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18 plaques (and 18 names) with a category of Disasters

Arniston Shipwreck (id=2066) Brother Jonathan - Pemberton, Joseph Despard (id=4062) Chehalis Cross (id=4160) Clapham Junction Rail Disaster (id=3178) Firemen Plaque 4 (id=1684) Harrow and Wealdstone Rail Crash (id=3026) Harrow and Wealdstone Rail Crash (id=3028) Human BSE (id=3799) Imperial Airways Crash (id=2209) Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004 (id=2249) Kings Cross Fire (id=1336) Maidenhead Floods (id=3548) Moorgate Tube Station Crash (id=2015) Mount Emerald Air Disaster (id=3477) New Cross Fire (id=3232) New Cross Fire (id=1424) Pass of Melfort (id=4045) Wreck of the Florencia (id=4048)