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29 plaques (and 30 names) with a category of Education

Reid, Elizabeth Jesser - Bedford College (id=915) Somerset, Isabella (Henry) - British Womens Temperance Association (id=1764) Cheam School (id=3116) Christs Hospital (id=3251) Christs Hospital Site (id=220) Church School (id=1261) City of London School for Girls Site (William Ward) (id=1856) City of London School Site (id=1881) Coulsdon Church of England School (id=2169) Dulwich College (id=349) Eton Parish School (id=1612) Harrow Old Schools (id=3090) Inner London Education Authority (id=1401) Leyton Library (id=2124) Merchant Taylors School (id=2776) Roedean School (id=2602) Royal Hospital School (id=2104) St Annes College (id=2161) St Marys School (id=2679) St Pauls School (id=2176) St Pauls School  (Dean Colet) (id=1767) Thorpe Hall Primary School (id=3071) Townmead Road School (id=2195) Tudor Hall (id=2675) Edwards, John Passmore - Vernon Hall (id=1714) West Street School (id=3240) Westfield College (id=1183) Woodside School (id=3001) Wren Building - William & Mary College (id=2267)