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19 plaques (and 13 names) with a category of Crime and Terrorism

Bali Bombing Memorial (id=3442) Bali Bombing Memorial (id=2026) Brigantine Maria (id=3333) Epsom Watch House (id=3241) Marine Police (id=1783) Marshalsea Prison (id=2304) Millbank Prison (id=746) Newgate Prison Site (id=792) Parish Lock-up (id=2678) Parish Lock-Up (id=833) Parish Watch House (id=1317) Police Plaque-Shepherds Bush Murders - Head, Christopher - Fox, Geoffrey - Wombwell, David (id=881) Scotland Yard (id=984) Seven Seven Bombing (id=3537) Seven Seven Bombing (id=995) Tottenham Outrage (id=3072) Watch House (id=2997) Watch House, The (id=1167) Whitecross Debtors Prison -  Gwynne, Nell (id=2092)