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44 plaques (and 44 names) with a category of Musician

Ambrose, Bert (id=18) Barbirolli, Lady (id=58) Bates, Frank (id=2130) Beatles - Pop Go The Beatles (id=2348) Bechet, Sidney (id=80) Bolan, Marc (id=1325) Bolan, Marc (id=1806) Brain, Dennis (id=145) Casals, Pablo (Pau) (id=2472) Casals, Pablo (Pau) (Villa Colette) (id=2471) Colyer, Ken (id=1888) Dannreuther, Edward (id=286) Dannreuther, Edward - Wagner, Richard (id=2914) du Pre, Jacqueline (id=1668) Fonteyn, Margot - du Pre, Jacqueline (id=2910) Du Pre, Jacqueline (id=344) Du Pre, Jacqueline (id=2814) Ford, Emile (id=2710) Green, Benny (id=469) Hall, Henry (id=486) Harris, Jet (id=2033) Hayes, Tubby (id=1983) Henderson, Russell (id=512) Hendrix, Jimi (id=513) Hess, Dame Myra (id=520) Jones, Philip (id=593) Flamingo Club - Fame, Georgie - Brown, James - Kool and the Gang - Bowie, David (id=2815) Korner, Alexis (id=619) Matthay, Tobias (id=713) Meehan, Tony (id=2010) Moon, Keith (id=761) Pink Floyd (id=868) Quaife, Peter (id=2138) Queen (id=897) Rigby, Eleanor (Beatles) (id=1899) Robinson, Pete (id=2126) Sebok, Gyorgy (id=1596) Sharp, Cecil (id=996) Shearing, George (id=2151) Arden, Don - Small Faces (id=1912) Stanshall, Vivian (id=2687) Strummer, Joe (id=1491) Strummer, Joe (id=2006) Tertis, Lionel (id=1556)