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15 plaques (and 16 names) with a category of Publishing

Anarchists Mural - Freedom Press (id=3556) Huntley, Eric - Huntley, Jessica - Bogle-LOuverture Publications (id=5684) Bradbury-Evans (id=143) Daily Courant (id=280) Doves Bindery (Press) (id=4256) Essex Chronicle Newspaper (id=2217) Woolf, Leonard - Woolf, Virginia - Hogarth Press (id=1802) Orwell, George - Spender, Stephen - Horizon Magazine (id=817) Jewish Daily Post - Alberts Clothing (id=5788) Lane, Allen - Penguin Books (id=13) Sunday Times (id=1854) Morris,Marcus - The Eagle (id=7387) McCalla, Val - The Voice (id=6172) Thorntons Corner (Beckenham Journal) - First Airmail Post Office (id=2160) Whitaker, Joseph - Whitakers Almanack (id=3054)