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151 plaques (and 156 names) with a category of TV Film Theatre

Shakespeare, WIlliam -  National Theatre (id=3975) Apollo Theatre (id=5224) Austin City Limits - Nelson, Willie (id=7561) Queen Elizabeth II -  Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) - Barbican Arts Centre (id=5644) Batman (id=5403) BBC (id=74) BBC Bush House (id=2346) BBC Elstree Centre (id=2491) BBC Lime Grove (id=2387) BBC Maida Vale Studios - BBC Symphony Orchestra - BBC Radiophonic Workshop (id=2347) BBC Overseas Service (id=7305) BBC Riverside Studios (id=2876) BBC School Radio (id=73) BBC Television (id=1416) Biograph Theatre (id=1360) Beethoven, Ludwig Van - Borough Theatre and Opera House (id=6014) Irving, Henry - Brixton Theatre Foundation Stone - Matcham, Frank (id=4338) Bugs Bunny (id=5388) Camden Roundhouse (id=1625) Cave of Harmony (id=6309) Choice FM (id=7042) Clockwork Orange - Kubrick, Stanley (id=3690) Collins Music Hall (id=2722) Millington, Mary - Come Play With Me (id=3773) Danger Mouse (id=6945) Dark and Light (id=5695) Davis Theatre - Beecham, Thomas - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (id=2204) Duchess Theatre - Eliot, T S - Coward,Noel (id=345) Walker, Margaret - Littlewood, Joan - East 15 Acting School (id=6066) Edge of Tomorrow (id=3732) Elstree Studios - Syms, Sylvia (id=3700) Empire Theatre Penge - Sprague W. G. R. - Lloyd, Marie (id=6750) Finsbury Park Empire (id=2849) Flicker Alley (id=1646) Former State Theatre (Melbourne) (id=3292) Alleyn, Edward - Fortune Theatre (id=2774) Fortune Theatre (id=4315) Gaiety Theatre - Edwardes, George (id=432) Gainsborough Film Studios - Hitchcock, Alfred - Balcon, Michael - Novello, Ivor - Fields, Gracie (id=1281) Gate Cinema (id=3715) Gaumont (id=1907) Globe Theatre aka Hicks and Gielgud  - Sprague W. G. R. (id=5686) Goon Show - Sellers, Peter - Milligan, Spike - Secombe, Harry - Bentine, Michael (id=1934) Goon Show - Sellers, Peter - Milligan, Spike - Secombe, Harry (id=461) GPO Film Unit (id=1472) Grand Theatre and Opera House (id=1536) Grayson, Amanda (id=7040) Matcham, Frank - Hackney Empire (id=2445) Hammer Films (id=3706) Hammersmith Palais (id=2190) Her Majestys Theatre - Vanbrugh, John - Phipps, C J (id=3780) Matcham, Frank - Hippodrome Casino (id=2821) Hitchcock Mosaics (id=4711) Hitchcock Mosaics: Hitchcock and Dietrich - Dietrich, Marlene (id=4713) Hitchcock Mosaics: Hitchcock at work (id=4721) Hitchcock Mosaics: North by Northwest (id=4714) Hitchcock Mosaics: Number 17 (id=4720) Hitchcock Mosaics: outside his fathers shop (id=4719) Hitchcock Mosaics: Psycho (id=4722) Hitchcock Mosaics: Rear Window (id=4712) Hitchcock Mosaics: Rebecca (id=4709) Hitchcock Mosaics: Strangers on a Train (id=4717) Hitchcock Mosaics: Suspicion (id=4723) Hitchcock Mosaics: The Birds (id=4725) Hitchcock Mosaics: The Pleasure Garden (id=4718) Hitchcock Mosaics: The Skin Game (id=4724) Hitchcock Mosaics: The Wrong Man (id=4708) Hitchcock Mosaics: To Catch a Thief (id=4710) Hitchcock Mosaics: Vertigo (id=4716) Hitchcock Mosaics:Saboteur (id=4715) Island Records (id=7045) J&M Recording Studio - Matassa, Cosimo - Domino, Fats - Richard, Little (id=7524) Kings Hall Picture Palace (id=2154) Kings Theatre (id=2175) Townshend, Pete - Jones, Norah - La Zona Rosa (id=7562) Nelson, Willie - Williams, Lucinda - La Zona Rosa (id=7563) Prince - La Zona Rosa (id=7564) LBC - IRN (id=7968) Les Miserables (id=6231) Wright, John - Little Angel Theatre (id=2796) London Casino (Prince Edward Theatre) (id=5079) London Coliseum - Stoll, Oswald (id=666) Lyric Theatre (id=5223) Lyttelton, Oliver (1st Viscount Chandos) - Lyttelton Theatre (id=3978) Mary Poppins (id=5390) Melbourne Athenaeum (id=3289) Merton Park Studios (id=4494) Long Lodge - Merton Park Studios (id=4495) MGM British Studios (id=7140) Mousetrap, The (Agatha Christie) (id=2025) My Beautiful Laundrette - Frears, Stephen - Kureishi, Hanif (id=6174) Lasdun, Denys - National Theatre (id=3977) Queen Elizabeth II - National Theatre (id=3976) Wyndham, Charles - Moore, Mary - Noel Coward Theatre (id=7687) Wyndham, Charles - Moore, Mary - Noel Coward Theatre - Albery, Ian (id=7688) Odeon Cinema Balham (id=4441) Palace Theatre (id=2402) Palace Theatre (id=5228) Pandora Gallery (id=2596) Baron Hermann de Stern - Peoples Palace Mile End (id=5861) Peoples Palace Mile End (id=5863) Phoenix Cinema (id=3746) Pollocks Toy Theatre Shop (id=1278) Beatles - Pop Go The Beatles (id=2348) Prince of Wales Theatre - Fields, Gracie (id=3782) Punch Puppet Show - Pepys, Samuel (id=2828) Python, Monty (id=895) Queen Elizabeth II - Queen Elizabeth Hall (id=7436) Queens Theatre - Terry, Ellen - Wyndham, Charles (id=899) Radio Luxembourg (id=4364) Red Bull Playhouse (id=3683) Red Hall Picture Palace (id=2194) Matcham, Frank - Richmond Theatre (id=712) Riverside Studios - Doctor Who Daleks (id=6222) Rose Theatre (id=938) Rotherhithe Picture Research Library - Sands Films Studio (id=2371) Royal Coburg Theatre - Prince of Saxe-Coburg (Leopold I of Belgium) - Princess Charlotte of Wales (id=5398) Morley, Samuel - Royal Victoria Hall (id=5399) Saenger Theatre (id=7515) Salisbury Court Playhouse Site (id=1855) Savoy Theatre (id=979) Edwards, Jamal - SB.TV (id=6623) Shakespeares Original Globe Site (id=1519) Matcham, Frank - Shepherds Bush Empire (id=2388) St Jamess Theatre - Leigh, Vivien - Olivier, Laurence - Alexander, George (id=3776) Stoll Studios - Stoll, Oswald (id=6970) The Ealing Club - Korner, Alexis - Davies, Cyril (id=619) The London Palladium Wall of Fame (id=5177) The Old Vic - Sadlers Wells - Noel Coward Theatre (id=7689) The Palladium Shepherds Bush (id=8133) The Roxy (id=2923) Shakespeare, William - The Theatre - Burbage, James (id=1270) Holywell Priory - Priory of St John the Baptist - The Theatre (id=1269) Theatre Royal Drury Lane (id=1100) Theatre Royal Marylebone Site (id=1911) Theatro Technis Cypriot Village (id=3643) Tricycle Cinema - Thompson, Emma (id=3869) Tricycle Theatre (id=6458) Unity Theatre (id=2744) Hendrix, Jimi - Upper Cut Club (id=6060) Middleton, Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge) - V&A Photography Centre (id=7124) Matcham, Frank - Victoria Palace Theatre (id=3190) Victoria Palace Theatre - Matcham, Frank (id=2842) Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall (id=3274) Vitascope Hall (id=7470) Vitascope Hall (id=7469) Walpole Picture Theatre - Burr, Alfred (id=8069) Williamson Dressler (id=1909) Fountain Tavern - Walpole, Robert - Coal Hole - Wolf Club - Kean, Edmund (id=406) Wonder Woman (id=5402) Wyndhams Theatre - Moore, Mary - Wyndham, Charles - Sprague, W. G. R. (id=7973)