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15 plaques (and 13 names) with a category of Literature

Richards, Frank (Charles Hamilton) - Billy Bunter (id=3633) Bloomsbury Group - Woolf, Virginia - Grant, Duncan - Stephen, Adrian - Woolf, Leonard - Keynes, John Maynard (id=3636) Bloomsbury Group - Woolf, Virginia - Bell, Clive - Strachey, Lytton - Strachey, Dorothy (id=121) Hudson, William Henry - Green Mansions (id=3494) Royal Horticultural Society - Hatchards (id=4317) Holmes, Sherlock (id=4215) Holmes, Sherlock (id=534) Holmes, Sherlock (id=535) Lalla Rookh - Moore, Thomas (id=4225) Hanff, Helene - Marks  & Co (id=2272) Paddington Bear (id=4405) Barrie, J M - Peter Pan (id=3756) Bennett, Arnold - Riceyman Steps (id=2789) Sherlock Holmes Society of London (id=1007) Winnie the Pooh (id=1208)