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62 plaques (and 62 names) with a category of Architectural Gems

18 Tuesday Market Place (id=2513) Albert Bridge (id=9) Albert Bridge (id=4351) Amba bottom row 1-9 L to R (id=5313) Amba bottom row 10-18 L to R (id=5314) Amba bottom row 19-20 top row 19-20 L to R (id=5317) Amba top row 1-9 L to R (id=5315) Amba top row 10-18 L to R (id=5316) Apthorp Apartments (id=2924) Bank House (id=2517) Blackfriars Bridge (id=115) Prince Arthur - British Columbia House (id=4363) Roebling, Emily Warren - Brooklyn Bridge (id=2894) Caldwell House (Singapore) (id=3279) Charlton House (id=4967) Citroen House (id=2188) Clapham Old Fire Station (id=226) Clock Tower, The (id=232) Corn Exchange (id=2512) Craigdarroch (id=4144) Custom House (id=2507) Epsom Clock Tower (id=3237) Former Leitrim Hotel (Melbourne) (id=3302) Former London Chartered Bank (Melbourne) (id=3303) Duke of Connaught - Freemasons (id=4768) Freemasons (id=4770) Duke of Connaught - Freemasons (id=4769) Friday Hill House - Vulliamy, Lewis - Boothby-Heathcote, Robert (id=3077) Prince Edward (Earl of Wessex) - Grand Entrane Hall, Brunel Museum (id=4922) Guildhall (id=2271) Gurneys Bank (id=2516) Honeywood Museum - Rutherford, Mark (William Hale White) (id=3126) Hotel Windsor (Melbourne) (id=3301) Isokon Building (id=3599) Jasper Information Centre (id=4033) Kassius Bay (id=2067) Kennington Palace (id=1395) King Edward VII Galleries - King Edward VII (id=5881) Kings Wardrobe Site (id=1863) Lauderdale House (id=3861) Leyton Town Hall - Johnson, John (id=2964) Lighthouse at Cape Agulhas (id=2064) Lions Gate Bridge - King George VI - Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (id=4162) Lions Gate Bridge - Guinness Brewing Family (id=4161) Lions Gate Bridge - Guinness Brewing Family (id=4163) Petra (id=2520) Petra (id=2521) Pithers - The Pither Family (id=5207) Pymmes House - Wilson, Thomas - Burleigh, William Cecil - Cecil, Robert (id=3040) Richmond Palace - Cholmondeley, George, 3rd Earl - 4th Duke of Queensbury (William Douglas) (id=2465) Richmond Palace - King Henry VII - King Henry VIII - Queen Elizabeth I (id=3541) Richmond Palace (Asgill House) - King Henry I - King Edward III - King Henry VII - Queen Elizabeth I (id=3539) Ritz, Cesar - Ritz Hotel (id=5118) St Georges Chambers (id=2510) Steamship Terminal (id=4138) Stuart House - Stuart Reliefs (id=5324) Sydney Harbour Bridge (id=3393) The Union Club of British Columbia (id=4145) Totterdown Estate (id=1358) Tower Bridge (id=3767) Vaughan Library - Scott, Giles Gilbert (id=3089) Windsor Bridge (id=1611)