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102 plaques (and 107 names) with a category of Charitable

Stephenson, Thomas - Action for Children (id=2314) Ayahs Home (id=6957) Bakers Almshouses (id=2980) Tealby, Mary - Battersea Dogs Home (id=2858) Bishops Wood Almshouses (id=4299) King Edward VII - Duke of Fife - British & Foreign Sailors Society - Shore, Peter (id=6489) British & Foreign Sailors Society - King George V - Green, Frank (id=6488) British War Relief Society - Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (id=5088) Carlton Mansions (id=6643) Childrens Fold - Doctor Barnardo (id=4580) Corporation of Trinity House - North Foreland Lighthouse (id=7970) Deptford Trinity Almshouses (id=4897) Finn, Elizabeth - Distressed Gentlefolks Aid Association (id=1300) Duchy of Cornwall Almshouses (id=4913) East End Dwellings Company (id=6184) East End Dwellings Company (id=5283) Fegans Homes (id=379) Finnish Seamens Mission (id=4626) Fishmongers Almshouses (id=3180) Coram, Thomas - Foundling Hospital - Harmsworth (1st Viscount Rothermere), Harold (id=7750) Lawson, Peter - Fulham Wasteland & Lygon Almshouses (id=6868) Frederick Lord Bishop of London - Fulham Wasteland & Lygon Almshouses (id=6870) Fulham Wasteland & Lygon Almshouses (id=6869) Crosby, Thomas Boor - Gresham Committee - Coates, David (id=7287) Harman Atwood Almshouses (id=3164) Hearts of Oak Benefit Society (id=5234) Helen Peele Memorial Almshouses (id=4546) Helen Peele Memorial Almshouses (id=2361) Hopkins Morris Almshouses (id=4975) Hoptons Charity and Almshouses - Hopton, Charles (id=5997) Hoptons Charity and Almshouses - Hopton,Charles (id=2140) House of St Barnabas (id=4251) Monro, Henry - House of St Barnabas (id=4250) Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor (id=2869) Industrial Dwellings Society (Rothschild Buildings Arch) (id=5871) Flynn, Jay - Jays Virtual Pub Quiz (id=6371) Jewish Poor (id=1637) Queen Mary - John Astor House (id=7152) Lambeth Ragged Schools Mural - Beaufoy, Henry Benjamin (id=4915) Leyton United Charity Almshouse (id=2978) Lionism in the British Isles (id=5173) Isleden House - London Parochial Charities - Queen Mary (id=5268) Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops - Lord Roberts (id=6141) Kings Arms Tavern - Marine Society (id=2274) Metropolitan Asylums Board - Atkinson, Stanley B (id=5868) Metropolitan Asylums Board (id=5605) Metropolitan Benefit Societies Almshouses (id=5359) Metropolitan Benefit Societies Asylum - Bowles, John Christopher (id=6456) Edwards, John Passmore - Metropolitan Public Gardens Association (id=5365) Missions to Seamen - King George V (id=4616) Morden College - Morden, John (id=5564) National Amalgamated Approved Society - Neill, Thomas (id=5055) National Institute for the Deaf - King George VI (id=3604) New York Foundling Hospital (id=7612) Nicaragua House (id=4912) One Tun Ragged School (id=3822) Paddington Almshouses (id=3491) Passmore Edwards Sailors Palace - Edwards, John Passmore - British & Foreign Sailors Society (id=6490) Pauncfort, Edward - Pauncfort Almshouses - Woolaston, John (id=3854) Prince Consort Lodge - Prince Albert (id=4907) Putney Pest House Charity (id=4468) Treloar, William - Ragged School (id=6054) Ragged School (Eleanor Keane) (id=902) Railway Benevolent Institution (id=5025) Robert Daniel Almshouses (id=3236) Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground - Kapoor, Anish (id=5319) Rotary International (id=7697) Royal  Watermens Almshouses - Porter, George - Company of Watermen & Lightermen (id=6743) Royal Horticultural Society - Hatchards (id=4317) Willliams, David - Royal Literary Fund (id=5590) Royal Marines Association (id=7278) Samaritans - Varah, Chad (id=4767) Sense Charity Shop (id=3850) Sick Childrens Trust (id=1937) Society for Improving the Condition of the Labouring Classes - King George V - Princess Louise (Duchess of Argyle) (id=6965) Soldiers and Sailors Help Society (id=6107) Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor (id=6770) St Bride Foundation Institute -  King Edward VIII (id=7322) St Bride Foundation Institute (id=7323) St Josephs Cottages (Almhouses) - Hume, Basil (id=5328) Nichols, Vincent - St Josephs Cottages (Almhouses) (id=5327) St Josephs Cottages (Almhouses) - Cashman, David - Heenan, John (id=5326) St Stephens Manna (id=5263) Morris, Samuel and Anna - Stepney Jewish Community Centre (id=6325) Beatrice Dowager Lady Dimsdale - The Mission Limehouse (id=6948) The Pilgrim Trust (id=7290) The Wolfson Foundation - The Garfield Weston Foundation - Horniman Museum (id=7162) Time & Talents (id=3681) Charrington, Frederick - Tower Hamlets Mission (id=5859) Tower Hamlets Mission - Lunt, Evered (id=5860) Trinity Almshouse (id=1720) Trinity Hospital (id=5563) United Westminster Almshouses - Palmer, James - Hill, Emery (id=3813) Vincent de Paul (id=2191) Rudolf, Edwarde de Montjoie - Waifs and Strays Society (id=5693) War Seal Foundation - Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation - Stoll, Oswald - Lord Harding of Petherton - Gibbs, Roland - Chapple, John - Lord Walker of Aldringham - Duchess of Gloucester (id=6138) War Seal Foundation - Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation (id=6139) War Seal Foundation - Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation - Countess of Wessex, Sophie (id=6137) War Seal Foundation (id=6140) Westminster Union Workhouse (id=5599) Wick House, Star and Garter Home (id=1189) Lady Reading (Stella Isaacs) - Womens Voluntary Services (id=2401)