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23 plaques (and 21 names) with a category of Religious Group

Amersham Martyrs Memorial (id=2468) St Thomas Hospital - Bible, First Printed English (id=2312) Taylor, James Hudson - China Inland Mission (id=2743) Church House (id=2489) Clapham Sect (id=1350) Wilberforce, William - Clapham Sect (id=1382) Closed Churchyard Uxbridge (id=2953) Crutched Friars (id=273) Eldridge Street Synagogue (id=2888) Essex Hall (id=2873) Fulham United Reformed Church (id=2474) Hanover Chapel Peckham Site (id=2628) Huguenot Burial Site (id=2125) John Street Church (id=2896) Somerset, Isabella (Henry) - Loyal Temperance Legion (id=2874) Reformation Martyrs (id=2497) Rosebank (id=2667) Salvation Army (id=1630) Cromwell, Oliver - Savoy Conference (id=2867) Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue (id=2885) Besant, Annie - Match Girls Strike - Theosophical Society - Indian National Congress (id=1701) YMCA (id=1643) Zoroastrian Centre (id=3085)