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19 plaques (and 18 names) with a category of Emergency Services

Binney, Captain Ralph Douglas (id=114) Braidwood, James (id=4302) Braidwood, James (id=2284) Cochrane, Kelso (id=2017) Cole, Harry (id=2288) Drew, C W M (id=4201) Firemen Plaque (Stephen Maynard) (id=4627) Firemen Plaque (Yvonne Green) (id=1498) Henry, Edward (id=515) Jenkings, Harry (id=3455) Lawrence, Stephen (id=2136) Lawrence, Stephen (id=2112) Pullen, Chris (id=2855) Roberts, George A  (id=3230) Roberts, George A (id=3535) Shaw, Eyre Massey (id=1411) Smith, Alfred (id=2773) Smith, Anthony (id=1836) Taylor, Damilola (id=2429)