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17 plaques (and 17 names) with a category of Courtesan

Bland, Dorothy (Mrs Jordan) (id=2339) King William IV (Duke of Clarence) - Bland, Dorothy (Mrs Jordan) (id=1456) Clarke, Mary Anne (id=227) Clarke, Mary Anne (id=6080) Fitzherbert, Maria (id=2568) Fitzherbert, Maria (id=2569) Fotheringham, Priss (id=2089) Furness, Thelma (id=7228) Gwynne, Nell (id=4235) Gwynne, Nell (id=5330) Gwynne, Nell (id=481) Whitecross Debtors Prison - Gwynne, Nell (id=2092) Nell Gwynne Tavern - Gwynne, Nell (id=4316) Hamilton, Emma (id=4418) Hortense Mancini (Duchess of Mazarin) - Archbishop Herring - Talleyrand, Charles (id=4385) Merton Place - Nelson, Horatio - Lady Emma Hamilton (id=3103) Walters, Catherine (skittles) (id=1160)