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137 plaques (and 138 names) with a category of Historical non-London

901-911 Homer Street (id=4181) Algiers New Orleans (id=7473) Along the Bluff (Vancouver) (id=3995) American Immigrants (id=7619) St Louis Cathedral - American Revolution Bicentennial (id=7501) Amsterdam 700th Anniversary - Rembrandt Gardens (id=4288) Banff Springs Hotel (id=4022) Banff Springs Hotel (id=4024) Bank of Montreal (id=4190) Battle of St Vincent - Baily, Edward Hodges (id=5057) BC and Yukon Chamber of Mines (id=4186) Benvoulin - Mackay, George Grant (id=4001) Block Arcade (Melbourne) (id=3290) Brizendine House (id=7541) Canada Place - Queen Elizabeth II - Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) - Trudeau, Pierre (id=3993) Cascade Dance Hall (id=4025) Ceperley Rounsefell Building (id=4185) Chapel Arches (id=3546) Chinese Memorial (Robe) (id=3329) Washington, George - Commonwealth of Vigrinia (id=6519) Confederate Field (id=7549) Royal Army Medical Corps - Convicts in Australia (id=3740) Credit Foncier Building (id=4184) Crosby Residence (id=4030) Customs House (Robe) (id=3330) Customs House (Sydney) (id=3469) De La Ronde House (id=7507) DIscovery Pier Campbell River (id=4039) Eagle Pass BC (id=4009) Enslaved Africans (id=7495) Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (id=4013) First Fleet (Australia) (id=3470) First Government House (Sydney) (id=3444) First Tanderrum (id=3285) Former Money Order Office (Melbourne) (id=3286) Former National Mutual Life Association Building (Melbourne) (id=3294) Fort Victoria - Hudsons Bay Company - Blanshard, Richard (id=4092) Founding of Australia - Phillip, Arthur - King, P Gidley - Johnston, George - HMS Supply (id=8124) Fraser River Gold Panning (id=4082) Freedmans Cemetery (id=7593) Freemasons & The American Revolution (id=7586) Gas Lighting Victoria (id=4147) Gastown Steam Clock - Saunders, Raymond L (id=4176) Gastown Steam Clock (id=4175) Government House Victoria (id=4140) Granny Banks Cottage (Robe) (id=3324) Grey Masts (Robe) (id=3319) Harbor House Key West (id=7179) Harbourmaster House (Victor Harbor) (id=3335) Harley House (Melbourne) (id=3304) Hateleys Bakery (Robe) (id=3321) Henry House (id=4035) Historic Pier Street Campbell River (id=4043) Historic Pier Street Campbell River (id=4041) Historic Pier Street Campbell River (id=4044) Historic Pier Street Campbell River (id=4042) Historic Pier Street Campbell River (id=4040) Horbury Terrace (Sydney) (id=3465) Hotel Vancouver (id=4178) House (Adelaide) (id=3364) Hudsons Bay Company (id=3990) Hungarian Revolution of 1956 (id=8202) Hunter Brothers Block (id=3991) Independence (Schooner) (id=3339) Gandhi, Mahatma - Indian Independence (id=4741) Indian Totem Poles (id=4156) James J Curtis House (id=7202) Kelowna (id=4003) Kelowna Ferries (id=4005) Key West Cable Hut (id=7187) Key West Cigar Industry (id=7196) Key West Lighthouse & Keepers Quarters (id=7192) Key West Little White House (id=7200) Key West Little White House (id=7199) Key West Naval Station (id=7201) Key West Water Tower (id=7185) KLO (id=4002) Knights of St John Maypole Games (id=8218) Leyton (id=4728) London Building (id=4189) Los Angeles Athletic Club (id=3671) Maple Tree Pioneers Vancouver (id=4187) Marine Building (id=3996) Monument Immigrant New Orleans (id=7528) Moorakyne (Robe) (id=3327) Mrs Macquaries Chair - Macquarie, Elizabeth  (id=3453) National Museum of Singapore (id=3280) Newspaper House (Melbourne) (id=3295) Nine OClock Gun (id=3989) Corporation of Trinity House - North Foreland Lighthouse (id=7970) North West Mounted Police (id=4032) Old Absinthe House (id=7540) Old Bank of Adelaide (Angaston) (id=3382) Old Jewish Cemetery Split (id=7847) Old Police Station (Kingscote Kangaroo Island) (id=3340) Old Victoria Custom House (id=4154) Phillip L. Cosgrove House (id=7198) Police Station Bushey (id=3713) Prague Spring (id=8203) Radford Auditorium (id=3368) Rainey House Austin (id=7557) Randall Building (id=4179) River Lea Watermills (id=4729) Road Builders Memorial (Katoomba Blue Mountains) (id=3386) Robe House (id=3316) Rose Alley (id=7210) Rutland BC (id=4007) Sebastopol Fortifications (id=4349) Second Fleet (Australia) (id=3446) Seppelt Family (id=3384) Siting of Sydney - White, John - Phillip, Arthur -  Johnston, George - Hunter, John - Collins, David (id=8125) Skearborst (Robe) (id=3326) Skye Cottage (Robe) (id=3322) Sloppy Joes Bar (id=7203) Stari Grad Hvar (id=7949) Cain, John - State of Victoria (id=3804) Supreme Military Tribunal Building, British Mandate in Jerusalem - Haganah - Irgun - Lehi (id=4313) Swiss Guides in the Canadian Rockies (id=4012) Taylor Building (id=4177) Texas African American History Memorial (id=7543) The Birks Clock (id=3992) The Breakwater (Granite Island Victor Harbor) (id=3338) The Homer Building (id=4180) The Kirk (Robe) (id=3325) The Lopping Hall (id=6090) The Obelisk (Robe) (id=3328) The Settlers (Sydney) (id=3391) Theatre Alley (id=4153) Time Ball Tower (id=3380) Transatlantic Slave Trade to Louisiana (id=7529) West Berlin street lamp - Brandt, Willi (id=4969) William Curry Warehouse (id=7204) William Lowe / Delaney Theodore Holtsberg House (id=7197) Wood Street Settlement at Shoal Creek (id=7558) Working Jetty (Granite Island Victor Harbor) (id=3336) Wyoming Building (Sydney) (id=3466) Yalumba Distillery (id=3381)