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68 plaques (and 55 names) with a category of Misc

28-32 King Street, Kings Lynn (id=2508) 7-9 King Street, Kings Lynn (id=2504) Arbutus Unedo Strawberry Tree (id=3004) Dickens, Charles - Bedford Hotel (id=2565) Boris the Cat (id=3600) Jolly Farmers - Bourne or Woe Water (id=1669) Bragansas (id=3944) Cafe Tortoni (id=2237) Clock Tower St Albans (id=3186) Coombe Hill (id=3114) Eagle Warehouse (id=2909) Eleanor Cross - Queen Eleanor (id=3185) Fukushima Garden (id=2456) GCHQ (id=3678) Gizmo (id=3764) Green-Wood Cemetery (id=2903) Hervey Family (id=2819) Hotel del Coronado (id=2891) Hungarian Uprising (id=2617) Innocent Victims Memorial (id=3827) Jim and Tycho - Cole, Henry (id=3903) Jubilee Square Eton (id=3662) Kingston Village Pound (id=2409) Kipling Gardens (id=2411) Lammas Day (id=1821) Lombardy Poplars (id=2165) London Bridge (id=2254) London Bridge (id=2253) Magic Circle (id=1573) Magna Carta (id=1614) Marie Elize Shipwreck at Agulhas (id=2065) Market Hall (id=1759) Matthew Flinders Cat (Trim) (id=3463) Otter Trail (id=2062) Pax Lodge - Baden-Powell, Olave (id=3866) Pret a Manger (id=3821) Pythian Temple (id=2884) Rose Cottage (id=3154) Royal Family visit 1947 - Victoria Falls Hotel (id=2261) Russian Cannon, Ely (id=2494) San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park (id=2890) Sanderstead Old Forge (id=2162) Sarvodaya, Gandhi original house (id=2057) Sde Nehemia article (id=2531) Sde Nehemia began (id=2532) Sde Nehemia Grain Store (id=2530) Sde Nehemia Pillbox (id=2526) Sde Nehemia Swedish Hut (id=2533) Sde Nehemia Watchtower (id=2529) Sde Nehemia Water Tower (id=2534) Lennon, John - Strawberry Fields (id=1895) Tachbrook Estate (id=3809) Tachbrook Estate (id=3806) The Old Bank (id=1749) The Old Farmhouse (id=1745) The Village Store (id=1750) Triangle House, Whyteleafe (id=3153) Tsitsikamma National Park (id=2061) Victoria and Albert Museum - King Edward VII (id=3902) Livingstone, David - Paget, Edward - Victoria Falls (id=3152) Villebois's horse - Cavendish, Charles (3rd Baron Chesham)
 (id=2419) Villebois's horse - Villebois-Mareuil, General George de (id=2418) Voortrekker Monument Pretoria fragment (id=2063) Webheath Estate (id=3868) William Campbell Museum (id=2060) Worlds First Cash Machine (id=3053) Worlds First Cash Machine (id=3227) Collins, Peter - Writers Walk (id=3423)