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207 plaques (and 203 names) with a category of Historical_London

135 Rotherhithe Street (id=2446) 2i Coffee Bar (id=2804) Adelphi Terrace - Adam, John - Adam, Robert - Beauclerk, Topham - Beauclerk, Lady Diana - Garrick, David - D'Oyly Carte, Richard - Hardy, Thomas - Shaw, George Bernard - Savage Club (id=2805) Aldersgate Site (id=1742) Aldgate Site (id=1966) Approach To Old London Bridge Site (id=1878) Archway Toll Gate (id=2713) Ashleigh and India Houses (id=2203) Avenue of Trees, Hampstead Heath (id=2095) Bakers Almshouses (id=2980) Barnsbury Beech (id=2714) Battle of Cable Street (id=1634) Becontree Estate (id=2944) Beehive Kiln - Kensington Hippodrome (id=2382) Bentley Motor Car (id=2809) Bexleyheath Coronation Memorial Clock Tower (id=2484) Blacksmiths Hall Site (id=1859) St Margarets Church - Borough Compter (id=2311) Borough Market (id=2282) Bow Street - Fielding, Henry - Fielding, John - Gibbons, Grinling - Macklin, Charles - Radcliffe, John - Sackville, Charles (Earl of Dorset) - Wycherley, William (id=138) Brilliant Sign Company, Paragon Works (id=2183) Burney Street Garden (id=2133) Campden Hill Square (id=2455) Carnegie Library - Carnegie, Andrew (id=2979) Cattle Pound of Hendon (id=2470) Charlton housing estate (id=1693) Chase Street Party (id=1904) Chelsea China - Smollett, Tobias (id=210) Chislehurst Caves (id=1665) Chiswick Square (id=1253) Church Common (id=2998) City Road Turnpike (id=2772) Clerks Well (id=2788) Clink Prison (id=2240) Clink Prison (id=2287) Copenhagen Fields - Tolpuddle Martyrs (id=2847) Coppice Row Turnpike (id=257) Coronation Clock Tower (id=2150) Coulsdon Comrades Club (id=1666) Cripplegate Site (id=1740) Cross Bones Graveyard (id=1291) Croydon Cattle Market (id=1533) Cutty Sark: James Wallace suicide (id=1688) Decayed Tradesmen (id=2994) Deptford Creek (River Ravensbourne) (id=2113) Dockmanagers Office (id=2357) Dogs of Alcibiades (id=2444) Dovehouse Green (id=2928) Druids, Ancient Order of (id=2813) Duke of Northumberlands River 2004 (id=3013) Edgware Turnpike (id=2540) Edmonton Local Board of Heath (id=3039) Edwardes Square - Edwardes, William (2nd Lord Kensington) (id=2755) Elgers Freehold Land (id=361) Elizabeth Fry Refuge - Fry, Elizabeth (id=1285) Elliott Hall (id=3023) Elthorne Gate (id=3019) Enfield Chace (id=2697) Baring, Evelyn (id=62) Extraordinary High Tide (id=1484) Fairfield Works - Match Girls Strike - Bryant & May (id=1702) Ferrymans Seat (id=2289) Festival of Britain (id=1344) Firemen Plaque 7 (id=1721) Thorntons Corner (Beckenham Journal) - First Airmail Post Office (id=2160) First Fatal Motor Accident (id=3092) Flamingo Club - Fame, Georgie - Brown, James - Kool and the Gang - Bowie, David (id=2815) Former Chingford Fire Station (id=3079) Freemasons (id=1642) Gardners Pleasure Resort (id=2212) Garraways Coffee House (id=2270) Gas, Light and Coke Company (id=2844) Gay Rights Demo, First (id=2801) General Letter Office (id=445) Gerald Road Police Station (id=2837) Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park (id=1409) Gospel Tree (id=2951) Great Exhibition (id=2343) Great Exhibition (id=2245) Great Exhibition (id=2911) Great House - Tench, Fisher  (id=2965) Great Storm, Kenwood (id=2098) Greenwich Market (id=2099) Greenwich Town Hall (id=2132) Grims Dyke (id=3022) Grims Dyke (id=3015) Gunpowder Plot (id=1276) Hammersmith Drawdock (id=2877) Hampstead Garden Suburb (id=3035) Hawkwood Lodge (id=3084) Heath and Hampstead Society (id=2094) Hindoostane Coffee House - Mahomed, Sake Dean (id=691) Ice Wells (id=2698) Institute of Taxation Site (id=564) Ivy Restaurant (id=2008) Jamaica Wine House (1st Coffee House in London) - Pasqual Rosee (id=1961) Jones Butchers Shop (id=3000) Keevil and Best (id=2405) Kilburn Wells (id=607) Kops Brewery - Lowenfeld, Henry (id=2196) Ladywell Mineral Spring (id=1564) Lavender Pumphouse (id=2362) Leadenhall Market (id=639) Lesnes Abbey (id=2326) Roesia of Dover - Richard de Luci - Lesnes Abbey (id=2333) Lesney Matchbox Cars (id=3011) Letchford House (id=3024) Leyton United Charity Almshouse (id=2978) Leytonstone House - Buxton, Edward North (id=2971) Lloyds Coffee House (id=664) Loddiges Nursery (id=2145) London House Site (id=1884) Ludgate Site (id=1861) Maids of Honour (id=1502) Main Guardhouse (id=1695) Besant, Annie - Match Girls Strike - Theosophical Society - Indian National Congress (id=1701) May Fair (id=720) Moones - Monoux, George (id=3009) Moor Gate Site (id=1887) Mossy Well (Muswell Hill) (id=2686) Nepali Community (id=2732) New Zealand Company - Wakefield, Edward Gibbon (id=790) Nicoll Family (id=2490) Norwood Society shops trail 1 (id=2634) Norwood Society shops trail 10 (id=2643) Norwood Society shops trail 11 (id=2644) Norwood Society shops trail 12 (id=2645) Norwood Society shops trail 13 (id=2646) Norwood Society shops trail 14 (id=2647) Norwood Society shops trail 15 (id=2648) Norwood Society shops trail 16 (id=2649) Norwood Society shops trail 2 (id=2635) Norwood Society shops trail 3 (id=2636) Norwood Society shops trail 4 (id=2637) Norwood Society shops trail 5 (id=2638) Norwood Society shops trail 6 (id=2639) Norwood Society shops trail 7 (id=2640) Norwood Society shops trail 8 (id=2641) Norwood Society shops trail 9 (id=2642) Nunhead Cemetery (id=2129) Old Admiralty Building (id=1574) Old Fire Station Harrow (id=3087) Old Slaughters Coffee House - RSPCA (id=810) Parish Post Penge (id=2156) Edwards, John Passmore - Passmore Edwards Public Library (id=2182) Peasants Revolt - Highbury Manor (id=2735) Peek Frean (id=2367) Penny Post (id=852) Jonson, Ben - Pimlico Hostelry and Pleasure Gardens (id=1438) Pinner Hill Farm (id=3014) Pinner House (id=3020) Port of London Authority (id=2368) Postmans Park (id=1900) Pumphouse Educational Trust (id=2369) Pymmes House - Wilson, Thomas - Burleigh, Lord - Cecil, Sir Robert (id=3040) Queens Gate Place Mews Arch (id=2460) Rainham (Pilgrim) Ferry (id=2747) Roman Bath (id=934) Roman Camp Site (id=2856) Ropers Garden (id=937) Rotten Row (id=946) Royal Avenue (id=952) Russell Family (id=957) Savoy Palace - Tyler, Wat - Savoy Hotel (id=2868) Savoy Place (id=978) Sheepwash Pond (id=2949) Shepherds Well, The (id=1003) Southgate Local Government (id=2693) Southgate Stocks (id=3049) Southgate Village Hall (id=2696) Spaniards Toll Gate (id=1037) St John Street Turnpike (id=2739) St Johns Gate (id=2787) Stanmore Hall - D'Arcy, William Knox - Holland, Robert (id=3031) Stanmore Park (RAF) (id=3030) Stocks Market (id=1061) Stoke Newington Town Hall (id=1315) Stones End Fort (id=2315) Sulloniacae, Site of Roman Pottery of   (id=1077) Sunnyside Lodge (id=3081) Surrey Docks Farm (id=2447) Testimonial Fountain (id=1705) Texas Legation (id=2831) Thames Tunnel Mill (id=2379) The Angel (id=3037) The Hermitage (id=3029) Toll Gate (id=2670) Toll House (id=1115) Trafalgar Way (id=2178) Trafalgar Way (id=1258) Trafalgar Way (id=1575) Trinity House (id=1125) Twining, House of (id=1136) Tyburn-105 Catholic martyrs (id=1137) Adams, Henry Brooks - United States Embassy (id=5) Uphall Brick Earth Pits (id=2939) Waitrose (id=1154) Walthamstow Fire Engine House (id=2995) Walthamstow Windmill (id=1824) Watch House (id=2997) Wax Well (id=3016) West View Harrow (id=3088) Whitecross Market (id=2091) Winchester Palace (id=2265) Woolseys of Acton (id=2213) Worship Street Workshops - Webb, Philip - Morris, William (id=1268) Tatem, James George - Wyer Hall (id=3045)