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15 plaques (and 15 names) with a category of Sport

Arsenal F.C. (id=1992) British Horse Society Equestrian Hall of Fame (id=2340) Chelsea Shed End (id=2672) First Test Match (id=2769) Football Association - Morley, Ebenezer Cobb (id=2879) Lords Cricket Ground (id=668) Lords Cricket Ground (id=669) National Sporting Club - Lowther, Hugh Cecil (5th Earl of Lonsdale) - Bettinson, Arthur Peggy (id=2824) Nike (id=1762) Paddington Recreation Ground (id=821) Pickwick Bicycle Club (id=1331) Ping Pong (id=867) Queens Park Rangers Football Club (id=2384) Southend United Football Club (id=2224) The Den (Millwall F.C.) (id=1430)