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23 plaques (and 22 names) with a category of Charitable

Stephenson, Thomas - Action for Children (id=2314) Bakers Almshouses (id=2980) Tealby, Mary - Battersea Dogs Home (id=2858) Finn, Elizabeth - Distressed Gentlefolks Aid Association (id=1300) Fegans Homes (id=379) Fishmongers Almshouses (id=3180) Harman Atwood Almshouses (id=3164) Helen Peele Memorial Almshouses (id=2361) Hoptons Charity and Almshouses (id=2140) Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor (id=2869) Jewish Poor (id=1637) Leyton United Charity Almshouse (id=2978) Kings Arms Tavern - Marine Society (id=2274) National Institute for the Deaf - King George VI (id=3604) Paddington Almshouses (id=3491) Ragged School (Eleanor Keane) (id=902) Robert Daniel Almshouses (id=3236) Sick Childrens Trust (id=1937) Time & Talents (id=3681) Trinity Almshouse (id=1720) Vincent de Paul (id=2191) Wick House, Star and Garter Home (id=1189) Lady Reading (Stella Isaacs) - Womens Voluntary Services (id=2401)