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34 plaques (and 37 names) with a category of Explorer

Bellot, Joseph René - Franklin, John (id=2100) Bowers, Henry Robertson (id=2480) Carter, Howard (id=193) Columbus, Christopher (id=2886) LaCorte, John N - Columbus, Christopher (id=2899) Cook, Captain James (id=1776) Cook, Captain James (id=1719) Cresswell, Samuel (id=2518) Fiennes, Celia (id=1284) Flinders, Captain Matthew (id=397) Franklin, John (id=412) Hayward, Victor (id=1501) Hooker, Sir William - Hooker, Joseph (id=538) Kingsley, Mary (id=609) Livingstone, David - Paget, Edward - Victoria Falls (id=3152) Livingstone, David (id=3224) Livingstone, David (id=2616) Livingstone, David (id=1265) Lugard, Lord (id=677) Musgrave, Alexander (id=2503) Rae, John (id=1830) Raleigh, Sir Walter (id=2101) Ross, James Clark (id=1475) Scott, Captain Robert Falcon (id=985) Scott, Captain Robert Falcon (id=986) Shackleton, Ernest (id=1449) Stanley, Sir Henry Morton (id=1051) Stuart, John McDouall (id=1072) Thompson, David (id=1106) Vancouver, Captain George (id=2506) Whymper, Edward (id=1792) Willoughby, Sir Hugh - Borough, Steven - Borough, William - Frobisher, Martin (id=1778) Wilson, Edward Adrian (id=1338) Woolley, Leonard (id=1327)