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2 Warrington Crescent, London W9 1ER Alan Turing(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 02-Sep-2015)Link

78 High Street, Hampton TW12 2SW Alan Turing(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 29-Nov-2016)Link

46 St Peter's Road, Croydon CR0 1HG Alfred Russel Wallace(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 24-May-2016)Link

18 Vincent Square, Westminster, London SW1P 2NA James Watson(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 01-May-2019)Link

287 Sheen Lane, Richmond, London SW14 8RN Robert Watson-Watt(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 30-Dec-2017)Link

6 Gloucester Gate, London NW1 4HG Henry Wellcome(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 15-Jan-2016)Link

27 Whitcomb Street, London WC2H 7EP Mortimer Wheeler(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 20-Feb-2016)Link

47 Shirley Church Road, Croydon, London CR0 5EZ William Wilks(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 30-Aug-2016)Link

100 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5NQ Frederick Winsor(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 09-May-2015)Link

48 Welbeck Street, London W1G 9XL Thomas Young(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 27-May-2015)Link

12 St James Square, London SW1Y 4LB Countess of Lovelace Ada(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 21-Feb-2015)Link

Kings College, Strand, London WC2R 2LS Edward Victor Appleton(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 15-Apr-2015)Link

41 Norfolk Square, London W2 1RX Hertha Ayrton(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 17-Feb-2016)Link

1 Dorset Street, London W1U 4EE Charles Babbage(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 05-Jun-2015)Link

Larcom Street and Walworth Road, London SE17 Charles Babbage(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 02-Jul-2017)Link

80 Muswell Hill Broadway, London N10 3RU William Barlow(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 20-May-2017)Link

Croydon Road Recreation Ground, Beckenham BR3First Public Airmail Flight (Transport) Francis Alexander Barton (Scientist)(Photos Taken: 01-Jun-2017)Link
Plaque Wording: Croydon Road Recreation Ground 9th August 1902
Britain's First Public Airmail Flight Beckenham - Leeds Castle - Godmersham - Dover
Pilots - M Auguste Eugine Gaudron Dr Francis Alexander Barton Bromley & Beckenham Philatelic Society

52 Manchester Street, London W1U 7LU Francis Beaufort(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 16-May-2015)Link

25 Wilton Place, London SW1X 8RL George Bentham(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 02-Feb-2016)Link

44 Albert Street, London NW1 7NU John Desmond Bernal(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 26-Jun-2015)Link

48 Paultons Square, Chelsea, London SW3 5DT Patrick Blackett(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 02-May-2016)Link

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Assistens Kirkegard Cemetery, Kapelvej 4, 2200 Kø benhavn N, Denmark Niels Bohr(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 25-Jan-2004)Link

Myddelton House, Bulls Cross, Enfield EN2 9HG Edward Bowles(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 12-Jun-2018)Link

2 Grove Park, Wanstead, London E11 2DL James Bradley(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 29-May-2018)Link

North Terrace, Adelaide SA, Australia Lawrence Bragg(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 13-Nov-2018)Link

North Terrace, Adelaide SA, Australia William Henry Bragg(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 13-Nov-2018)Link

Botanic Gardens, 1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569 Henry Burkill(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 02-Nov-2018)Link

Cattley Close, Barnet EN5 4SN William Cattley(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 21-Jan-2018)Link

11 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3RF Henry Cavendish(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 12-Jan-2016)Link

56 St Georges Square, Pimlico, London SW1V 3QT Francis Crick(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 13-Feb-2018)Link

48 Kensington Court, London W8 5DB Colonel R E B Crompton(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 23-Feb-2016)Link

7 Kensington Park Gardens, London W11 3HB William Crookes(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 23-Feb-2016)Link

51 Gracechurch Street, London EC3V 0EH William Curtis(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 03-Jun-2016)Link

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Wulaia Bay, Isla Navarino, Chile Charles Darwin(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 19-Dec-2011)Link

110 Gower Street, London WC1E 6DP Charles Darwin(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 06-Mar-2016)Link

Calle de la Virgen del Portillo, 37, Madrid 28027, Spain Arturo Duperier Vallesa(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 04-Apr-2016)Link
Plaque Wording: In this house lived and died the distinguished expert in cosmic rays
Arturo Duperier Vallesa
The neighbourhood association 1959

119 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7BD Thomas Earnshaw(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 30-Jun-2015)Link

4 Bennett Park, Blackheath, London SE3 9RB Arthur Eddington(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 28-Apr-2016)Link

Maygrove Peace Park, West Hampstead, London NW6 2EG Abert Einstein(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 30-Jun-2020)Link

48 Blandford Street, London W1U 7HU Michael Faraday(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 16-May-2015)Link

2 Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL Michael Faraday(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 11-Feb-2018)Link

Hampton Court Road, East Molesey KT8 9BN Michael Faraday(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 09-Oct-2016)Link

Inverforth House, North End Way, London NW3 7EU Ronald Aylmer Fisher(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 28-Jun-2015)Link

38 Onslow Square, London SW7 3NS Admiral Robert Fitzroy(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 25-Feb-2016)Link

Fleming Court, St Mary's Square, London W2 1SE Alexander Fleming(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 12-Nov-2019)Link
Plaque Wording: (according to London Remembers) This tablet commemorates the opening of this block of flats by Professor Sir Alexander Fleming, DSc, FRCP, FRCS, FRS. 2nd October 1948

Plaza de toros de Las Ventas, Calle de Alcalá, 237, 28028 Madrid, Spain Alexander Fleming(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 31-Mar-2016)Link
Plaque Wording: To Dr Fleming
in gratitude from the bullfighters
14 May 1964

St Marys Hospital, Praed Street, London W2 Alexander Fleming(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 17-Aug-2017)Link

20 Danvers Street, London SW3 5AT Alexander Fleming(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 11-Jun-2015)Link

9 Clifton Gardens, London W9 1AL Ambrose Fleming(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 02-Sep-2015)Link

Kensington Gardens, near Bayswater Road, London W2 2UH William Forsyth(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 17-Jan-2021)Link
Plaque Wording: William Forsyth 1737-1804 Superintendent of these Gardens gave his name to the beautiful genus Forsythia specimens of which adorn this site

9 Gilston Road, Chelsea, London SW10 9SJ Robert Fortune(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 14-Mar-2016)Link

14 Lancaster Gate, Bayswater, London W2 3LH Edward Frankland(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 05-Oct-2019)Link

42 Rutland Gate, London SW7 1PD Francis Galton(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 27-Feb-2016)Link

20 Dartmouth Hill, London SE10 8AJ James Glaisher(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 28-Apr-2016)Link

64 Elm Grove, Peckham, London SE15 5DE William Griggs(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 19-Dec-2017)Link

9 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 5HW A W Hofmann(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 03-Jun-2015)Link

Great St Helen's, London EC2N 4AH Robert Hooke(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 03-Jun-2016)Link

1 Lordsmead Road, Tottenham, London N17 6EY John Eliot Howard(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 10-Nov-2016)Link

7 Bruce Grove, London N17 6RA Luke Howard(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 21-Apr-2016)Link

31 Pond Street, London NW3 2PN Julian Huxley(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 25-Apr-2015)Link

Cottage 3, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes MK3 6EB Dilly Knox(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 16-Aug-2017)Link

Bedford House, The Avenue, Turnham Green, London W4 1LZ John Lindley(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 03-Feb-2019)Link

Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Adelaide, SA, Australia Carl Linnaeus(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 13-Nov-2018)Link

Royal Botanical Gardens, Plaza de Murillo, 2, 28014 Madrid, Spain Carl Linnaeus(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 01-Apr-2016)Link
Plaque Wording: Carl Von Linne (1707-1778)
Illustrious Swedish Father of Botany, architect of the system of naming organisms.
Physician, naturalist and botanist, whose teachings and influences came to our country with his disciple Pehr Loefling (1729-1756).
This royal botanical garden represents the spread of the scientific spirit of Carlos Linneo
HRH Princess Heredera Victoria of Sweden dedicated this plaque on 13 June 2001

16 Penywern Road, London SW5 9SU Norman Lockyer(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 25-Feb-2016)Link

166 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1XU Gideon Mantell(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 10-Sep-2015)Link

20 St James Street, Brighton BN2 1RF Gideon Algernon Mantell(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 01-Dec-2017)Link

BT Centre, 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ Guglielmo Marconi(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 19-Jul-2013)Link

71 Hereford Road, London W2 5BB Guglielmo Marconi(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 20-May-2015)Link

16 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RP James Clerk Maxwell(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 23-Feb-2016)Link

Kings College London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS James Clerk Maxwell(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 15-Apr-2015)Link

Soho Square, Soho, London W1D 3QP Peter Medawar(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 12-Jul-2020)Link
Plaque Wording: This tree, commemorating Sir Peter Medawar, OM, FRS, Nobel Laureate, 1915 - 1987, was donated by the Margaret Pyke Centre and Trust and planted by his wife, Jean, on 15th December 1987 in the presence of Councillor Mrs Terence Mallinson of Westminster City Council. It replaces a tree on the same site which was lost in the Great Storm of 16 - 17 October 1987.

19 West Square, Kennington, London SE11 4SN J A R Newlands(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 02-Jul-2017)Link

35 St Martins Street, Leicester Square, London WC2H 7HP Isaac Newton(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 10-Feb-2018)Link

87 Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 6JD Isaac Newton(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 20-Feb-2016)Link

91 Judd Street, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9JB Alphonse Normandy(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 23-Feb-2018)Link

North Terrace, Adelaide SA, Australia Mark Oliphant(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 13-Nov-2018)Link

7 Well Road, Hampstead, London NW3 1LH Karl Pearson(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 27-Jan-2018)Link

290 Cable Street, Shadwell, London E1 0AE William Perkin(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 05-Oct-2016)Link

401-9 Oldfield Lane, Greenford, London UB6 0NB William Perkin(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 18-Jun-2018)Link

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Parish Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Westbrook Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1ET John George Phillips (Titanic)(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 17-Jul-2015)Link
Plaque Wording: This cloister is built in memory of John George Phillips a native of this town, chief wireless telegraphist of the ill-fated S.S. Titanic. He died at his post when the vesssel foundered in mid-Atlantic on the 15th day of April 1912

4 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0DH Augustus Pitt-Rivers(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 02-Feb-2016)Link

113 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 0QX Joseph Priestley(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 25-Mar-2016)Link

12 Arundel Gardens, London W11 2LA William Ramsay(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 11-Jun-2015)Link

8 Campion Road, Putney, London, SW15 6NW Abdus Salam(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 11-Dec-2020)Link

22 Denmark Street, London WC2H 8NA Augustus Siebe(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 28-Apr-2015)Link

15 Buckingham Street, London WC2N 6DU William Smith(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 02-Jun-2015)Link

4 Duncan Terrace, Clerkenwell, London N1 8BZ Eduard Suess(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 30-Jan-2018)Link

62 Camden Square, London NW1 9XE George Symons(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 30-Jan-2018)Link

Block C, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes MK3 6EB Alan Turing(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 16-Aug-2017)Link

22 Ennismore Avenue, Guildford, Surrey GU1 1SR Alan Turing(Scientist)(Photos Taken: 17-Jul-2015)Link

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