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38 plaques (and 40 names) with a category of Hospitals etc

Adelaide Lunatic Asylum (id=3363) Anaesthetic, First in England (id=20) Bethlehem Hospital (First) Site (Bedlam) - Imperial War Museum - Harmsworth (1st Viscount Rothermere), Harold (id=2321) Bethlehem Hospital (First) Site (Bedlam) (id=1964) Bethlehem Hospital (Second) Site (Bedlam) (id=1641) Veitch, Zepherina - Paget, Rosalind - British Lying-In Hospital (id=3189) Broad Street Pump (id=2810) Caterham Cottage Hospital (id=3163) Cedar Lawn (Victoria Maternity Hospital) (id=2674) Connaught Hospital (Old Town Hall) (id=2993) Doctors Commons Site (id=1857) Emanuel Hospital - Lady Dacre - Emanuel School (id=3818) Endell Street Military Hospital - Anderson, Louisa Garrett - Murray, Flora (id=2139) French (Huguenot) Hospital (id=3552) German Hospital (id=1335) Hospital of St Anthony - French Protestant Church, Site of 1st (id=1962) Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth (id=2324) Hospital of the Netherlands East India Co. (id=2075) London School of Tropical Medicine (id=667) Metropolitan Asylum (St Lawrence's Hospital) (id=3156) Stopes, Marie - Mothers Clinic (id=2740) Nelson Hospital (id=3669) Nightingale Hospital - Nightingale, Florence - Duchess of Albany (id=3879) Old Thong Chai Medical Institution (Singapore) (id=3284) Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (id=2331) Royal College of Physicians Site (id=953) Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (id=3115) Royal Masonic Hospital Nurses Home (id=2174) Royal Northern Gardens - Royal Northern Hospital (id=3970) Williams, Howell Jones - Royal Northern Hospital (id=3972) Seamen's Hospital Society (Lydekker, John) (id=2117) St George's Hospital (id=2147) St George's Hospital (id=3785) St Thomas Hospital - Bible, First Printed English (id=2312) Swedish War Hospital (id=1082) The Peckham Experiment - Pioneer Health Centre (id=1432) The Peckham Experiment - Pioneer Health Centre (id=2422) Tooting Military Hospital (id=2155)