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34 plaques (and 33 names) with a category of Press

Aitken, Max (Lord Beaverbrook) (id=79) Bagehot, Walter (id=47) Beeton, Mrs - Beeton, Samuel (id=3021) Brailsford, Henry Noel (id=144) Byrne, William Pitt (id=3105) de Worde, Wynkyn (id=306) Dimbleby, Richard (id=1805) Dimbleby, Richard (id=3550) Evans, Richardson (id=3096) Everett, Percy (id=3173) Fowler, Henry Watson (id=3626) Godwin, William (id=3575) Greene, Hugh Carleton (id=3181) Harmsworth, Alfred (Lord Northcliffe) (id=499) Harmsworth, Alfred (Lord Northcliffe) (id=498) Bethlehem Hospital (First) Site (Bedlam) - Imperial War Museum - Harmsworth, Harold (id=2321) Herzen, Alexander  (id=518) Hope-Wallace, Philip (id=3519) Knight, Charles (id=3655) Lemon, Mark (id=1947) Murrow, Edward R (id=776) Nevinson, Henry - Nevinson, C R W (id=3175) O'Connor, T P (id=809) Padmore, George (id=2020) Page, Walter Hines (id=822) Plaatje, Solomon (id=1823) Stead, W T (id=1054) Thomas, Robert (id=3349) Townsend, Meredith White (id=1119) Unwin, Stanley (id=1462) Walter, John (id=1348) Whitaker, Joseph - Whitaker's Almanack (id=3054) Wilkes, John (id=1196) Wilkes, John (id=3171)