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27 plaques (and 27 names) with a category of Stately Homes

Alexandra Palace (id=1417) Aubrey House - Grosvenor, Richard - Coke, Mary - Taylor, Peter - Taylor, Clementia - Alexander, William C (id=1831) Avenue House (id=2671) Baynards Castle Site (id=1858) Bridewell Palace (id=148) Brooke House - King Henry VIII - Herbert, William - de Vere, Edward (id=1330) Coulsdon Court (id=2170) Duke of Buckinghams House Site (id=1894) Grim's Dyke - Shaw, R. Norman - Goodall, Frederick - Gilbert, W S (id=1528) Peasants Revolt - Highbury Manor (id=2735) Holland House (id=2148) India Gate (id=2615) Manor House (id=1289) Medieval Mansion - de Vere, Edward (id=1316) Brydges, James (Earl of Chandos) - Michenden House (id=2691) Montague House - Queen Caroline (id=2111) Northumberland House Site (id=1734) Palingswick House (id=2186) Red House - Webb, Philip - Morris, William (id=1607) Savoy Palace - Tyler, Wat - Savoy Hotel (id=2868) Savoy Palace - Peter, 9th Count of Savoy, Earl of Richmond (id=2862) Stoke Newington Manor House (id=1314) Sutton House (id=1081) Tudor Palace of Greenwich (Placentia) - King Henry VII (id=2103) Tyburn Manor House (id=1139) Verbruggens House (id=1694) Well House, The - Glyn, Arthur (id=1176)