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50 plaques (and 51 names) with a category of Music

Atkinsons Carillon (id=4318) BBC Hippodrome - BBC Concert Orchestra (id=2349) BBC Maida Vale Studios - BBC Symphony Orchestra - BBC Radiophonic Workshop (id=2347) Conservatorium of Music (Sydney) - Greenway, Francis (id=3452) Copper Family (id=2410) Dire Straits (id=1421) Dixie (id=7465) Flamingo Club - Kruger, Jeffrey (id=4361) Flamingo Club - Fame, Georgie - Brown, James - Kool and the Gang - Bowie, David (id=2815) Gilbert and Sullivan Society (id=7095) Goossens Family (id=1306) HMV (id=527) Hoxton Hall (id=1279) Shamsher, Haroon - Joi (id=6650) Kings Own Band Malta (id=8217) Kings Own Band Malta (id=8197) Madness (id=5611) Montagu Pyke - Marquee Club (id=2403) Music Walk of Fame (id=5610) New Orleans Marching Brass Band (id=7517) Nipper (id=1980) Peckings Records (id=6594) The Angel Clock - Pop Goes The Weasel (id=6815) Lennon, John - McCartney, Paul - Quarrymen (id=2252) May, Brian - Queen (Band) (id=7076) Queens Hall - Wood, Henry (id=898) Red Bus Recording Studios (id=1910) Lord Strathcona (Donald Smith) - Royal Academy of Music (id=7438) Royal Academy of Music - Duke of Connaught - Lord Alverstone (Richard Webster) - Earl of Kilmorey (Francis Needham) - Lord Strathcona (Donald Smith) (id=7442) Davis Theatre - Beecham, Thomas - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (id=2204) Silver Studio (id=1299) Soul II Soul (id=5607) Soul II Soul (id=4337) Spandau Ballet (id=2922) Squeeze (id=2116) Status Quo (id=1986) Hendrix, Jimi - The Bag ONails (id=5218) McCartney, Paul - Eastman, Linda - The Bag ONails (id=5219) Gaisberg, Frederick - The Gramophone Company (id=6506) Davies, Ray - Davies, Dave - The Kinks (id=3891) Keppard, Freddie - The Original Creole Band (id=7486) Marley, Bob - The Wailers (id=706) Marley, Bob - Tosh, Peter - Wailer, Bunny - The Wailers (id=5681) The Who (id=5609) Tin Pan Alley (id=1113) TMC Studios (id=6614) Bowie, David - Trident Studios (id=2228) Triffids, The - Born Sandy Devotional (id=2785) Who, The (id=1945) Bowie, David - Ziggy Stardust (id=140)