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54 plaques (and 67 names) with a category of Nobleman

Holy Trinity Sloane Street - Cadogan, George (5th Earl) -  Cadogan, Beatrix Countess (id=6675) Lindsey House - 3rd Earl of Lindsey(Robert Bertie) - de Mayerne, Theodore - More, Thomas - Zinzendorf, Nicolaus (id=4350) Brandon, Charles (id=3168) St. Lawrence Whitchurch - Brydges, James (Earl of Chandos) - Handel, George Frideric (id=2946) Brydges, James (Earl of Chandos) - Handel, George Frideric (id=3602) Canons Gate Pillars - Brydges, James (Earl of Chandos) (id=3148) Brydges, James (Earl of Chandos) - Michenden House (id=2691) Calvert, Cecilius (Second Lord Baltimore) (id=3609) Richmond Palace - Cholmondeley, George, 3rd Earl - 4th Duke of Queensbury (William Douglas) (id=2465) Clifford, Anne (id=6459) Norbiton Hall - Taverner, Richard - Evelyn, George - Benn, Anthony - Countess of Liverpool (id=3141) Tower Hill Scaffold - Courtenay, Henry - Cromwell, Thomas - Howard, Henry - Seymour, Edward - Wyatt, Thomas - Howard, Thomas - Wentworth, Thomas (id=6832) Croft, Richard - Croft, Thomas Elmsley (id=5594) Darcy, Thomas (id=7456) Westminster Hall - Queen Elizabeth II - de Montfort, Simon - King Henry III (id=6578) de Montfort, Simon - John of Gaunt (Duke of Lancaster) (id=2864) St Marylebone Parish Church - Forset, Edward - Douce, Edmund - de Crespigny, Claudius - Wanley, Humphrey - Figg, James - Gibbs, James - Hoyle, Edward - Rysbrack, John Michael - Ferguson, James - Ramsay, Allan - Wesley, Charles - Storace, Stephen - Stubbs, George - Bentinck, William (3rd Duke of Portland) - Watson, Caroline (id=5085) King Edward VII - Duke of Fife - British & Foreign Sailors Society - Shore, Peter (id=6489) Tower Hill Scaffold - Earl of Kilmarnock - Lord Balmerino (id=6830) Edward Somerset, 2nd Marquess of Worcester - Hyde, Anne - King James II (Duke of York) (id=2866) Edwardes Square - Edwardes, William (2nd Lord Kensington) (id=2755) Holland House - Fox-Strangways, Henry (5th Earl of Ilchester) (id=5239) All Saints Church - Gaynesford, Nicholas Gaynesford - Scawen, William - Fellowes, John (id=3127) Grey, George (Earl of Harold) (id=3226) Aubrey House - Grosvenor (1st Earl), Richard - Coke, Mary - Taylor, Peter - Taylor, Clementia - Alexander, William Cleverly (id=1831) Grosvenor (2nd Marquess of Westminster), Richard (id=4747) Grosvenor, Hugh (7th Duke of Westminster) - The Peninsula Hotels (id=7702) Grosvenor, Robert - Grosvenor, Thomas - Duke of Westminster (Gerald Grosvenor) - Cundy, Thomas - Basevi, George - Cubitt, Thomas (id=6688) Tower Hill Scaffold - Sudbury, Simon - Hales, Robert - Burley, Simon - Fitzalan, Richard - Wyche, Richard - de Vere, John - Tiptoft, John (id=6835) Hamilton, James John (id=5127) Brooke House - King Henry VIII - Herbert, William - de Vere, Edward (id=1330) Guardian Angels Church - Howard Family of Norfolk (id=4563) Hozier, Clementine (Churchill) (id=545) Hugh Lupus Grosvenor (1st Duke of Westminster) (id=5129) Monmouth House - James Scott (1st Duke of Monmouth) - King Charles II (id=5230) Tower Hill Scaffold - Laud, William - Vane, Harry - Sidney, Algernon - James Scott (1st Duke of Monmouth) - Radcliffe, James (3rd Earl of Derwentwater) - Simon Fraser (Lord Lovat) (id=6831) Emanuel Hospital - Lady Dacre - Emanuel School (id=3818) Lake, James Winter (id=3046) Lord Lyttelton (8th Viscount Cobham) - Cobden Working Mens Club (id=5811) Lord Porchester (id=4537) Milton, Viscount (id=3788) Tredegar Square - Morgan, Charles (id=4562) The Over-Seas League - Patricia Knatchbull (2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma) (id=3775) Savoy Palace - Peter, 9th Count of Savoy, Earl of Richmond (id=2862) Peter, 9th Count of Savoy, Earl of Richmond (id=2863) Roesia of Dover - Richard de Luci - Lesnes Abbey (id=2333) Savage, Richard (id=975) St John, Walter - Sir Walter St Johns School - Sir Walter St Johns School WW1 Memorial (id=7672) St John, Walter - Sir Walter St Johns School - Sir Walter St Johns School WW2 Memorial (id=7674) St John, Walter (id=7676) Stanhope, Philip (2nd Earl of Chesterfield) - Stanhope, Philip (3rd Earl of Chesterfield) - Stanhope, Philip (4th Earl of Chesterfield) (id=2721) Trehearne, John - King James I (id=7288) Tower Hill Scaffold - Stanley, William - Tuchet, James - Plantagenet, Edward - Stafford, Edward - Fisher, John - More, Thomas - Darcy, Thomas (id=6834) Windsor-Clive, Robert George - Douglas-Campbell, Philip Archibald - Arkwright, R A (id=6440)