74 plaques with a category of Inventor

79 Queens Gate, Knightsbridge, London SW7 5JU Dennis Gabor(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 18-Oct-2016)Link

124 Highbury New Park, London N5 2DR David Gestetner(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 23-Oct-2016)Link

31 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7RA Ambrose Godfrey(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 09-Jul-2015)Link

12 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4QD John Harrison(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 25-Jun-2015)Link

Putney Heath, Kingston Road, London SW15 David Hartley (Inventor) John Sawbridge (Politician)(Photos Taken: 27-Nov-2019)Link
Plaque Wording: (top left) By virtue of an order of the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor Aldermen and Commons of the City of London in common council assembled dated the 22nd November 1776 David Hartley Esq. was admitted into the freedom of the said city in the company of goldsmiths in the time of Rt. Honble. S. Thomas Hallifax. Knt. Lord Mayor and Benjamin Hopkins Esq. Chamberlain in consideration of the advantages likely to accrue to the public by his invention of fire plates for securing buildings from fire and for his respectful attention to this city in his repeated experiments performed before many of the members of the court. The record of which experiments and also of his admission into the freedom of the said City of London is entered in the book signed with the letter R &c in witness whereof of the seal of the office of chamberlain thereunto affixed dated in the Guild Hall of the same city the 26th day of March in the 17th year of the reign of our sovereign lord George the Third &c and in the year of our lord MDCCLXXVII (L S)
(top right) By the commons of Great Britain in parliament assembled Lunae 16 Die Maii 1774 resolved nemine contradicente that a sum not exceeding two thousand five hundred pounds be granted to his majesty to be paid to David Hartley Esq. towards enabling him to defray the charge of experiments in order to ascertain the practicability and utility of his invention for securing buildings from fire and that the same be paid without fee or reward confirmed by act of parliament anno 14 Georgii 3 1ii Regis.
(bottom left) Hallifax Mayor a common council holden in the chamber of the Guild-Hall of the City of London on the 22nd of November 1776. Resolved that John Sawbridge Esq. the late Lord Mayor of this city having laid a foundation stone for erecting an obelisk on Putney Common to commemorate the invention of fire plates for securing buildings from fire by David Hartley Esq. The committee of city lands be empowered to erect and compleat the same.
(bottom right) The Rt. Hon. John Sawbridge SQRE. Lord Mayor of London laid the foundation stone of this obelisk one hundred and ten years after the fire of London on the anniversary of that dreadful event in memory of an invention for securing buildings against fire

94 Great Portland Street, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7NU David Edward Hughes(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 22-Jun-2018)Link
Plaque Wording: DAVID EDWARD HUGHES 1831-1900 Scientist and inventor of the microphone lived and worked here

75 Longacre, London WC2E 9JS Denis Johnson(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 12-Mar-2016)Link

5 Blackstone Road, London NW2 6DA Morris Kaufman(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 19-Mar-2015)Link

12 Bridge Street, London SW1A 2JX John Peake Knight(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 27-May-2015)Link

101 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9JL Lionel Lukin(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 10-Nov-2021)Link

141 Cleveland Street, London W1T 6QG Samuel Morse(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 29-Feb-2016)Link

32 Park Hall Road, West Dulwich, London SE21 8DW Alexander Parkes(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 19-Dec-2017)Link

London House, Guilford Street, London WC1N 2AB Charles Parsons(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 06-Mar-2016)Link

44 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8ER Robert Paul(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 29-Jan-2019)Link

49 Sydney Road, Muswell Hill, London N10 2LY Robert Paul(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 23-Apr-2019)Link

3 Court Lane Gardens, Dulwich, London SE21 7DZ Phyllis Pearsall(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 08-Aug-2017)Link

118 Hillfield Avenue, Crouch End, London N8 7DN Carswell Prentice(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 26-Jan-2018)Link

1 Highbury Terrace, London N5 1UP Francis Ronalds(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 06-Feb-2018)Link

32 Donne Place, Chelsea, London SW3 2NH Clive Sinclair(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 06-Jul-2020)Link

Squibb Park Bridge, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA Edward Robinson Squibb(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 03-May-2018)Link

Church Hill, Walthamstow, London E17 3EG John Kemp Starley(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 22-Jan-2020)Link

15 Eaton Place, London SW1X 8BN William Thomson (Lord Kelvin)(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 02-Feb-2016)Link

18 Newman Street, London W1T 1PE Jacob Von Hogflume(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 14-Apr-2016)Link

3 Lynn Road, Ely, Cambs CB7 4EG Kenneth Horatio Wallis(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 01-Oct-2017)Link

19 Park Crescent, London W1B 1PH Charles Wheatstone(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 27-May-2015)Link

8 Adam Street, London WC2N 6AA Richard Arkwright(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 02-Jun-2015)Link

Well Hall Pleasaunce, Well Hall Road, Eltham, London SE9 6SS John Arnold (Inventor) Edith Nesbit (Author)(Photos Taken: 28-Nov-2016)Link
Plaque Wording: Well Hall Pleasaunce An 18th century house standing on this site before its demolition in 1931 was for 23 years the home of Edith Nesbit (1858 - 1924), author of The Railway Children. During her somewhat unusual married life here with husband Hubert Bland, a founder member of the Fabian Society, she wrote many other books including The Phoenix and the Carpet, Five Children and It and the Wouldbegoods. Before Edith Nesbit took up residence here in 1899, there were other notable occupiers of this imposing three storey house. The famous clock maker, John Arnold, lived here from 1779 to 1799, seeking an answer to longitude, and the Rev. Charles Fryer, vicar of St John's church at Eltham in the 1840s. The house was used as the boarding section of Well Hall School in the 1880s and their bell can still be seen on the nearby Tudor Barn. However, Edith Nesbit, with her magic touch of writing children's stories which still live on today in television and film adaptations, is the name now most associated with Well Hall House. She loved living here in this part of South East London and especially enjoyed punting on the moat whilst entertaining her many literary friends, George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells among them. In 1915 and 1916 the grounds were used for garden parties, held to raise funds for The Pioneer Women Campaigners (connected with the Woolwich Labour Party). Hubert died at Well Hall in 1914. Three years later Edith married marine engineer Tommy Tucker known as 'Skipper', and in 1922 left Eltham for Jesson St. Mary, near Dymchurch Kent, where they had enjoyed numerous holidays exploring the countryside. It was here in 1924 that Edith died; she lies at rest at St. Mary-in-the-Marsh Church, Romney Marsh, Kent.

132 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9AA John Logie Baird(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 10-Feb-2018)Link
Plaque Wording: From this site John Logie Baird broadcast the first television programme in Great Britain on the 30th September 1929. The Royal Television Society

22 Frith Street, London W1D 4RP John Logie Baird(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 02-Jun-2015)Link

22 Frith Street, Soho, London W1D 4RP John Logie Baird(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 07-Feb-2019)Link

3 Crescent Wood Road, London SE26 6RT John Logie Baird(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 26-Apr-2016)Link

2 West Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9NZ John Logie Baird(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 10-Nov-2021)Link

1 Connaught Road, Walthamstow, London E17 8QB Frederick Bremer(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 01-Jun-2018)Link

20 Hertford Street, London W1J 7RX George Cayley(inventor)(Photos Taken: 16-May-2015)Link

37 Audley Road, Ealing, London W5 3ES John Compton(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 28-Feb-2017)Link

12 Thornsett Road, Penge, London SE20 7XE Thomas Crapper(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 24-May-2016)Link

20 Outram Road, Addiscombe, London CR0 6XE Frederick George Creed(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 30-Aug-2016)Link

57 Exeter Road, London NW2 4SE Paul Eisler(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 03-May-2015)Link

Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove, London SE15 3LP Vincent Figgins(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 24-Jul-2020)Link

20 Middle Street, Brighton BN1 1AL William Friese-Greene(Inventor)(Photos Taken: 01-Dec-2017)Link

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