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Southwark Bridge Road and Quilp Street, South Bank, London SE1 0EYEvelina Children's Hospital (Hospitals etc) Evelina Rothschild (Misc) Ferdinand de Rothschild (Entrepreneur) Arthur Farre (Medical)(Photos Taken: 27-Jul-2020)Link
Plaque Wording: 1869 - 1976 The Evelina Hospital for Sick Children in Southwark
Baroness Evelina de Rothschild Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild Lady Superintendent Alice Cross Dr Arthur Farre MD FRCP FRS
This plaque celebrates the founding of the Evelina Children's Hospital, which was built on this site in 1869. It commemorates the work of the founder, planners, doctors, nurses and staff, and all the generous benefactors and supporters during the hospital's first 107 years.
The hospital was founded by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild in memory of the early deaths of his wife, Evelina, and their baby son. The hospital was planned by Dr Arthur Farre, obstetrician to Evelina and the royal family.
The chosen site, Southsea Court in Southwark, was in one of the poorest districts of London, where children were stricken with disease, serious infections and undernourishment leading to many deaths. This new model hospital uplifted the spirit of the people, bringing to a deprived district the hope of fighting the ravages of childhood diseases.
In 1976 the Evelina moved to Guy's Tower, Southwark, to unite with Guy's Hospital Children's Department. The old Evelina building was demolished and the area was converted into Mint Street Park.

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