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83 plaques (and 91 names) with a category of Comedian

Askey, Arthur (id=5199) Baker, Hylda (id=2002) Barker, Ronnie (id=5184) Benny, Jack (id=5211) Bygraves, Max (id=5187) Campbell, Herbert (id=3645) Chapman, Graham (id=205) Chester, Charlie (id=2001) Chevalier, Albert (id=212) Clary, Julian (id=5197) Connolly, Billy (id=5709) Cook, Peter (id=1939) Cooper, Tommy (id=1505) Corbett, Ronnie (id=5189) Dodd, Ken (id=5193) Drake, Charlie (id=1998) Elen, Gus (id=1352) Everett, Kenny (id=374) Flanagan, Bud (id=5212) Flanagan, Bud - Winters, Bernie (id=4371) Flanagan, Bud (id=1727) Forsyth, Bruce (id=5195) Gold, Jimmy (id=5691) Grenfell, Joyce (id=3965) Grenfell, Joyce (id=472) Grimaldi, Joseph (id=2669) Grimaldi, Joseph (id=5251) Grimaldi, Joseph (id=2488) Hancock, Tony (id=492) Hancock, Tony (id=1832) Handley, Tommy (id=495) Hay, Will (id=1682) Haynes, Arthur (id=506) Hill, Benny (id=521) Hird, Thora (id=1997) Hope, Bob (id=1985) Hope, Bob (id=5192) Howerd, Frankie (id=1942) Humphries, Barry (id=3412) Inman, John (id=563) Inman, John (id=1999) James, Sid (id=576) Kendall, Marie (id=1380) Lane, Lupino (id=625) Laurel, Stan - Hardy, Oliver (id=5404) Laurel, Stan - Hardy, Oliver (id=2227) Le Mesurier, John (id=1944) Leno, Dan (id=1393) Lupino, Stanley (id=4680) Matthews, Jesse (id=714) Mayall, Rick (id=2392) Miller, Max (id=2590) Miller, Max (id=5201) Miller, Max (id=2589) Milligan, Spike (id=1940) Milligan, Spike (id=4206) Elfin Oak - Milligan, Spike - Prince Charles (id=6058) Milligan, Spike (id=1933) Morecambe, Eric (id=2682) Nervo, Jimmy (id=5690) OConnor, Des (id=5182) Payne, Edmund (id=2539) Rushton, Willie (id=956) Scott, Terry (id=2478) Goon Show - Sellers, Peter - Milligan, Spike - Secombe, Harry - Bentine, Michael (id=1934) Sellers, Peter (id=994) Goon Show - Sellers, Peter - Milligan, Spike - Secombe, Harry (id=461) Sykes, Eric (id=1941) Tarbuck, Jiimmy (id=5179) Tate, Harry (Ronald Macdonald Hutchison) (id=3118) Thomas, Terry (id=1104) Tich, Little (id=1111) Trinder, Tommy (id=2633) Trinder, Tommy (id=5181) Wall, Max (id=2440) Warriss, Ben (id=2000) Williams, Kenneth (id=1935) Williams, Kenneth (id=1200) Williams, Kenneth (id=2860) Williams, Kenneth (id=1201) Wisdom, Norman (id=1210) Wisdom, Norman (id=5202) Wood, Victoria (id=4248)