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28 plaques (and 29 names) with a category of Dancer

Armstrong, Lucille (id=7598) Ashton, Frederick (id=2461) Astafieva, Princess Seraphine (id=38) Bedells, Phyllis (id=3506) Grafton Hall - Bob Burgess and Doreen Freeman (id=5568) Goossens, Leon - Burrowes, Leslie (id=6169) Cunningham, Merce - Cage, John (id=6891) de Valois, Ninette (id=1615) Duncan, Isadora (id=7814) Duncan, Isadora (id=7821) Espinosa, Edouard (id=3526) Espinosa, Edouard (id=2929) Fonteyn, Margot (id=6251) Fonteyn, Margot - du Pre, Jacqueline (id=2910) Fonteyn, Margot (id=1843) Karsavina, Tamara (id=597) Karsavina, Tamara (id=3509) Kelland, Eve (Louise Kay) - Espinosa, Edouard (id=2931) Legat, Nicolai Gustavovich (id=2623) MacMillan, Kenneth (id=3179) Nureyev, Rudolf (id=2621) Pavlova, Anna (id=7706) Pavlova, Anna (id=843) Rambert, Marie (id=3507) Rambert, Marie (id=904) Rambert, Marie (id=905) Spencer, Peggy (id=6741) Taglioni, Marie (id=1085)