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23 plaques (and 23 names) with a category of Trade Group

Blacksmiths, Worshipful Company of (id=117) Broderers Hall Site (id=1883) Carpenters Companys Technical Institute (id=1513) Clayhall Tea House (id=1700) Cooks Hall Site (id=1738) Cooks Hall Site (id=1736) Cordwainers Hall Site (id=1865) Cutlers Hall Site (id=1871) Dyers Hall Site (id=1586) Fan Makers (id=1948) Founders Hall Site (id=1960) Glaziers Hall (id=1524) Haberdashers Hall Site (id=1744) Joiners and Ceilers Site (id=1587) Loriners Trade Site (id=670) Parish Clerks Company Site (id=1886) Poulters Hall (id=1954) Professional Photographers Association (id=1644) Royal Institute of British Architects (id=3872) Stationers Company School Site (id=1852) Turners Hall, The Second Site (id=1868) Tylers and Bricklayers Hall Site (id=1140) Upholders Hall Site (id=1860)