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12 plaques (and 14 names) with a category of Crime and Terrorism

Police Plaque-Shepherds Bush Murders - Head, Christopher - Fox, Geoffrey - Wombwell, David (id=881) Police Plaque-Alan King (id=3007) Police Plaque-James Morrison (id=2823) Police Plaque-Keith Blakelock (id=2688) Police Plaque-Kulwant Sidhu (id=3135) Police Plaque-Laurence Brown (id=880) Police Plaque-Patrick Dunne (id=2439) Police Plaque-Phillip Walters (id=2938) Police Plaque-Ronan McCloskey (id=2677) Police Plaque-Stephen Dodd - Lane, Noel - Arbuthnot,Jane (id=2771) Police Plaque-Stephen Tibble (id=2933) Police
 Plaque-Fletcher, Yvonne (id=2816)