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73 plaques (and 75 names) with a category of World_War_History

Abbey Road Depot bombing (id=1508) Air Raids (id=2712) Ambulance Service (London Auxiliary) (id=19) Amersham Great War Memorial (id=2466) Animals of War Memorial (id=23) Belgian Volunteers (id=2836) Bethnal Green Disaster (id=1717) Bethnal Green Disaster (id=1718) Bletchley Park Veterans (id=2450) Burma Railway (id=2542) Canadian Air Force (id=185) Church House Bombing (id=2442) Commonwealth Memorial Gates (id=2241) Commonwealth War Graves Burma (id=2242) D-Day (Normandy Landings) (id=2177) Dame Alice Owen School air raid (id=2794) Donkeys of Covent Garden (id=332) Driscoll House (id=2358) Druid Street Arch Bombing (id=2359) Fireman Plaque 12 (id=2290) Firemen Plaque (id=387) Firemen Plaque 10 (id=2118) Firemen Plaque 11 (id=2158) Firemen Plaque 2 (id=386) Firemen Plaque 3 (id=1683) Firemen Plaque 5 (id=1703) Firemen Plaque 6 (id=1712) Firemen Plaque 8 (id=1769) Firemen Plaque 9 (id=1771) First Bomb in City of London (id=1741) First Bomb of World War One (id=1819) First Flying Bomb (id=1711) Friston Airfield (id=1763) German Internees (id=2689) Greenwich Foot Tunnel Bomb Damage (id=3010) HMS Shrapnel (Waltham Forest College) (id=3002) Bethlehem Hospital (First) Site (Bedlam) - Imperial War Museum - Harold_Harmsworth (id=2321) JSSL (id=2135) JSSL (id=595) Liberation of Perpignan (id=2476) Maquis (French Resistance) - Szabo, Violette (id=2327) Mayfairs Oldest House (id=723) Morley College Bombing (id=2329) Gerbrandy, Pieter - Netherlands Government in Exile (id=2817) Nortraship (id=1518) Norwegian Government In Exile (id=806) Old Fire Station Rotherhithe (id=2365) Oranjehaven - Wilhelmina, Queen (id=1195) Parish Church of St Mark Stone (id=2260) Polish Government in Exile (id=883) Polish Sailors - Dunbar-Nasmith, Martin (id=2597) Special Operations Executive (SOE) (id=2337) Special Operations Executive (SOE) (id=1038) Special Operations Executive (SOE) Norway Telemark (id=2009) Special Operations Executive (SOE) Norway Telemark (id=2336) St Johns Ambulance (id=2786) Stainer Street Arch Bombing (id=2313) Staple Inn Hall (id=1052) Surrey Docks Fire (id=2376) The Sun (id=2184) Ukrainian Canadians Servicemens Association (id=2463) V1 Bomb Highbury Corner (id=2799) V1 Bomb Walthamstow (id=2991) V1 rocket attack (id=1466) V2 Rocket 1 (id=1256) V2 Rocket 2 (id=1425) V2 Rocket 3 (id=1658) V2 Rocket 4 (id=2152) Veterans Avenue (id=2469) Windrush Monument (id=2437) WW2 bomb (id=2338) WW2 Bomb (id=2483) Zeppelin Raid (id=1595)