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46 plaques (and 46 names) with a category of Historical non-London

Bachelors Acre Town Green (id=3654) Block Arcade (Melbourne) (id=3290) Chapel Arches (id=3546) Chinese Memorial (Robe) (id=3329) Royal Army Medical Corps - Convicts in Australia (id=3740) Customs House (Robe) (id=3330) Customs House (Sydney) (id=3469) First Fleet (Australia) (id=3470) First Government House (Sydney) (id=3444) First Tanderrum (id=3285) Former Money Order Office (Melbourne) (id=3286) Former National Mutual Life Association Building (Melbourne) (id=3294) Granny Banks Cottage (Robe) (id=3324) Grey Masts (Robe) (id=3319) Harbourmaster House (Victor Harbor) (id=3335) Harley House (Melbourne) (id=3304) Hateleys Bakery (Robe) (id=3321) Horbury Terrace (Sydney) (id=3465) House (Adelaide) (id=3364) Independence (Schooner) (id=3339) Los Angeles Athletic Club (id=3671) Mitchell Wing (Sydney) (id=3467) Moorakyne (Robe) (id=3327) Mrs Macquaries Chair - Macquarie, Elizabeth  (id=3453) National Museum of Singapore (id=3280) Newspaper House (Melbourne) (id=3295) Old Bank of Adelaide (Angaston) (id=3382) Old Police Station (Kingscote Kangaroo Island) (id=3340) Police Station Bushey (id=3713) Radford Auditorium (id=3368) Road Builders Memorial (Katoomba Blue Mountains) (id=3386) Robe House (id=3316) Second Fleet (Australia) (id=3446) Seppelt Family (id=3384) Singapore Botanic Gardens (id=3282) Skearborst (Robe) (id=3326) Skye Cottage (Robe) (id=3322) State of Victoria (id=3804) The Breakwater (Granite Island Victor Harbor) (id=3338) The Kirk (Robe) (id=3325) The Obelisk (Robe) (id=3328) The Settlers (Sydney) (id=3391) Time Ball Tower (id=3380) Working Jetty (Granite Island Victor Harbor) (id=3336) Wyoming Building (Sydney) (id=3466) Yalumba Distillery (id=3381)