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13 plaques (and 14 names) with a category of Lawyer

Abbas, Ali Mohammed (id=2022) Norbiton Hall - Taverner, Richard - Evelyn, George - Benn, Anthony - Countess of Liverpool (id=3141) Essex Street - Barbon, Nicholas - Bridgeman, Orlando - Fielding, Henry - Crosby, Brass - Savage, James - Charles Edward Stuart, Prince - Lindsey, Theophilus - Johnson, Samuel (id=61) Cecil, Viscount (id=200) Denman, Lord George (id=2726) Eldon, Lord (id=358) Elwyn-Jones, Lord - Binder, Polly (id=2567) Isaacs, Rufus (id=570) Westside House - Gore, Spencer - Lyndhurst, Lord (id=3097) Marsden-Smedley, Basil (id=2764) Smith, F E (id=1023) Wilde, Thomas (1st Baron Truro) (id=2690) Pymmes House - Wilson, Thomas - Burleigh, Lord - Cecil, Sir Robert (id=3040)