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades Association lives on and a century later continues to remember the brave men who fought with the Machine Gun Corps from 1915 - 1922.
{top right}The Boy David by Bainbridge Copnall MBE PPRBS. A memorial to the members of the Machine Gun Corps who served in World War One.
{bottom left}The original Boy David statue sculptured in bronze by Francis Derwent Wood was the model for the Machine Gun Corps memorial which stands at Hyde Park Corner and was presented to the Borough of Chelsea in 1963 but was later stolen.
This bronze fibreglass replacement was erected by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Old Comrades Association of the Machine Gun Corps.
{bottom right}
This bronze fibreglass statue was sculptured by E. Bainbridge Copnall, 1903 - 1973, and set on the granite column which the sculptor donated to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Chelsea Embankment, London SW3 5TR Derwent Wood(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 07-Jul-2020)Link

29 Welbeck Street, Marylebone, London W1G 8DA Thomas Woolner(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 10-Feb-2018)Link

14 Langford Place, London NW8 0LL John Adams-Acton(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 16-Mar-2016)Link

4 Greville Place, London NW6 5JN Gilbert Bayes(Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 31-May-2015)Link

St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8ADQueen Anne (Royalty)St Paul's Cathedral (Churches etc) Francis Bird (Sculptor)(Photos Taken: 03-May-2023)Link
Plaque Wording: The original statue was erected on this spot in the year 1712 to commemorate the completion of Saint Pauls Cathedral
Francis Bird Sculptor

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