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37 plaques (and 42 names) with a category of Royalty

Richmond Palace - Cholmondeley, George, 3rd Earl - 4th Duke of Queensbury (William Douglas) (id=2465) Black Prince (id=1576) Caroline Princess of Wales (id=2226) Wren, Christopher - Catherine of Aragon (id=1219) Cetshwayo (id=201) Baring, Evelyn (id=62) Charles III of Spain (id=1372) Charles X (id=207) Edward VII, King (id=1609) Elizabeth I, Queen (id=1617) George III - Queen Charlotte - Whitbread, Samuel (id=2775) Henry VIII, King - Sloane, Hans (id=514) Brooke House - Henry VIII, King - Herbert, William - de Vere, Edward (id=1330) Edward Somerset, 2nd Marquess of Worcester - Hyde, Anne - James II, King (Duke of York) (id=2866) John II of France, King - Black Prince - Chaucer, Geoffrey  (id=2865) King Alfred (id=1765) King George Tupou V of Tonga (id=2007) King George V - Queen Mary (id=2943) King Haakon VII (id=2199) Tudor Palace of Greenwich (Placentia) - King Henry VII (id=2103) King William IV (Duke of Clarence) (id=608) King William IV (Duke of Clarence) - Bland, Dorothy (Mrs Jordan) (id=1456) Napoleon III (id=780) Peter the Great - Deptford Friends Meeting House (id=1423) Peter the Great (id=2448) Princess Consort of Thailand (Suvadhana) (id=2598) Montague House - Queen Caroline (id=2111) Queen Caroline (id=1811) Queen, The (id=896) Singh, Maharajah Duleep (id=2454) Victor, Christian (id=1610) Victoria, Queen (id=1492) Weyonomon, Mahomet (id=2318) Wilhelmina, Queen (id=2838) Oranjehaven - Wilhelmina, Queen (id=1195) William IV - Queen Adelaide (id=2614) William IV (id=2114)