192 plaques with a category of Poet

17 South Molton Street, London W1K 5QT William Blake(Poet)(Photos Taken: 10-Mar-2015)Link

Bunhill Fields, 38 City Rd, London EC1Y 1AU William Blake(Poet)(Photos Taken: 21-Nov-2016)Link

8 Marshall Street, London W1F 7EL William Blake(Poet)(Photos Taken: 05-Aug-2016)Link

15 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6LB Scawen Wilfrid Blunt(Poet)(Photos Taken: 02-Feb-2016)Link

50 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8SQ Elizabeth Barrett Browning(Poet)(Photos Taken: 27-May-2015)Link

29 De Vere Gardens, London W8 5AW Robert Browning(Poet)(Photos Taken: 09-Jun-2015)Link

Victoria Embankment Gardens,London WC2N 6PB Robert Burns(Poet)(Photos Taken: 09-Mar-2016)Link

John Lewis, Holles Street, London W1C 1DX Lord Byron(Poet)(Photos Taken: 14-Jun-2020)Link

near Hyde Park Corner, London W1K 1AB Lord Byron(Poet)(Photos Taken: 18-Jun-2020)Link

39 Brooke Street, London EC1N 7RS Thomas Chatterton(Poet)(Photos Taken: 30-Jun-2015)Link

71 Berners Street, London W1T 3NL Samuel Taylor Coleridge(Poet)(Photos Taken: 20-Feb-2016)Link

3 The Grove, London N6 6JU Samuel Taylor Coleridge(Poet)(Photos Taken: 13-Jun-2015)Link

8 Pilgrims Lane, London NW3 1SL William Johnson Cory(Poet)(Photos Taken: 22-May-2015)Link

6 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, London SE10 8HL Cecil Day-Lewis(Poet)(Photos Taken: 28-Apr-2016)Link

6 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, London SE10 8HL Cecil Day-Lewis(Poet)(Photos Taken: 18-May-2017)Link

30 Montpelier Row, Twickenham TW1 2NQ Walter de la Mare(Poet)(Photos Taken: 09-Oct-2016)Link

10 Redcliffe Street, Chelsea, London SW10 9DT Austin Dobson(Poet)(Photos Taken: 14-Mar-2016)Link

St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD John Donne(Poet)(Photos Taken: 02-Jan-2020)Link

44 Mecklenburgh Square, London WC1N 2AJ Hilda Doolittle (HD)(Poet)(Photos Taken: 17-Apr-2015)Link

43 Gerrard Street, London W1D 5QG John Dryden(Poet)(Photos Taken: 20-Feb-2016)Link

31 West Street, Marlow, Bucks SL7 2LS T S Eliot(Poet)(Photos Taken: 01-Sep-2018)Link

3 Kensington Court Gardens, London W8 5QE T S Eliot(Poet)(Photos Taken: 23-Feb-2016)Link

23 Russell Square, London WC1B 4HS T S Eliot(Poet)(Photos Taken: 06-Jun-2015)Link

9 Gilmore Road, Lee, London SE13 5AD James Elroy Flecker(Poet)(Photos Taken: 28-Apr-2016)Link

19 Edwardes Square, London W8 6HE Ugo Foscolo(Poet)(Photos Taken: 23-Feb-2016)Link

Adam Lindsay Gordon Statue, 74-108 Spring St, Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia Adam Lindsay Gordon(Poet)(Photos Taken: 05-Nov-2018)Link
Plaque Wording: Adam Lindsay Gordon (1833-1870) was born in 1833 at Fayal in the Azores where his mother's father had a plantation. He completed his education in England and was sent by his family to South Australia in 1853 where he enlisted in the mounted police. He was briefly a member of Parliament and lived in Western Australia and Ballarat before moving to Melbourne. During his time in Ballarat he suffered a severe head injury in a riding accident, was bankrupted by a fire in the livery stable and lost his infant daughter. The day after the publication of his poems (in Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes) he committed suicide on Brighton Beach in Melbourne.

39 Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND Thomas Gray(Poet)(Photos Taken: 26-Jul-2016)Link

172 Trinity Road, London SW17 7HT Thomas Hardy(Poet)(Photos Taken: 29-Mar-2016)Link

16 Westbourne Park Villas, London W2 5EA Thomas Hardy(Poet)(Photos Taken: 13-May-2018)Link

Adelphi Terrace, London WC2NAdelphi Terrace (Historical London) John Adam (Architect) Robert Adam (Architect) Topham Beauclerk (Painter) Diana Beauclerk (Painter) David Garrick (Director) Richard D'Oyly Carte (Entrepreneur) Thomas Hardy (Poet) George Bernard Shaw (Author)Savage Club (Historical London)(Photos Taken: 10-Feb-2018)Link
Plaque Wording: The Adelphi This building stands on the site of Adelphi Terrace built by the brothers Adam in 1768 - 1774. Among the occupants of the Terrace were Topham and Lady Diana Beauclerk, David Garrick, Richard Doyly Carte, Thomas Hardy & George Bernard Shaw, The London School of Economics and Political Science and the Savage Club also had their premises here. LCC 1951

32 Craven Street, London WC2N 5NP Heinrich Heine(Poet)(Photos Taken: 05-Jun-2015)Link

Poultry, London EC4N 8BH Thomas Hood(Poet)(Photos Taken: 30-Jun-2015)Link

28 Finchley Road, London NW8 6ES Thomas Hood(Poet)(Photos Taken: 28-Jan-2016)Link

17 North Road, London N6 4BD A E Housman(Poet)(Photos Taken: 19-Jun-2015)Link

16 Rowan Road, Hammersmith, London W6 7DU Leigh Hunt(Poet)(Photos Taken: 16-Jul-2017)Link

41 High Street, Southgate, London N14 6LD Leigh Hunt(Poet)(Photos Taken: 26-Jan-2018)Link

22 Upper Cheyne Row, London SW3 5JN Leigh Hunt(Poet)(Photos Taken: 11-Jun-2015)Link

182 Sutherland Avenue, London W9 1HR Andreas Kalvos(Poet)(Photos Taken: 02-Sep-2015)Link

85 Moorgate, London EC2M 6SA John Keats(Poet)(Photos Taken: 03-Jun-2016)Link

Keats House, Keats Grove, London NW3 2RR John Keats(Poet)(Photos Taken: 24-Jan-2016)Link

along West Circular Quay to Opera House Forecourt, Sydney, 2000, Australia Rudyard Kipling(Poet)(Photos Taken: 17-Nov-2018)Link
Plaque Wording: Rudyard Kipling 1865-1936
Sydney ... was populated by leisured multitudes all in their shirt-sleeves and all picknicking all the day. They volunteered that they were new and young, but would do wonderful things some day. SOMETHING OF MYSELF (1937) Rudyard Kipling visited Sydney in 1891. A prolific writer of verse and stories including the two volumes of The Jungle Book, he had a strong influence on Australian poets like 'Banjo' Paterson.
NSW Ministry for the Arts Writers Walk

Rue de Cady, 66820 Vernet-les-Bains, France Rudyard Kipling(Poet)(Photos Taken: 30-Aug-2017)Link

43 Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NE Rudyard Kipling(Poet)(Photos Taken: 02-Jun-2015)Link

108 Frognal, London NW3 6XU E V Knox (Evoe)(Poet)(Photos Taken: 17-May-2015)Link

Bowmans Mews, Holloway, London N7 6AJ Edward Lear(Poet)(Photos Taken: 30-Jan-2018)Link

15 Stratford Place, London W1C 1BE Edward Lear(Poet)(Photos Taken: 05-Jun-2015)Link

6 Brompton Square, London SW3 2AA Stephane Mallarme(Poet)(Photos Taken: 11-Jun-2015)Link

46 Belsize Square, London NW3 4HN Hugo Manning(Poet)(Photos Taken: 08-May-2019)Link

near 110 Highgate Hill, London N6 Andrew Marvell(Poet)(Photos Taken: 19-Jun-2015)Link

30 Maida Avenue, London W2 1ST John Masefield(Poet)(Photos Taken: 02-Sep-2015)Link

7 Hobury Street, London SW10 0JD George Meredith(Poet)(Photos Taken: 27-Feb-2016)Link

30 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2AA Charlotte Mew(Poet)(Photos Taken: 15-Nov-2016)Link

47 Palace Court, London W2 4LS Alice Meynell(Poet)(Photos Taken: 20-May-2015)Link

Bow Bells House, 1 Bread Street, London EC4M 9BE John Milton(Poet)(Photos Taken: 30-Jun-2015)Link

85 George Street, London W1H 7HW Tom Moore(Poet)(Photos Taken: 16-May-2015)Link

Primrose Hill Viewpoint, Primrose Hill, London NW3 3AX Iolo Morganwg (Edward Williams)(Poet)(Photos Taken: 08-May-2019)Link
Plaque Wording: 1747 Iolo Morganwg 1826 Y gwir yn erbyn y byd The truth against the world
This is the site of the first meeting of the Gorsedd of the Bards of the Isle of Britain 22.6.1792. Yma y cyfarfu Gorsedd Beirdd Ynys Prydain gyntaf

29 Campden Hill Road, London W8 7DX Henry Newbolt(Poet)(Photos Taken: 23-Feb-2016)Link

Stockwell War Memorial, 1914 South Lambeth Road, London SW8 1UG Cecile Nobrega (Bronze Woman)(Poet)(Photos Taken: 28-Oct-2019)Link
Plaque Wording: "Find me a place in the sun in the sea On a rock Near an Isle in the Caribee; There I will set her Honoured, Free..."
In Honour and praise of all Caribbean women inspired by the poem Bronze Woman by Cecile Nobrega Sculptor Aleix Barbat London 8 October 2008

85 Fortis Green, London N2 9HU Coventry Patmore(Poet)(Photos Taken: 10-Nov-2016)Link

14 Percy Street, London W1T 1DR Coventry Patmore(Poet)(Photos Taken: 12-Jan-2016)Link

3 Chalcot Square, London NW1 8YB Sylvia Plath(Poet)(Photos Taken: 24-Jan-2016)Link

19 Cross Deep, Twickenham TW1 4QG Alexander Pope(Poet)(Photos Taken: 09-Oct-2016)Link
Plaque Wording: On this spot stood until 1809 the house of Alexander Pope
The grotto that formed its basement still remains. 1848

32 Lombard St London EC3V 9BQ Alexander Pope(Poet)(Photos Taken: 25-Jun-2015)Link

10 Kensington Church Walk, London W8 4NB Ezra Pound(Poet)(Photos Taken: 23-Feb-2016)Link

Branch Hill, London NW3 7LY Alfred Reynolds(Poet)(Photos Taken: 16-Mar-2015)Link

77 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX Isaac Rosenberg(Poet)(Photos Taken: 09-Aug-2016)Link

2 North Hill, Highgate, London N6 4PU Christina Rossetti(Poet)(Photos Taken: 30-Aug-2019)Link

110 Hallam Street, London W1W 5HD Dante Gabriel Rossetti(Poet)(Photos Taken: 17-Feb-2016)Link

54 Tufton Street, London SW1P 3RA Siegfried Sassoon(Poet)(Photos Taken: 27-May-2015)Link

23 Campden Hill Road, London W8 7DX Siegfried Sassoon(Poet)(Photos Taken: 23-Feb-2016)Link

51 Upper Brook Street, London W1K 2BT George Seferis(Poet)(Photos Taken: 06-May-2015)Link

7 Sloane Avenue, Chelsea, London SW3 3JD George Seferis(Poet)(Photos Taken: 04-Feb-2018)Link

15 Poland Street, London W1F 8QE Percy Bysshe Shelley(Poet)(Photos Taken: 16-May-2015)Link

Heathgate, 105 Heath Street, London NW3 6SS Edith Sitwell(Poet)(Photos Taken: 22-May-2015)Link

12 Cavendish Place, Brighton BN1 2HS Horace Smith(Poet)(Photos Taken: 01-Dec-2017)Link

1 Avondale Road, Palmers Green, London N13 4DX Stevie Smith(Poet)(Photos Taken: 10-Nov-2016)Link

Gordon Square, London WC1H Rabindranath Tagore(Poet)(Photos Taken: 06-Mar-2016)Link

15 Montpelier Row, Twickenham TW1 2NQ Alfred Lord Tennyson(Poet)(Photos Taken: 09-Oct-2016)Link

Kensal Green Cemetery, Harrow Road, Kensal Green, London W10 4RA William Makepeace Thackeray(Poet)(Photos Taken: 03-Aug-2020)Link
Plaque Wording: William Makepeace Thackeray Born July 18th 1811 Died December 21st 1863
Anne Carmichael-Smyth died December 18th 1864, aged 72 his mother by her first marriage.

54 Delancey Street, London NW1 7RY Dylan Thomas(Poet)(Photos Taken: 25-Jun-2015)Link

61 Shelgate Road, London SW11 1BA Edward Thomas(Poet)(Photos Taken: 07-Apr-2016)Link

Poets Corner, north end of Pembroke Lodge Gardens, Richmond Park, London TW10 James Thomson (Poet) John Heneage Jesse (Poet)(Photos Taken: 30-Dec-2017)Link
Plaque Wording: Lines on James Thomson The Poet of Nature. . Ye who from London's smoke and turmoil fly, To seek a purer air and brighter sky, Think of the Bard who dwelt in yonder dell Who sang so sweetly what he loved so well, Think, as ye gaze on there luxuriant bowers Here Thomson loved the sunshine and the flowers. He who could paint in all their varied forms, April's young blooms. December's dreary storms, By you fair stream, which calmly glides along Pure as his life, and lovely as his song, There oft he roved, In yonder churchyard lies All of the deathless Bard that ever dies, For here his gentle spirit lingers still In yon sweet vale - on this enchanted hill; Flinging a holier int'rest o'er the grove, Stirring the heart to poetry and love, Bidding us prize the favourite scenes he trod, And view in Nature's beauties, Nature's God.

50 Southwood Lane, London N6 5EB Arthur Waley(Poet)(Photos Taken: 13-Jun-2015)Link

9 Aldgate High Street, London EC3N 1AH Phyllis Wheatley(Poet)(Photos Taken: 30-Dec-2019)Link

28 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA Walt Whitman(Poet)(Photos Taken: 03-May-2018)Link

23 Fitzroy Road, London NW1 8TP William Butler Yeats(Poet)(Photos Taken: 24-Jan-2016)Link

5 Woburn Walk, London WC1H 0JJ William Butler Yeats(Poet)(Photos Taken: 14-Jun-2015)Link

31 Bolton Gardens, London SW5 0AQ Edwin Arnold(Poet)(Photos Taken: 25-Feb-2016)Link

2 Chester Square, London SW1W 9HH Matthew Arnold(Poet)(Photos Taken: 02-Feb-2016)Link

Bolton House, Windmill Hill, London NW3 6SJ Joanna Baillie(Poet)(Photos Taken: 13-Jun-2015)Link

104 Cheyne Walk, London SW10 0DQ Hilaire Belloc(Poet)(Photos Taken: 27-Feb-2016)Link

13 North Road, Highgate, London N6 4BD John Betjeman(Poet)(Photos Taken: 13-Jun-2015)Link

29 Radnor Walk, Chelsea, London SW3 4BP John Betjeman(Poet)(Photos Taken: 09-Jul-2020)Link

31 Highgate West Hill, London N6 6NP John Betjeman(Poet)(Photos Taken: 24-Jan-2016)Link

6 Hercules Road, London SE1 7DU William Blake(Poet)(Photos Taken: 07-Nov-2016)Link

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