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Sanellan Court, 1 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 4HXMapesbury Prebendary (Historical London) Thomas Brock (Sculptor) Henri de Montpezat (Prince Consort of Denmark) (Royalty)(Photos Taken: 23-Mar-2020)Link
Plaque Wording: (Note by John Mann, Historian): It says this house is on the site of the prebend which goes back to the times of Henry VIII [first half 16C]
This is wrong by two or three hundred yards and almost four centuries.
The area of the prebend was roughly the area bounded by Willesden Lane, Walm lane, and Shoot up Hill. The moated manor house was about half way between Deerhurst and Coverdale Roads with its main exit on to Willesden Lane [known until 19C as Mapes Lane]. In 19C the manor house garden extended as far as Chatsworth.
Walter Map after whom the prebend and the manor estate are named lived and flourished in the time of Henry II [ie second half of 12C] who spent most of his reign in France about half of which belonged to him or his wife. Map was an almost man in both church and state, who wrote satirical sketches about court life. H II's sons included Richard the Lion Heart and bad king John who was the one who was forced to sign Magna Carta which was really about rights for barons not rights for you and me.

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