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18 plaques (and 17 names) with a category of Science and Engineering

Aldermanbury conduit (id=2268) British Imperial Standards (id=1692) Bull Engine (id=1260) Electricity Generating Sub-station for Tramway - Harris, Vincent (id=1272) Geological Society of London (id=2878) Great Conduit, The (id=466) Pond, John - Greenwich Meridian (id=3083) Hammersmith Pumping Station - Clarke, William Tierney (id=2185) Kilometre Zero (id=1370) Banks, Sir Joseph - Brown, Robert - Don, David - Linnean Society (id=56) Marconi House (id=702) Marconi Wireless Telegraph and Signals Company - Marconi, Guglielmo (id=2220) Parkesine-First Plastic in the World - Parkes, Alexander (id=1440) Pumping Engines (id=1259) Royal College of Chemistry (id=2919) Shoreditch Refuse Destructor (id=1273) Simpson, Maule and Nicholson (id=1408) Thames Barrier (id=1988)