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Olsany Cemetery, Prague, Czech Republic Jan Palach(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 15-Apr-1997)

70 Tavistock Road, London W11 1AN Leslie Palmer(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 25-Feb-2016)

Brompton Cemetery, Fulham Road, Kensington, London SW10 9UG Emmeline Pankhurst(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 10-Aug-2018)
Plaque Wording: in loving memory of Emmeline Pankhurst wife of R.M. Pankhurst LLD at rest June 14th 1928

45 Norman Grove, Bow, London E3 5EG Sylvia Pankhurst(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 07-Sep-2016)

Tamar Square, Charteris Road, Woodford Green, London IG8 0EA Sylvia Pankhurst(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 15-Jun-2018)

120 Cheyne Walk, London SW10 0ES Sylvia Pankhurst(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 14-Mar-2016)

Christopher Place, London NW1 1JF Nathan Pass(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 26-Jun-2015)

4 Bovill Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 1HA Leslie Paul(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 26-Apr-2016)

200 North Gower Street, Kings Cross, London NW1 2LY David Pitt(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 30-Jan-2018)

21 Brompton Square, London SW3 2AD Francis Place(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 11-Jun-2015)

Victoria Embankment, London SW1A Samuel Plimsoll(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Mar-2016)

Morley College, 15 King Edward Walk, London SE1 7PR Heather Rabbatts(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Jul-2017)
Plaque Wording: Heather Rabbatts born 1955 was a Jamaican born British lawyer, business woman and broadcaster. Chief Executive of London Boroughs of Merton and Lambeth, she has been a campaigner against corruption and for human rights.
Artist: Paula Ligo

Tufton Court, Tufton Street, London SW1P 3QH Eleanor Rathbone(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 27-May-2015)

Hoop Lane Cemetery, Hoop Lane, London NW11 7NL Eleanor Rathbone(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 13-Apr-2016)

21 Russell Square, London WC1B Samuel Romilly(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 06-Jun-2015)

6 Grays Inn Square, London WC1R 5AX Samuel Romilly(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 30-Jan-2018)

24 Stoneleigh Place, Notting Hill, London W11 4DT Reginald Rowe(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 16-Nov-2019)

49 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3DP Ram Mohun Roy(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 06-Mar-2016)

King Charles Street, London SW1A Ignatius Sancho(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 27-May-2015)

The grounds of St Thomas Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7EH Mary Seacole(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 04-Jul-2017)
Plaque Wording: Mary Seacole Nurse of the Crimean War 1805-1881
Wherever the need arises on whatever distant shore I ask no higher or greater privilege than to minister to it.

Morley College, 15 King Edward Walk, London SE1 7PR Mary Seacole(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Jul-2017)
Plaque Wording: Mary Seacole born 1805 learned natural medicine in Jamaica and volunteered as a nurse in a cholera outbreak in Jamaica, taking her skills to Central America and then the Crimea War where she treated wounded soldiers from both sides. She wrote her autobiography Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands 1857.
Artist: Alejandra Casimiro Herrera

14 Soho Square, London W1D 3QG Mary Seacole(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 28-Apr-2015)

The grounds of St Thomas Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7EH Mary Seacole(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 04-Jul-2017)
Plaque Wording: This bronze disc bears an impression of the ground taken from the site in Crimea where Jamaican nurse Mary Seacole ministered to British soldiers during the war of 1853-1856
I trust that England will not forget one who nursed her sick who sought out her wounded to aid and succour them and who performed the last offices for some of her illustrious dead.
Sir William Howard Russell, war correspondent, The Times 1857

George Street Mansions, 147 George St, London W1H 5LB Mary Seacole(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 11-Jun-2015)

Sebright House, Coate Street, Haggerston, London E2 9AD William Sebright(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 30-Aug-2018)

Guildhall Island, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1PA Freddie Shenston(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 11-Feb-2019)

40 Kensington Square, London W8 5HP John Simon(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 23-Feb-2016)

34 St Michaels Street, Oxford OX1 2EB Felicia Skene(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 18-Aug-2015)

11 Granville Park, London SE13 7DY Samuel Smiles(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 28-Apr-2016)

Victoria Embankment Gardens, Victoria Embankment, London WC2R 3AA Isabella Somerset (Henry) (Social Reformer)Loyal Temperance Legion (Religious Group)(Photos Taken: 16-Mar-2018)
Plaque Wording: From children of the loyal temperance legion in memory of work done for the temperance cause by Lady Henry Somerset, the President , National British Womens Temperance Assoc. incorporated June 1898. I was thirsty and ye gave me drink

20 Mansfield Street, London W1G 6NP Charles Stanhope (3rd Earl)(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 29-Feb-2016)

14 Well Walk, London NW3 1LD Marie Stopes(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 17-May-2015)

28 Cintra Park, Upper Norwood, London SE19 2LH Marie Stopes(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 24-May-2016)

108 Whitfield Street, London W1T 5BE Marie Stopes(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 03-Jun-2015)

Kasugai Gardens, 1435 Water St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J4, Canada Yukihisa Tanaka(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 13-Jun-2019)

I have no information about Yukihisa Tanaka. Please contact me if you do.

64 Camberwell Road, London SE5 0EW Keib Thomas(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 04-Jan-2019)

1 Lawrence Road, West Ham, London E13 0QD Will Thorne(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 20-May-2016)

32 Twyford Avenue, London W3 9QB Richard Titmuss(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Sep-2015)

Abney Park Cemetery, 215 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 0LH Joanna Vassa(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Oct-2019)
Plaque Wording: Joanna Vassa Beloved wife of Henry Bromley and Daughter of Gustavus Vassa

Jim Veal Drive, Holloway, London N7 9FB Jim Veal(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 15-Feb-2018)

Queen Victoria and Wale Streets, Cape Town, South Africa J N von Dessin(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 31-Mar-2017)

Queen Victoria and Wale Streets, Cape Town, South Africa J N von Dessin(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 31-Mar-2017)
Plaque Wording: J.N. Von Dessin
dwelt on this site from 1756 to 1761 whose book collection became by his bequest the first public library in South Africa

Clergy House, 65 Wapping Lane, London E1W 2RW Lincoln Stanhope Wainwright(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 05-Oct-2016)

35 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HX Thomas Wakley(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 06-Mar-2016)

33 The Green, Southgate, London N14 7AE Benjamin Waugh(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 26-Jan-2018)

26 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, London SE10 8ER Benjamin Waugh(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 28-Apr-2016)

Christ Church, 95 Friern Barnet Road, London N11 3EU Benjamin Waugh(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 23-Jan-2018)

44 Cranbourn Street, London WC2H 7AN Sidney Webb(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Jul-2015)

1 Colworth Road, Croydon, London CR0 7AD Betty Westgate(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 30-Aug-2016)

The Chestnuts, Honeycroft Hill, Uxbridge UB10 9NH William Wilberforce(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 28-May-2018)

St Pauls Church, The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, London NW7 1QU William Wilberforce(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 25-May-2018)

44 Cadogan Square London SW1X 0JW William Wilberforce(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 27-Feb-2016)

The Wilberforce Oak and seat, Keston, Orpington BR2 6HU William Wilberforce (Social Reformer) William Pitt (Earl of Chatham) (Head of Government)(Photos Taken: 10-May-2019)
Plaque Wording: From William Wilberforce's diary, 1788. "I well remember after a conversation with Mr. Pitt in the open air at the root of an old tree at Holwood, just above the steep descent into the vale of Keston, I resolved to give notice on a fit occasion in the House of Commons of my intention to bring forward the abolition of the slave-trade."

6 Southside Common, Wimbledon, London SW19 4TG William Wilberforce(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 21-Jun-2018)

Highwood Hill and Nan Clarks Lane, Arkley, London NW7 4HH William Wilberforce(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 25-May-2018)

111 Broomwood Road, London SW11 6JT William Wilberforce(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 29-Mar-2016)

38 Church Street, London NW8 8EP Henry Sylvester Williams(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 12-Mar-2016)

Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX Gerrard Winstanley(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 21-Jan-2019)

Princes Park, Hendon, London NW11 0JA Nicholas Winton(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Oct-2019)

Bush House, 61 Aldwych, London WC2B 4PH Andrew Young(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Aug-2016)

10 King Henrys Road, London NW3 3RP Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Jun-2015)

214 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 4ND John Richard Archer(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 29-Mar-2016)

55 Brynmaer Road, London SW11 4EN John Richard Archer(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 29-Mar-2016)

Church Hill, Harrow on the Hill, London HA1 3HL Anthony Ashley-Cooper(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 18-Jun-2018)

Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, Croydon CR9 1DG Albert Ashmore(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 24-May-2016)

66 Marchmont Street, Kings Cross, London WC1N 1AB Mark Ashton(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Oct-2018)

23 West Bars, Chesterfield S40 1AB Olave Baden-Powell(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 20-Sep-2016)

65 Queens Gate, Kensington, London SW7 5JS Robert Baden-Powell(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 10-Jun-2017)

9 Hyde Park Gate, London SW7 5DG Robert Baden-Powell(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Jun-2015)

107 Kingsgate Road, London NW6 2JH Mrs Stanley Baldwin(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 04-Mar-2016)

32 Bow Road, Bow, London E3 4LN Doctor Barnardo(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 30-Aug-2018)

30 Coborn Street, Bow, London E3 2AB Doctor Barnardo(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 07-Sep-2016)

Solent House, Ben Jonson Road, Stepney, London E1 3NL Doctor Barnardo(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 05-Oct-2016)

Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, London N16 9HJ Joseph Beck(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Oct-2019)

Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG Natalie Bell(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 28-May-2019)

Morley College, 15 King Edward Walk, London SE1 7PR Natalie Bell(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Jul-2017)
Plaque Wording: Natalie Bell born 1967 is a community activist playing a vital part in local projects such as Coin Street Community Builders, SE1 United Youth Forum, WaCoCo and Friends of St Johns Sculpture Garden. She champions youth leadership and is passionate about bringing community groups together to produce win-win results.
Artist: Naomi Hope

58 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL Andres Bello(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 06-May-2015)

39 Colby Road, Gipsy Hill, London SE19 1HA Annie Besant(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 26-Apr-2016)

27 Bedford Gardens, Campden Hill, London W8 7EF William Beveridge(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 30-Jan-2019)

Steve Biko Court, St Johns Terrace, London W10 4SB Steve Biko(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 05-Nov-2017)

22 Upper Brook Street, London W1K 7PZ Leo Bonn(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 12-Mar-2016)

Chatham Place, London E9 6LY Thomas Braidwood(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 22-Mar-2016)

60 Myddelton Square, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 1XX Fenner Brockway(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 30-Jan-2018)

Red Lion Square, London WC1R Fenner Brockway(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 06-Mar-2016)
Plaque Wording: Fenner Brockway President of Liberation Born 1 November 1888 Died 28 April 11 1988
Erected by the GLC in honour of his untiring efforts for peace and racial equality. 25 July 1985

Camden School for Girls, Sandall Road, London NW5 2DB Frances Mary Buss(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 15-Jan-2016)

9 North View, Wimbledon, London SW19 4UJ Josephine Butler(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 26-May-2016)

103 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1AT Herbert Carden(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 01-Dec-2017)

45 Brunswick Square, Hove BN3 1EE Edward Carpenter(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Dec-2017)

36 Gomm Road, Bermondsey, London SE16 2TX Richard Carr-Gomm(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Jul-2017)

Cartwright Gardens, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9EL John Cartwright(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 22-Jun-2018)

5 Montague Road, Richmond, London TW3 1LB Edwin Chadwick(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Oct-2016)

8 Highbury Grange, Highbury East, London N5 2PX Wallace Cheesman(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 30-Jan-2018)

Kennistoun House, Leighton Road, London NW5 2UT Don Cook(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 22-May-2015)

8 All Saints Road, London W11 1HH Frank Gilbert Crichlow(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 25-Feb-2016)

Kenwood House, Hampstead Lane, London NW3 7JR Arthur Crosfield(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 19-Jun-2015)

17 Cunningham Place, Lisson Grove, London NW8 8JT Emily Davies(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 28-Jan-2016)

122 Church Street, Croydon CR0 1RF Elias Davy(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 15-Jun-2017)

1-9 Greatfield, Islip Street, Kentish Town, London NW5 2UE Nell Deller(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 19-May-2019)

I have no information about Nell Deller. Please contact me if you do.

41 Cassland Road, London E9 7AN Maria Dickin(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 22-Mar-2016)

19 Blenheim Road, Chiswick, London W4 1UB Alec Dickson(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 23-May-2018)
Plaque Wording: Alec Dickson, 1914 - 1994, founder VSO & CSV, lived and died here. Bedford Park Society

Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX Ferdinand Domela(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 21-Jan-2019)

5 Whiteheads Grove, Chelsea, London, SW3 3HA Frederick Douglass(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 12-May-2015)

153a East Street, London SE17 2SD Charles Vickery Drysdale(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Apr-2016)

11 Albert Street, London NW1 7LU Peggy Duff(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 26-Jun-2015)

16 West Eaton Place, London SW1X 8LT William Ewart(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Feb-2016)

2 Gower Street, London WC1E 6DP Millicent Garrett Fawcett(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 03-Mar-2016)

Parliament Square Garden, Westminster, London SW1P 3JX Millicent Garrett Fawcett(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 12-Jul-2018)

Hoop Lane Cemetery, Hoop Lane, London NW11 7NL Frank Foley(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 13-Apr-2016)

Poultry, London EC4N 8BH Elizabeth Fry(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 30-Jun-2015)

The Gandhi Phoenix Settlement, Durban, South Africa Mahatma Gandhi(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 15-Mar-2017)

20 Barons Court Road, London W14 9DT Mahatma Gandhi(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 24-Mar-2016)

Kingsley Hall, Powis Road, Bromley-by-Bow, London E3 3HJ Mahatma Gandhi(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 07-Sep-2016)

Tavistock Square Gardens, London WC1H Mahatma Gandhi(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 14-Jun-2015)

60 Thornhill Square, London N1 1BE Edith Garrud(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 22-May-2015)

1 Bassett Road, London W10 6LA Amy Ashwood Garvey(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 20-May-2015)

2 Beaumont Crescent, Hammersmith, London W14 9LX Marcus Garvey(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 18-Sep-2019)

53 Talgarth Road, West Kensington, London W14 9DA Marcus Garvey(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 24-Mar-2016)

Dowson Court, Belmont Grove, Lewisham, London SE13 5DT Edward Owen Greening(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 28-Apr-2016)

2 Butcher Row, Limehouse, London E14 8DS Rev St John Groser(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 05-Oct-2016)

185 Baker Street, London NW1 6XB Juan Pablo Viscardo Y Guzman(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 12-Mar-2016)

Hanover Primary School, Islington, London N1 8BD Crystal Hale(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 06-Jul-2015)

12 Hammersmith Terrace, Chiswick, London W6 9TS A.P.H Alan Herbert(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 18-Mar-2016)

Red Cross Garden, 50 Redcross Way, Borough, London SE1 1HA Octavia Hill(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Jul-2017)

2 Garbutt Place, Marylebone, London W1U 4DS Octavia Hill(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 22-Jun-2015)

Morley College, 15 King Edward Walk, London SE1 7PR Octavia Hill(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Jul-2017)
Plaque Wording: Octavia Hill born 1838 the founder of modern social work through her tireless work to alleviate poverty from the age of 14, Octavia pioneered affordable housing, campaigned for open space, and co-founded the National Trust.
Artist: Joy Sturgess

Red Cross Garden, 50 Redcross Way, Borough, London SE1 1HA Octavia Hill(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Jul-2017)

2 King Edward Street, London EC1A 1HQ Rowland Hill(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 21-Nov-2016)

Royal Free Hospital, Rowland Hill Street, London NW3 2PN Rowland Hill(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 08-Jan-2016)

1 Cartwright Gardens, Kings Cross, London WC1X 9EN Rowland Hill(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 22-Jun-2018)

1 Orme Square, London W2 4RS Rowland Hill(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 17-Feb-2016)

36 Camelford Street, Brighton BN2 1TQ George Holyoake(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 01-Dec-2017)

4 Woburn Walk, Kings Cross, London WC1H 0JL George Holyoake(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 25-Jan-2019)

50 Durley Road, Stamford Hill, London N16 6JS Ebenezer Howard(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 25-Mar-2016)

London Wall and Fore Street, London EC2R 5AA Ebenezer Howard(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 21-Jan-2019)

23 Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3JB John Howard(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 12-Jan-2016)

157-159 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 8EX John Howard(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 25-Mar-2016)

61 Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth, London SE1 7HT Eva Hubback(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 04-Jul-2017)
Plaque Wording: Eva Hubback born 1886 - An early English feminist and suffragette, Eva became Principal of Morley College in 1927. She was also President of the National Union for Equal Citizenship and was elected to the London County Council.
Artists: Dee Smith and Jo Thorpe

71 Vallance Road, Tower Hamlets, London E1 5WB Mary Hughes(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 07-Sep-2016)

Mitchell Building , North Terrace , Adelaide SA , Australia Walter Hughes(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 13-Nov-2018)

St Nicholas Flats, Werrington Street, London NW1 1PT Father Basil Jellicoe(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 26-Jun-2015)

St Josephs Flats, Drummond Crescent, London NW1 1LE Father Basil Jellicoe(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 29-Aug-2015)

39 Redcross Way, Borough, London SE1 1HG Janet Johnson(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Jul-2017)

The Tabernacle, 34 Powis Square, Notting Hill, London W11 2AY Claudia Jones(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 24-Feb-2017)

Portobello Road Market Office, 72 Tavistock Road, London W11 1AN Claudia Jones(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 11-Jun-2015)

Duke Humphrey Road, London SE3 7AP Michael Joseph (Cornish Rebellion)(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 26-May-2016)

Manor Gardens Centre, 6-9 Manor Gardens, Holloway, London N7 6LA Florence Keen(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 27-May-2019)

166 Drayton Park, London N5 1LX Jack Kennedy(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 15-Feb-2018)

115 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, London W11 2EQ Bruce Kenrick(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 16-Nov-2019)
Plaque Wording: Bruce Kenrick, 1920 - 2007, founder of Notting Hill Housing Trust and Shelter, lived and worked here from 1962 - 1982.

2 Warmington Road, Herne Hill, London SE24 9LA Sam King(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 08-Aug-2017)

2 Regency Square, Brighton BN1 2FF William King(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 01-Dec-2017)

24 Sugden Road, London SW11 5EF Fred Knee(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 29-Mar-2016)

Anne Knight Building, Victoria Road South, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1LN Anne Knight(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 18-Jun-2017)

Tunbridge House, St John Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4TT Betty Knight(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 06-Feb-2018)

Jewish Synagogue, Jew Town, Kochi, Kerala 682002, India Samuel Sabattai Koder(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 25-Dec-2005)

39 Bow Road, Bow, London E3 2AJ George Lansbury(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 07-Sep-2016)

The Serpentine Lido, Hyde Park, London W2 2UH George Lansbury(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 12-Nov-2019)

67 Bow Road, Bow, London E3 2AD Minnie Lansbury(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 07-Sep-2016)

44 Westbourne Terrace, London W2 3UH Susan Lawrence(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 17-Feb-2016)

North Terrace, Adelaide SA, Australia Mary Lee(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 13-Nov-2018)

Sheen Gate, Richmond Park, London SW14 8BJ John Lewis(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 30-Dec-2017)

14 Palmeira Avenue, Hove BN3 3GB Victoria Lidiard(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Dec-2017)

1 Clapham Common North Side, Clapham, London SW4 0QW Ruth Ling(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 18-Nov-2019)

42 Woodstock Road, London NW11 8ER Mary Macarthur(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 16-Apr-2017)

11 Knoll Road, Sidcup DA14 4QT Douglas MacMillan(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 06-Sep-2017)

Morley College, 15 King Edward Walk, London SE1 7PR Mrs Mallet(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Jul-2017)
Plaque Wording: Mrs Mallet born circa 1840 was concerned for the poor of Lambeth and was a district visitor in 1864 trying to identify families in need. She organized a refuge for women and then started to prepare penny dinners. She also ran mothers meetings and gave sewing classes for girls.
Artist: Alejandra Casimiro Herrera

52 Old Castle Street, Tower Hamlets, London E1 7AJ Jimmy Mallon(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 01-May-2019)

198 Windsor Road, Ilford, London IG1 1HE Albert Mansbridge(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 24-May-2018)

24 Invermead Close, Hammersmith, London W6 0HQ Connie Mark(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Jun-2017)

9 Newcomen Street, Southwark, London, SE1 1YX John Marshall(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Jul-2017)

16 Brunswick Park, Camberwell, London SE5 7RH Una Marson(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 08-Aug-2017)

7 Jews Walk, London SE26 6PJ Eleanor Marx(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 26-Apr-2016)

Colville Nursery, 4-5 Colville Square, Notting Hill, London W11 2BQ Pat McDonald(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 16-Nov-2019)

Morley College, 15 King Edward Walk, London SE1 7PR Margaret Mellor(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 02-Jul-2017)
Plaque Wording: Margaret Mellor born 1933. As a Waterloo resident Margaret has worked for the last 40 years on community planning in Waterloo. Her main aims have been to increase social housing for families and green open space for everyone. She contributed to the setting up of Waterloo Community Development Group, Coin Street Community Builders and Waterloo Action Centre.
Artist: Jacqueline West

164 Queens Road, New Cross, London SE15 2HP Harold Moody(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 17-Apr-2016)

19 Princelet Street, London E1 6QH Miriam Moses(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-Aug-2016)

Tachbrook Estate, Aylesford Street, Westminster, London SW1V 3RN Emily Murray(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 05-May-2019)

413 Brixton Road, London SW9 7DG Rudy Narayan(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 07-Apr-2016)

29 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7EB Germaine Necker (Baronne de Stael-Holstein)(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 27-May-2015)

Crouch End Clock Tower, Elder Avenue, Crouch End, London N8 8DT Frederick Neuner(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 29-Aug-2019)
Plaque Wording: In memory of Frederick Neuner 1919 - 1995, Alderman and Councillor 1952 - 1982, London Boroughs of Hornsey and Haringey, Mayor of the London Borough of Haringey, 1979 - 1980. Campaigner for the elderly, disabled and children, he dedicated his life to the people of Haringey and to international friendship. "And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations."

Nightingale Hospital, 19 Lisson Grove, London NW1 6SH Florence Nightingale(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 01-Aug-2017)

10 South Street, London W1K 2XB Florence Nightingale(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 09-May-2015)

90 Harley Street, London W1G 7HS Florence Nightingale(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 27-Aug-2015)

21A High Street, Wimbledon, London SW19 5DX Sister Nivedita (Margaret Noble)(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 28-Dec-2017)

Deptford Wharf, London SE8 3PA David Ivan O'Hara(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 17-Apr-2016)
Plaque Wording: This plaque has been dedicated by the Pepys community in memory of David Ivan O'Hara 1931-1992 who in his last years dedicated himself to the community and the projects of the community of the Pepys Estate

opposite 72 Mina Road, Walworth, London SE17 2RH Anne Winifrede O'Reilly(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 07-Feb-2019)

5 Colyton Road, London SE22 0NE Percy Lane Oliver(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 26-Apr-2016)

4 Burton Place, London WC1H 9AH Robert Owen(Social Reformer)(Photos Taken: 20-Jul-2016)

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