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237 plaques (and 243 names) with a category of Churches etc

Watts, Isaac - Abney House (id=1320) Aldermen of Portsoken Ward (id=7457) Milton, John - All Hallows Bread Street (id=5889) Worshipful Company of Clothworkers - All Hallows Staining - William Lambe (id=4657) All Hallows-On-The Wall (id=7427) All Saints Church - Gaynesford, Nicholas Gaynesford - Scawen, William - Fellowes, John (id=3127) All Saints Church tower (id=4484) Nash, John - All Souls Church (id=5062) Barking Abbey - St Margaret s Church Barking - Curfew Tower Barking (id=6476) Belsize Square Synagogue (id=4218) Bermondsey Abbey (id=5521) Bermondsey Abbey (id=2351) Bow Church (id=6323) Bushey Jewish Cemetery (id=6266) Chapter House (Melbourne) (id=3305) Charity Scholar Bluecoat School - Blewcoat School (id=7410) Charity Scholar Bluecoat School - Blewcoat School (id=7411) Charity Scholars Greycoat Hospital - Grey Coat Hospital (id=7412) Charity Scholars St Mary Abbots (id=7408) Christ Church and Upton Chapel (id=6047) Christ Church Cathedral (id=4174) Christ Church Lambeth - Morley, Samuel (id=6045) Christ Church Spitalfields (id=5874) Christ Church Spitalfields (id=5785) Christ Church Spitalfields (id=5875) Christ Church Spitalfields (id=5786) Christchurch Greyfriars (id=3250) Church of St John the Baptist (id=2535) Church of St John the Baptist upon Walbrook (id=7335) Church of St Nicholas the Traveller Split (id=7848) Church of St Olave (id=5438) Church of St Thomas Apostle (id=5517) Church of the Assumption - Gordon Riots (id=5158) City Temple Holborn - Binney, Thomas (id=5852) Howard, Seymour - City Temple Holborn (id=5850) Queen Elizabeth II - City Temple Holborn (id=5851) Collegiate Church of St Martin Site (id=1732) Congregational Memorial Hall (id=6204) Congregational Memorial Hall (id=6205) Peter the Great - Deptford Friends Meeting House (id=1423) Alcock, John - Ely Old Bishops Palace (id=2495) Ermita de Santiago Marbella (id=3983) Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue (id=1628) First Convent of the Sisters of Mercy Sydney (id=3388) First Synagogue in Hackney (id=1329) Hospital of St Anthony - French Protestant Church, Site of 1st (id=1962) French Protestant Church, Site of 2nd (id=419) Garden of Remembrance Christ Apostolic Church - Queen Mary - King George VI (id=3888) Great Synagogue Dukes Place (id=3249) Grey Friars Monastery Site (id=474) Grosvenor Chapel (id=5135) Guardian Angels Church - Howard Family of Norfolk (id=4563) Guards Chapel (id=6442) Hanbury Hall - Forster, William (id=6773) Hanbury Hall - Wesley, John - Dickens, Charles - Besant, Annie - Marx, Eleanor (id=1728) Hanover Chapel (id=5099) Harvard, John - Harvard Chapel - La Farge, John (id=8178) Hebra Guemilut Hasadim - Spanish and Portuguese Jews Association (id=1514) Glassey, Alec E - Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6428) Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6432) Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6430) Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6433) Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6431) Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6429) Smith, J Rider - Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6427) Holland Park Synagogue (id=4437) Holy Trinity Church - Bodley, George Frederick (id=3898) Holy Trinity Sloane Street - Cadogan, George (5th Earl) -  Cadogan, Beatrix Countess (id=6675) Willes, George - Holy Trinity Sloane Street (id=7423) Holywell Priory (id=1271) Holywell Priory - Priory of St John the Baptist - The Theatre (id=1269) How Memorial Gateway (id=6320) How Memorial Gateway - Bishop of Bedford - Bishop of London (id=6321) Burtt, Lewis (Daddy) and John - Hoxton Market Christian Mission (id=1274) Key West Cornish Memorial Ame Zion Church (id=7193) Key West Cornish Memorial Ame Zion Church (id=7194) Montefiore, Joseph Sebag - Lauderdale Road Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue (id=7075) Laurence Pountney Church Site and Corpus Christi College Site (id=1874) Lewes Priory (id=653) Princess Alexandra - Leysian Centre (id=8185) Leysian Mission - Marshall, Horace B - Lord Strathcona (Donald Smith) - McArthur, Alexander - Reed, Albert (id=5654) Lincoln Memorial Tower (id=6046) Tymms, T Vincent - London Baptist Association (id=3951) Mary Abbots Church wall (id=4387) Millennium Cross (id=4356) Monastery House (id=1263) National Spiritualist Church (id=2996) Newington Green Church (id=1313) North London Synagogue (id=2854) Old Methodist Church (Angaston) (id=3383) Old Vicarage (id=2983) Our Lady of Hal (id=5045) Our Lady of the Assumption, Deptford (id=1422) Parish Hall St Marys - Princess Christian (id=5121) Parish Priests of Aldgate (id=7455) Parsonage Of St Nicholas Acons Site (id=1880) Peoples Gospel Mission Hall (id=3955) Priory Of The Blackfriars Site (id=1862) Priory of the Holy Trinity Site (id=4658) Rochester Square Spiritualist Temple (id=5041) Rochester Square Spiritualist Temple - Doyle, Arthur Conan (id=5040) Royal Garrison Church of St George (id=4781) Rundle Memorial Church (id=4028) Rye Lane Chapel (id=6795) Rye Lane Chapel (id=6793) Rye Lane Chapel (id=6794) Sacrists Gate - Walsingham, Alan de (id=2496) Saint Dunstan in the East Church - Wren, Christopher (id=4755) Saint Stephen Ame Zion Church Key West (id=7191) Scots Church (Melbourne) (id=3288) Second Convent of the Sisters of Mercy (Sydney) (id=3387) South Acton Baptist Church (id=6585) Southwark Cathedral (id=2263) Southwark Cathedral Corbels (id=7348) Marques, Wayne - Sharp, Evelyn - Doorkins the Cat - Southwark Cathedral Corbels (id=7349) Split Synagogue (id=7859) St Aldhelms Church (id=3043) St Andrew by the Wardrobe - Fletcher, Banister (id=8182) St Annes Church Wardour Street (id=5591) St Antholin (id=5883) St Bartholomew Site (id=1041) St Bartholomews Grange (id=2609) St Benet and All Saints Church (id=3885) St Benet Fink Site (id=1963) St Benet Gracechurch Site (id=1879) St Benet Sherehog Chuch Site (id=1042) St Botolph By Billingsgate (id=4760) St Botolphs without Aldgate (id=7458) St Botolph-without-Aldersgate Site (id=1737) St Brides Church rededication - Queen Elizabeth II - Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) - Henry Campbell Lord Bishop of London - Allen, Walter Godfrey - Wren, Christopher (id=7355) St Dionis Backchurch Site (id=1968) St Dunstans Stepney (id=5864) St Dunstans Stepney (id=5865) St Edmund King and Martyr Freehold (id=5669) St Edmund the King - St Mary Woolnoth (id=7344) St Edmund, King and Martyr (id=2264) St Gabriel Fenchurch - St Margaret Pattens - St Edmund the King (id=7343) St Gabriel Fenchurch Site (id=1406) St James Church Clerkenwell - Parish Marker (St Mary Islington) (id=5281) St Jamess Church Piccadilly - Wren, Christopher (id=5595) St John The Baptist Upon Walbrook (id=5662) St John The Baptist Upon Walbrook Site (id=1873) St John The Evangelist Church Site (id=1043) St John Zachary Site (id=1743) St Johns Church (id=2711) St John-at-Hampstead Churchyard (id=6354) St Katherine Coleman Site (id=1967) St Lawrence Jewry - Wren, Christopher (id=1404) St Lawrence Jewry - Wren, Christopher (id=7277) St Lawrence Jewry - Wren, Christopher (id=7276) St Leonard Eastcheap (id=4758) St Louis Cathedral - Pope Paul VI (id=7503) St Louis Cathedral - American Revolution Bicentennial (id=7501) St Margaret Fish Street Hill Site (id=1877) St Margaret Pattens Church - Wren, Christopher (id=5822) Scott, George Gilbert - Pearson, John Loughborough - Farrar, Frederic - St Margarets Church (id=8106) St Margarets Church - Borough Compter (id=2311) St Margarets Church tower - King George II - Onslow, Arthur - Walpole, Robert - Wager, Charles - Sundon, William (id=8102) St Martin Orgar Site (id=1875) St Martin Outwich Site (id=1581) Bulic, Frane - St Martins Church Split (id=7941) St Martins Shenley (id=7142) St Martin-in-the-Fields (id=6517) St Mary Abbots Church (id=4391) St Mary Aldermanbury - Churchill, Winston (id=2277) St Mary Axe Church Site (id=1965) St Mary Bothaw Site (id=1872) St Mary Cole Church SIte (id=1044) St Mary Le Bow Church - Wren, Christopher - Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (id=6211) St Mary Moorfields (id=5659) St Mary Whitechapel Parish Marker (id=5787) St Mary Woolchurch Haw (id=1045) St Marys Church (id=2977) St Marys Church Battersea (id=7684) King Henry VIII - Queen Elizabeth I - King George I - Queen Victoria - King George V - Queen Elizabeth II - St Marys Church Wimbledon (id=7223) St Marylebone Parish Church - Mrs Gladstone (id=5082) St Marylebone Parish Church - Bacon, Viscount Francis - Hogarth, William - Gibbs, James - Sheridan, Richard Brinsley - Wesley, Charles - Byron, Lord - Nelson, Horatio (id=3061) St Marylebone Parish Church - Forset, Edward - Douce, Edmund - de Crespigny, Claudius - Wanley, Humphrey - Figg, James - Gibbs, James - Hoyle, Edward - Rysbrack, John Michael - Ferguson, James - Ramsay, Allan - Wesley, Charles - Storace, Stephen - Stubbs, George - Bentinck, William (3rd Duke of Portland) - Watson, Caroline (id=5085) St Marylebone Parish Church (id=5084) Caird, James - Hook, Norman - St Marys Church Wimbledon (id=7224) St Matthews Church - Lady Barrow (id=6503) St Michael Bassishaw Site (id=1958) St Michaels Islington (id=5286) Parish Marker (Clerkenwell) - St Michaels Islington (id=5282) St Mildreds Church Site (id=1046) St Nicholas Deptford (id=4894) St Olave Parish Hall (id=4656) St Olaves Church - Pepys, Samuel - Dickens, Charles (id=4970) St Olaves Church (id=7645) King Haakon VII - St Olaves Church (id=7646) St Pancras Church Site (id=1867) St Pancras New Church - Napier, Alexander George (id=6423) St Pancras New Church - Croot, Archibald Bertram (id=6422) St Pancras New Church (id=6262) St Pancras New Church - Wand, William (id=6258) St Pancras New Church - Frederick Duke of York - Howley, William (id=6256) St Pancras New Church (id=6263) St Pancras Old Church (id=6417) Queen Anne - St Pauls Cathedral - Bird, Francis (id=7325) St Pauls Cathedral Precinct (Melbourne) (id=3293) St Peters Church - Allom, Thomas - Barry Jnr, Charles (id=5682) St Peters Church (id=3787) St Peters Italian Church (id=3616) St Peters Mission House (id=5819) St Stephen Coleman Street Site (id=1959) St Stephen Walbrook Church (id=4764) St Stephen with St John Westminster - Burdett-Coutts, Angela (id=6664) St Thomas the Apostle Site (id=4763) Queen Elizabeth I - St. Dunstan-in-the-West - Gosling, Francis (id=7321) St. Lawrence Whitchurch - Brydges, James (Earl of Chandos) - Handel, George Frideric (id=2946) St. Pauls Presbyterian Church in Banff (id=4021) St. Peters Anglican Church (Robe) (id=3323) Stepney Meeting House (id=5795) Swedish Church in London - Wrangel, Herman (id=6685) Swedish Church of London (id=5166) Synagogue, Site of First (id=1083) Synagogue, Site of Great (id=1084) The Methodist Church - Wardle, William Lansdell - Wesley, John (id=6367) The Mission Hall - Gough, H R - Campbell, John (id=6218) The Norwegian Church (St Olavs Church) (id=4636) The Old Presbytery (Sydney) (id=3390) The Queens Chapel St James Palace - Jones, Inigo (id=7227) Touro Synagogue New Orleans - Touro, Judah (id=7538) Tower of Church of St Augustine (id=2146) Trinity Chapel - Lycett, Francis (id=4329) Tyburn (Gregory Gunne) (id=1138) Ukrainian Famine - Ukrainian Orthodox Autocephalic Church (id=6584) Union Chapel (id=5259) Union Chapel (id=5260) Unitarian Chapel Portico (id=1142) United Reform Church (id=1752) Welsh Church of Central London (id=5152) West London Synagogue (id=5126) West London Synagogue - Leo Baeck College (id=5125) Westminster Chapel (id=3819) Whitefield Memorial Church (American International Church) (id=5237) Woodberry Down Baptist Church - Tymms, T Vincent (id=6598)