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34 plaques (and 34 names) with a category of Armed Forces

Artists Rifles - Phillips, Henry Wyndham
 (id=2807) King Charles I - Battle of Brentford (id=3198) Boer War Memorial, Coombe Hill (id=3113) Cambridge Barracks Gate House (id=1490) Dos de Mayo Uprising in Madrid (id=2037) ETA Assassination (id=2034) Free French Forces (id=417) Free French Forces (id=418) Greenwich National Servicemen (id=1989) Heavy Camel Corp (id=2248) Hyde Park Barracks - Mountbatten of Burma, Earl (id=2344) Isandhlwana (id=2052) Isandhlwana (id=2050) Korean War (id=2897) Mallets Mortar (id=1489) Maritzburg College and Isandhlwana (id=2051) Morant Bay Rebellion (id=3131) Natal Mounted Police of Isandhlwana (id=2049) Norwegian War Memorial (id=1816) Operation Anthropoid (id=814) Royal Air Force (id=951) Royal Arsenal (id=1990) Royal Brass Foundry (id=1991) Royal Military College (id=3219) Sherwood Foresters (id=1756) Sherwood Foresters at Pietermaritzburg (id=2055) Shoreham Airport Memorial (id=2606) South Lancashire Regiment and Spion Kop (id=2041) Spion Kop (id=2042) Spion Kop (id=2043) Spion Kop (id=2040) Tower Hamlets International Brigade (id=1632) Turkish Bronze Gun (id=2102) Zulu dead of Rorkes Drift (id=2048)