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1124 plaques (and 831 names) with a gender of Neither:

101 Farm Lane (former horse-drawn bus depot) (id=2192) 135 Rotherhithe Street (id=2446) 18 Tuesday Market Place (id=2513) 28-32 King Street, Kings Lynn (id=2508) 2i Coffee Bar (id=2804) 7-9 King Street, Kings Lynn (id=2504) 72 Farm Lane (former horse-drawn bus stabling) (id=2193) Abbey Road Depot bombing (id=1508) Abbots of the Monastery of Westminster Abbey (id=3792) Watts, Isaac - Abney House (id=1320) Stephenson, Thomas - Action for Children (id=2314) Adelaide Lunatic Asylum (id=3363) Adelphi Terrace - Adam, John - Adam, Robert - Beauclerk, Topham - Beauclerk, Diana - Garrick, David - D'Oyly Carte, Richard - Hardy, Thomas - Shaw, George Bernard - Savage Club (id=2805) Admiral Duncan Pub (id=2806) African National Congress (id=6) Air Raids (id=2712) Albert Bridge (id=9) Aldermanbury conduit (id=2268) Aldersgate Site (id=1742) Aldgate Site (id=1966) Alexandra Palace (id=1417) All Saints Church - Gaynesford, Nicholas Gaynesford - Scawen, William - Fellowes, John (id=3127) Ambulance Service (London Auxiliary) (id=19) Amersham Great War Memorial (id=2466) Amersham Martyrs Memorial (id=2468) Amwell Society (id=3684) Anaesthetic, First in England (id=20) Anarchists Mural - Freedom Press (id=3556) Anchor Brewery (id=1520) Angel Alley (id=3766) Animals of War Memorial (id=23) Anne Boleyn's Well - Boleyn, Anne (id=3128) Approach To Old London Bridge Site (id=1878) Apthorp Apartments (id=2924) Arbutus Unedo Strawberry Tree (id=3004) Archway Toll Gate (id=2713) Arniston Shipwreck (id=2066) Arsenal F.C. (id=1992) Artists Rifles - Phillips, Henry Wyndham
 (id=2807) Ashleigh and India Houses (id=2203) Aubrey House - Grosvenor, Richard - Coke, Mary - Taylor, Peter - Taylor, Clementia - Alexander, William C (id=1831) Australian War Memorial (id=3803) Austrian Centre (id=3493) Avenue House (id=2671) Avenue of Trees, Hampstead Heath (id=2095) Bachelors Acre Town Green (id=3654) Baker Street and Waterloo Railway (id=3772) Bakers Almshouses (id=2980) Bakers Chop House Site (id=2269) Bali Bombing Memorial (id=3442) Bali Bombing Memorial (id=2026) Bank House (id=2517) Baptist Union - Maclaren, Alexander (id=3614) Barnsbury Beech (id=2714) Tealby, Mary - Battersea Dogs Home (id=2858) King Charles I - Battle of Brentford (id=3198) Battle of Cable Street (id=1634) Battle of Lewisham (id=3231) Battle of Lone Pine (id=3370) Baynards Castle Site (id=1858) BBC (id=74) BBC Bush House (id=2346) BBC Elstree Centre (id=2491) BBC Hippodrome - BBC Concert Orchestra (id=2349) BBC Lime Grove (id=2387) BBC Maida Vale Studios - BBC Symphony Orchestra - BBC Radiophonic Workshop (id=2347) BBC Riverside Studios (id=2876) BBC School Radio (id=73) BBC Television (id=1416) Becontree Estate (id=2944) Reid, Elizabeth Jesser - Bedford College (id=915) Dickens, Charles - Bedford Hotel (id=2565) Beehive Kiln - Kensington Hippodrome (id=2382) Belgian Volunteers (id=2836) Bentley Motor Car (id=2809) Bermondsey Abbey (id=2351) Bethlehem Hospital (First) Site (Bedlam) - Imperial War Museum - Harmsworth, Harold (id=2321) Bethlehem Hospital (First) Site (Bedlam) (id=1964) Bethlehem Hospital (Second) Site (Bedlam) (id=1641) Bethnal Green Disaster (id=1717) Bethnal Green Disaster (id=1718) Bexleyheath Coronation Memorial Clock Tower (id=2484) Richards, Frank (Charles Hamilton) - Billy Bunter (id=3633) Biograph Theatre (id=1360) Black Boy Inn (id=2218) Blackfriars Bridge (id=115) Blackfriars Station old entrance (id=2281) Blacksmiths Hall Site (id=1859) Blacksmiths, Worshipful Company of (id=117) Bletchley Park Veterans (id=2450) Block Arcade (Melbourne) (id=3290) Bloomsbury Group - Woolf, Virginia - Grant, Duncan - Stephen, Adrian - Woolf, Leonard - Keynes, John Maynard (id=3636) Bloomsbury Group - Woolf, Virginia - Bell, Clive - Strachey, Lytton - Strachey, Dorothy (id=121) Blue Anchor Pub (id=1241) Boer War Memorial, Coombe Hill (id=3113) Boris the Cat (id=3600) Borough Market (id=2282) Borough Tube Station (id=2283) Bow Heritage Trail (id=3208) Bow Street - Fielding, Henry - Fielding, John - Gibbons, Grinling - Macklin, Charles - Radcliffe, John - Sackville, Charles (Earl of Dorset) - Wycherley, William (id=138) Bradbury-Evans (id=143) Bridewell Palace (id=148) Brigade of Guards Boat Club (id=3551) Brigantine Maria (id=3333) Brilliant Sign Company, Paragon Works (id=2183) Britannia Saloon and Theatre (id=1277) British and Commonwealth Soldiers (Singapore) (id=3259) British Armed Forces in the Korean War (id=3762) British Horse Society Equestrian Hall of Fame (id=2340) British Imperial Standards (id=1692) Veitch, Zepherina - Paget, Rosalind - British Lying-In Hospital (id=3189) Rotblat, Joseph - British Pugwash (id=2652) Somerset, Isabella (Henry) - British Womens Temperance Association (id=1764) Broad Street Pump (id=2810) Broderers Hall Site (id=1883) Brooke House - King Henry VIII - Herbert, William - de Vere, Edward (id=1330) Roebling, Emily Warren - Brooklyn Bridge (id=2894) Bryant & May - Match Tax Abandonment (id=3210) Bull and Crown (id=3080) Bull and Mouth Inn Site (id=1733) Bull Engine (id=1260) Burma Railway (id=2542) Burney Street Garden (id=2133) Cabmen's Shelter Fund (id=3621) Cabmen's Shelter Fund (id=2650) Cabmen's Shelter Fund (id=2833) Cabmen's Shelter Fund (id=2198) Cafe Tortoni (id=2237) Cairns War Memorial (id=3473) Caldwell House (Singapore) (id=3279) Caledonian Inn (Robe) (id=3320) Cambridge Barracks Gate House (id=1490) Camden Roundhouse (id=1625) Campden Hill Square (id=2455) Canadian Air Force (id=185) Canons Gate Pillars - Brydges, James (Earl of Chandos) (id=3148) Canterbury Association - Godley, John Robert (id=3778) Carnegie Library - Carnegie, Andrew (id=2979) Carpenters Companys Technical Institute (id=1513) Caterham Cottage Hospital (id=3163) Caterham Soldiers Home (id=3157) Caterham Station 150th Anniversary (id=3160) Cato Street Conspiracy (id=194) Cattle Pound of Hendon (id=2470) Cedar Lawn (Victoria Maternity Hospital) (id=2674) Chalybeate Well (id=3867) Chapel Arches (id=3546) Chapter House (Melbourne) (id=3305) Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead Railway (id=3837) Charlton housing estate (id=1693) Chase Street Party (id=1904) Cheam School (id=3116) Chelsea China - Smollett, Tobias (id=210) Chelsea Shed End (id=2672) Chelsham Bus Garage (id=3165) Taylor, James Hudson - China Inland Mission (id=2743) Chinese Memorial (Robe) (id=3329) Chislehurst Caves (id=1665) Chiswick Square (id=1253) Cholera Epidemic (id=2239) Cholera not in Hampstead (id=3831) Christchurch Greyfriars (id=3250) Christs Hospital (id=3251) Christs Hospital Site (id=220) Chui Eng Free School (id=3263) Church Common (id=2998) Church House (id=2489) Church House Bombing (id=2442) Church of St John the Baptist (id=2535) Church School (id=1261) Citroen House (id=2188) City of London School for Girls Site (William Ward) (id=1856) City of London School Site (id=1881) City Railway (Sydney) (id=3461) City Road Turnpike (id=2772) Civilian War Memorial (Singapore) (id=3277) Civilian War Memorial (Singapore) (id=3278) Clapham Junction Rail Disaster (id=3178) Clapham Old Fire Station (id=226) Clapham Sect (id=1350) Wilberforce, William - Clapham Sect (id=1382) Clattern Bridge (id=3140) Clayhall Tea House (id=1700) Clerks Well (id=2788) Clink Prison (id=2240) Clink Prison (id=2287) Clock Tower St Albans (id=3186) Clock Tower, The (id=232) Clockwork Orange - Kubrick, Stanley (id=3690) Closed Churchyard Uxbridge (id=2953) Cock Tavern (id=2988) Collegiate Church of St Martin Site (id=1732) Collins Music Hall (id=2722) Millington, Mary - Come Play With Me (id=3773) Commonwealth Memorial Gates (id=2241) Commonwealth War Graves Burma (id=2242) Communist Victims (id=3754) Conellan Airport - Fraser, Malcolm (id=3471) Connaught Hospital (Old Town Hall) (id=2993) Conservatorium of Music (Sydney) - Greenway, Francis (id=3452) Cooks Hall Site (id=1738) Cooks Hall Site (id=1736) Coombe Hill (id=3114) Copenhagen Fields - Tolpuddle Martyrs (id=2847) Copenhagen House - Caledonian Market  (id=3686) Copper Family (id=2410) Coppice Row Turnpike (id=257) Cordwainers Hall Site (id=1865) Corn Exchange (id=2512) Coronation Clock Tower (id=2150) Coulsdon Church of England School (id=2169) Coulsdon Comrades Club (id=1666) Coulsdon Court (id=2170) Coulsdon Station (id=2168) Credit Crunch Monster (id=3203) Cripplegate Site (id=1740) Cross Bones Graveyard (id=1291) Crosskeys Inn Site (id=1969) Croydon Airport Terminal Building (id=2207) Croydon Cattle Market (id=1533) Croydon, Merstham & Godstone Railway (id=2164) Crutched Friars (id=273) Curriers Hall (id=3554) Custom House (id=2507) Customs House (Robe) (id=3330) Customs House (Sydney) (id=3469) Cutlers Hall Site (id=1871) Cutty Sark: accidents (id=1686) Cutty Sark: accidents (id=1687) Cutty Sark: commemoration 1 (id=1689) Cutty Sark: commemoration 2 (id=1690) Cutty Sark: Fire 2006 (id=1685) Cutty Sark: James Wallace suicide (id=1688) Cutty Sark: map (id=1691) D-Day (Normandy Landings) (id=2177) Daily Courant (id=280) Dame Alice Owen School air raid (id=2794) Darwin Defenders (id=3306) Davis Theatre - Beecham, Thomas - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (id=2204) Decayed Tradesmen (id=2994) Deptford Creek (River Ravensbourne) (id=2113) Peter the Great - Deptford Friends Meeting House (id=1423) Devil Tavern (id=310) Dire Straits (id=1421) Finn, Elizabeth - Distressed Gentlefolks Aid Association (id=1300) Dockmanagers Office (id=2357) Doctors Commons Site (id=1857) Dogs of Alcibiades (id=2444) Donkeys of Covent Garden (id=332) Dos de Mayo Uprising in Madrid (id=2037) Dovehouse Green (id=2928) Driscoll House (id=2358) Druid Street Arch Bombing (id=2359) Druids, Ancient Order of (id=2813) Duchess Theatre - Eliot, T S - Coward,Noel (id=345) Duke of Buckinghams House Site (id=1894) Duke of Northumberlands River 2004 (id=3013) Duke of Wellington Hotel (Melbourne) (id=3291) Dukes Head Hotel (id=2515) Dulwich College (id=349) Dyers Hall Site (id=1586) Eagle House - Bell Robert - Jackson, Thomas (id=3101) Eagle Tavern - Lloyd, Marie (id=1275) Eagle Warehouse (id=2909) East Street Market (id=3640) Edge of Tomorrow (id=3732) Edgware Turnpike (id=2540) Edmonton Local Board of Heath (id=3039) Edwardes Square - Edwardes, William (2nd Lord Kensington) (id=2755) Eldridge Street Synagogue (id=2888) Eleanor Cross - Queen Eleanor (id=3185) Faraday House - Electrical Engineering College (id=3612) Electricity Generating Sub-station for Tramway - Harris, Vincent (id=1272) Elgers Freehold Land (id=361) Elizabeth Fry Refuge - Fry, Elizabeth (id=1285) Elliott Hall (id=3023) Elstree Studios - Syms, Sylvia (id=3700) Elthorne Gate (id=3019) Alcock, John - Ely Old Bishops Palace (id=2495) Emanuel Hospital - Lady Dacre - Emanuel School (id=3818) Endell Street Military Hospital - Anderson, Louisa Garrett - Murray, Flora (id=2139) Enfield Chace (id=2697) England Cricket Team 1987 (id=3727) Entente Cordiale (id=1619) Epsom Clock Tower (id=3237) Epsom Watch House (id=3241) Essex Chronicle Newspaper (id=2217) Essex Hall (id=2873) Essex Street - Barbon, Nicholas - Bridgeman, Orlando - Fielding, Henry - Crosby, Brass - Savage, James - Charles Edward Stuart, Prince - Lindsey, Theophilus - Johnson, Samuel (id=61) ETA Assassination (id=2034) Eton Parish School (id=1612) Extraordinary High Tide (id=1484) Eyre Arms Tavern (id=3874) Fabian Society (id=376) Fairfield Works - Match Girls Strike - Bryant & May (id=1702) Fall of Singapore (id=3254) Fallen Lifesaves Memorial (id=3443) Fan Makers (id=1948) Farnborough War Memorial (id=3851) Fegans Homes (id=379) Ferrymans Seat (id=2289) Festival of Britain (id=1344) Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue (id=1628) Fighter Command (id=3147) Finsbury Park Empire (id=2849) Firemen Plaque 1 (id=387) Firemen Plaque 10 (id=2118) Firemen Plaque 11 (id=2158) Firemen Plaque 12 (id=2290) Firemen Plaque 13 (id=3094) Firemen Plaque 2 (id=386) Firemen Plaque 3 (id=1683) Firemen Plaque 4 (id=1684) Firemen Plaque 5 (id=1703) Firemen Plaque 6 (id=1712) Firemen Plaque 7 (id=1721) Firemen Plaque 8 (id=1769) Firemen Plaque 9 (id=1771) First Bomb in City of London (id=1741) First Bomb of World War One (id=1819) First Convent of the Sisters of Mercy Sydney (id=3388) First Fatal Motor Accident (id=3092) First Fleet (Australia) (id=3470) First Flying Bomb (id=1711) First Government House (Sydney) (id=3444) First Kilburn Bridge (id=3870) First Public Airmail Flight - Barton, Francis Alexander (id=2159) First Synagogue in Hackney (id=1329) First Tanderrum (id=3285) First Test Match (id=2769) Fishmongers Almshouses (id=3180) Flamingo Club - Fame, Georgie - Brown, James - Kool and the Gang - Bowie, David (id=2815) Flicker Alley (id=1646) Flying Bomb, Kingston Hospital (id=3146) Football Association - Morley, Ebenezer Cobb (id=2879) Former Chingford Fire Station (id=3079) Former Essex Cricket Ground - Sutcliffe, Herbert - Holmes, Percy (id=2966) Former Ford Factory (Singapore) (id=3261) Former Leitrim Hotel (Melbourne) (id=3302) Former London Chartered Bank (Melbourne) (id=3303) Former Money Order Office (Melbourne) (id=3286) Former National Mutual Life Association Building (Melbourne) (id=3294) Former State Theatre (Melbourne) (id=3292) Former Supreme Court (Singapore) (id=3276) Fort Macquarie Tram Shed (id=3431) Alleyn, Edward - Fortune Theatre (id=2774) Founders Hall Site (id=1960) Fountain Tavern - Walpole, Robert - Coal Hole - Wolf Club - Kean, Edmund (id=406) Fountain Tavern (id=407) Queen Victoria - Fox and Crown (id=3855) Fox and Crown (id=3858) Free French Forces (id=418) Free French Forces (id=417) Freemasons (id=1642) French (Huguenot) Hospital (id=3552) French Protestant Church, Site of 2nd (id=419) Friday Hill House - Vulliamy, Lewis - Boothby-Heathcote, Robert (id=3077) Friston Airfield (id=1763) Fuk Tak Chi Temple (id=3262) Fukushima Garden (id=2456) Fulham United Reformed Church (id=2474) Furnivals Inn (id=428) Gaiety Theatre - Edwardes, George (id=432) Gainsborough Film Studios - Hitchcock, Alfred - Balcon, Michael - Novello, Ivor - Fields, Gracie (id=1281) Gardners Pleasure Resort (id=2212) Garraways Coffee House (id=2270) Gas, Light and Coke Company (id=2844) Gate Cinema (id=3715) Gate of Fort Canning (id=3256) Gatehouse Highgate (id=3853) Gaumont (id=1907) Gay Rights Demo, First (id=2801) GCHQ (id=3678) General Letter Office (id=445) Geological Society of London (id=2878) George and Devonshire Pub (id=1252) George Inn, The - Dickens, Charles (id=2291) George Inn, The (id=1290) Gerald Road Police Station (id=2837) Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park (id=1409) German Hospital (id=1335) German Internees (id=2689) Giltspur Street Compter Site (id=452) Gizmo (id=3764) Glaziers Hall (id=1524) Golden Yard (id=3828) Goon Show - Sellers, Peter - Milligan, Spike - Secombe, Harry - Bentine, Michael (id=1934) Goon Show - Sellers, Peter - Milligan, Spike - Secombe, Harry (id=461) Goossens Family (id=1306) Gospel Tree (id=2951) GPO Film Unit (id=1472) Grand Theatre and Opera House (id=1536) Granny Banks Cottage (Robe) (id=3324) Great Conduit, The (id=466) Great Exhibition (id=2343) Great Exhibition (id=2911) Great Exhibition (id=2245) Paxton, Joseph - Great Exhibition (id=2912) Great House - Tench, Fisher  (id=2965) Great Maze Pond (id=3679) Great Storm, Kenwood (id=2098) Great Synagogue Dukes Place (id=3249) Hudson, William Henry - Green Mansions (id=3494) Green-Wood Cemetery (id=2903) Greenwich Foot Tunnel (id=1483) Greenwich Foot Tunnel Bomb Damage (id=3010) Greenwich Market (id=2099) Pond, John - Greenwich Meridian (id=3083) Greenwich National Servicemen (id=1989) Greenwich Town Hall (id=2132) Grey Friars Monastery Site (id=474) Grey Masts (Robe) (id=3319) Grim's Dyke - Shaw, R. Norman - Goodall, Frederick - Gilbert, W S (id=1528) Grim's Dyke (id=3015) Grim's Dyke (id=3022) Desai, Jayaben - Grunwick Dispute (id=3882) Guildhall (id=2271) Gunmakers Arms Pub - Pankhurst, Sylvia (id=3206) Gunnersbury Park - Chamberlain, Neville (id=3194) Gunpowder Plot (id=1276) Gurkhas Singapore (id=3258) Gurneys Bank (id=2516) Haberdashers Hall Site (id=1744) Matcham, Frank - Hackney Empire (id=2445) Hammer Films (id=3706) Hammersmith Drawdock (id=2877) Hammersmith Palais (id=2190) Hammersmith Pumping Station - Clarke, William Tierney (id=2185) Hammersmith Socialists (id=2399) Hampstead Garden Suburb (id=3035) Hanbury Hall (id=1728) Hanover Chapel Peckham Site (id=2628) Harbourmaster House (Victor Harbor) (id=3335) Harley House (Melbourne) (id=3304) Harlocks Maltings (William Ebenezer) (id=2501) Harman Atwood Almshouses (id=3164) Harrow and Wealdstone Rail Crash (id=3026) Harrow and Wealdstone Rail Crash (id=3028) Harrow and Wealdstone Station (id=3027) Harrow Old Schools (id=3090) Hatch End Station (id=3017) Hateleys Bakery (Robe) (id=3321) Hawkwood Lodge (id=3084) Heath and Hampstead Society (id=2094) Heavy Camel Corp (id=2248) Hebra Gemilut Hasadim (id=1514) Helen Peele Memorial Almshouses (id=2361) Her Majesty's Theatre - Vanbrugh, John - Phipps, C J (id=3780) Hervey Family (id=2819) Highams Park Signal Box (id=3075) Highgate Camp (id=3856) Highgate Primary School (id=3864) Hill Garden Shelter (id=3598) Hindoostane Coffee House - Mahomed, Sake Dean (id=691) Matcham, Frank - Hippodrome Casino (id=2821) HMAS Hobart (id=3342) HMS Shrapnel (Waltham Forest College) (id=3002) HMV (id=527) Woolf, Leonard - Woolf, Virginia - Hogarth Press (id=1802) Holland House (id=2148) Holmes, Sherlock (id=534) Holmes, Sherlock (id=535) Holywell Priory (id=1271) Holywell Priory - Priory of St John the Baptist - The Theatre (id=1269) Honeywood Museum - Rutherford, Mark (William Hale White) (id=3126) Hoptons Charity and Almshouses (id=2140) Horbury Terrace (Sydney) (id=3465) Orwell, George - Spender, Stephen - Horizon Magazine (id=817) Hospital of St Anthony - French Protestant Church, Site of 1st (id=1962) Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth (id=2324) Hospital of the Netherlands East India Co. (id=2075) Hotel del Coronado (id=2891) Hotel Windsor (Melbourne) (id=3301) House (Adelaide) (id=3364) Household Cavalry Horses (id=3847) Hoxton Hall (id=1279) Burtt, Lewis (Daddy) and John - Hoxton Market Christian Mission (id=1274) Huguenot Burial Site (id=2125) Human BSE (id=3799) Hungarian Uprising (id=2617) Hyde Park Barracks - Mountbatten of Burma, Earl (id=2344) Hyde Park IRA Bombing (id=3743) Ice Wells (id=2698) Imperial Airways Crash (id=2209) Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor (id=2869) Independence (Schooner) (id=3339) India Gate (id=2615) Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004 (id=2249) Inner London Education Authority (id=1401) Innocent Victims Memorial (id=3827) Institute of Taxation Site (id=564) Irish Guardsmen Statue (id=3651) Isandhlwana (id=2050) Isandhlwana (id=2052) Isokon Building (id=3599) Ivy Restaurant (id=2008) Jamaica Wine House (1st Coffee House in London) - Pasqua Rosee (id=1961) Japanese Air Raid (Queensland) (id=3478) Jewish Poor (id=1637) John Street Church (id=2896) Joiners and Ceilers Site (id=1587) Jolly Farmers - Bourne or Woe Water (id=1669) Jonathans Coffee House (id=2273) Jones Butchers Shop (id=3000) JSSL (id=595) JSSL (id=2135) Jubilee Square Eton (id=3662) Kassius Bay (id=2067) Keevil and Best (id=2405) Kenley Stationmasters House (id=2171) Kennington Palace (id=1395) Kensal House - Fry, Maxwell (id=3757) Kilburn Wells (id=607) Kilburn Wells Spa (id=3871) Kilometre Zero (id=1370) King William IV pub (id=3242) King William Street Underground Station Site (id=1876) Kings Arms Tavern - Marine Society (id=2274) Kings Cross Fire (id=1336) Kings Hall Picture Palace (id=2154) Kings Theatre (id=2175) Kings Wardrobe Site (id=1863) Kingscote War Memorial (id=3341) Kingston Village Pound (id=2409) Kipling Gardens (id=2411) Kops Brewery - Lowenfeld, Henry (id=2196) Korean War (id=2897) Kranji War Memorial (id=3257) Ladywell Mineral Spring (id=1564) Lambeth Cholera Epidemic (id=3735) Lammas Day (id=1821) Lauderdale House (id=3861) Laurence Pountney Church Site and Corpus Christi College Site (id=1874) Lavender Pumphouse (id=2362) Lea Bridge Stadium (id=2969) Leadenhall Market (id=639) Lesnes Abbey (id=2326) Roesia of Dover - Richard de Luci - Lesnes Abbey (id=2333) Lesney Matchbox Cars (id=3011) Letchford House (id=3024) Lewes Priory (id=653) Leyton Library (id=2124) Leyton Orient Football Club (id=2976) Leyton Town Hall - Johnson, John (id=2964) Leyton United Charity Almshouse (id=2978) Leytonstone House - Buxton, Edward North (id=2971) Liberal Party, The (id=658) Liberation of Perpignan (id=2476) Lighthouse at Cape Agulhas (id=2064) Banks, Joseph - Brown, Robert - Don, David - Linnean Society (id=56) Wright, John - Little Angel Theatre (id=2796) Lloyds Coffee House (id=664) Loddiges Nursery (id=2145) Lombardy Poplars (id=2165) London Bridge (id=2254) London Bridge (id=2253) London Coliseum - Stoll, Oswald (id=666) London County Hall (id=1400) London House Site (id=1884) London School of Tropical Medicine (id=667) London Scottish Regiment (id=3820) Lord John (id=3489) Lords Cricket Ground (id=669) Lords Cricket Ground (id=668) Loriners Trade Site (id=670) Los Angeles Athletic Club (id=3671) Somerset, Isabella (Henry) - Loyal Temperance Legion (id=2874) Ludgate Site (id=1861) M Special Unit - Z Special Unit - MV Krait (id=3472) Magic Circle (id=1573) Magna Carta (id=1614) Maidenhead Floods (id=3548) Maidenhead United Football Club (id=3542) Maids of Honour (id=1502) Main Guardhouse (id=1695) Mallets Mortar (id=1489) Manor House (id=1289) Maquis (French Resistance) - Szabo, Violette (id=2327) Marconi House (id=702) Marconi Wireless Telegraph and Signals Company - Marconi, Guglielmo (id=2220) Marie Elize Shipwreck at Agulhas (id=2065) Marine Police (id=1783) Maritzburg College and Isandhlwana (id=2051) Market Hall (id=1759) Hanff, Helene - Marks  & Co (id=2272) Marlow Suspension Bridge - Clarke, William Tierney (id=3213) Montagu Pyke - Marquee Club (id=2403) Marshalsea Prison (id=2304) Besant, Annie - Match Girls Strike - Theosophical Society - Indian National Congress (id=1701) Matthew Flinders Cat (Trim) (id=3463) Mawsom Arms Pub (id=1251) May Fair (id=720) Mayfair's Oldest House (id=723) Mayflower Pub (id=2363) Mayors and City of London Court (id=2275) MCC Bicentenary - Duke of Westminster (Gerald Grosvenor) - Lyttleton, Charles (8th Viscount Cobham) (id=3876) Medieval Mansion - de Vere, Edward (id=1316) Melbourne Athenaeum (id=3289) Merchant Taylors School (id=2776) Merton Place - Nelson, Horatio (id=3103) Metropolitan Asylum (St Lawrence's Hospital) (id=3156) Metropolitan Hotel (Adelaide) (id=3350) Metropolitan Railway (id=739) Metropolitan Railway (id=1946) Brydges, James (Earl of Chandos) - Michenden House (id=2691) Millbank Prison (id=746) Mitchell Wing (Sydney) (id=3467) Mitre Tavern (id=755) Monastery House (id=1263) Mont Blanc Restaurant Site (id=1913) Montague House - Queen Caroline (id=2111) Moones - Monoux, George (id=3009) Moor Gate Site (id=1887) Moorakyne (Robe) (id=3327) Moorgate Tube Station Crash (id=2015) Morant Bay Rebellion (id=3131) Morley College Bombing (id=2329) Mossy Well (Muswell Hill) (id=2686) Stopes, Marie - Mothers Clinic (id=2740) Sumner, Mary - Mothers Union (id=3823) Mothers Union - Princess Mary (Viscount Lascelles) (id=3824) Mount Emerald Air Disaster (id=3477) Mousetrap, The (Agatha Christie) (id=2025) Mrs Macquaries Chair - Macquarie, Elizabeth  (id=3453) Mudlark Pub (id=2257) Trump, Donald - Mueller Enquiry (id=3622) Nags Head (id=2992) Natal Mounted Police of Isandhlwana (id=2049) National Institute for the Deaf - King George VI (id=3604) National Museum of Singapore (id=3280) National Spiritualist Church (id=2996) National Sporting Club - Lowther, Hugh Cecil (5th Earl of Lonsdale) - Bettinson, Arthur Peggy (id=2824) Navy Office - Pepys, Samuel (id=3247) Nelson Hospital (id=3669) Nepali Community (id=2732) Gerbrandy, Pieter - Netherlands Government in Exile (id=2817) New Court World War One Memorial (id=3830) New Cross Fire (id=3232) New Cross Fire (id=1424) New Zealand Company - Wakefield, Edward Gibbon (id=790) Newgate Prison Site (id=792) Newington Green Church (id=1313) Newspaper House (Melbourne) (id=3295) Nicoll Family (id=2490) Nightingale Hospital - Nightingale, Florence - Duchess of Albany (id=3879) Nike (id=1762) Nipper (id=1980) No 13 RAAF Radar Station (id=3311) Norbiton Hall - Taverner, Richard - Evelyn, George - Benn, Anthony - Countess of Liverpool (id=3141) North London Synagogue (id=2854) North Star (id=3839) Northumberland House Site (id=1734) Nortraship (id=1518) Norway House (id=3627) Norwegian Government In Exile (id=806) Norwegian War Memorial (id=1816) Norwood Grove - King Charles II - Anderson, Arthur (id=3667) Norwood Junction Subway (id=2201) Warwick, Joan - Warwick, Alan - Norwood Society (id=3666) Norwood Society shops trail 1 (id=2634) Norwood Society shops trail 10 (id=2643) Norwood Society shops trail 11 (id=2644) Norwood Society shops trail 12 (id=2645) Norwood Society shops trail 13 (id=2646) Norwood Society shops trail 14 (id=2647) Norwood Society shops trail 15 (id=2648) Norwood Society shops trail 16 (id=2649) Norwood Society shops trail 2 (id=2635) Norwood Society shops trail 3 (id=2636) Norwood Society shops trail 4 (id=2637) Norwood Society shops trail 5 (id=2638) Norwood Society shops trail 6 (id=2639) Norwood Society shops trail 7 (id=2640) Norwood Society shops trail 8 (id=2641) Norwood Society shops trail 9 (id=2642) Nunhead Cemetery (id=2129) Old Admiralty Building (id=1574) Old Bank of Adelaide (Angaston) (id=3382) Old Fire Station Harrow (id=3087) Old Fire Station Rotherhithe (id=2365) Old Hampstead Pumproom (id=3833) Old Methodist Church (Angaston) (id=3383) Old Police Station (Kingscote Kangaroo Island) (id=3340) Old Serjeants Inn Site (id=1593) Old Slaughters Coffee House - RSPCA (id=810) Old Thong Chai Medical Institution (Singapore) (id=3284) Old Vicarage (id=2983) Fry, Roger - Omega Workshops (id=426) One Tun Ragged School (id=3822) Opera Tavern (id=813) Operation Anthropoid (id=814) Operation Rimau (id=3260) Oranjehaven - Queen Wilhelmina (id=1195) Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (id=2331) Otter Trail (id=2062) Our Lady of the Assumption, Deptford (id=1422) Paddington Almshouses (id=3491) Paddington Old Town Hall (id=3492) Paddington Recreation Ground (id=821) Palace Theatre (id=2402) Palingswick House (id=2186) Palmer Tyre Company (Spitfire Factory) (id=3849) Pandora Gallery (id=2596) Pankhurst Memorial - Pankhurst, Emmeline (id=3688) Pankhurst Memorial - Pankhurst, Christabel - Pankhurst, Emmeline (id=3689) Parish Church of St Mark Stone (id=2260) Parish Clerks Company Site (id=1886) Parish Lock-Up (id=833) Parish Lock-up (id=2678) Parish Post Penge (id=2156) Parish Watch House (id=1317) Parkesine-First Plastic in the World - Parkes, Alexander (id=1440) Parsonage Of St Nicholas Acons Site (id=1880) Edwards, John Passmore - Passmore Edwards Public Library (id=2182) Pauncfort, Edward - Pauncfort Almshouses - Woolaston, John (id=3854) Pax Lodge - Baden-Powell, Olave (id=3866) Peacock Inn (id=845) Peasants Revolt - Highbury Manor (id=2735) Peek Frean (id=2367) Lane, Allen - Penguin Books (id=13) Penny Post (id=852) Barrie, J M - Peter Pan (id=3756) Petra (id=2521) Petra (id=2520) Phoenix Cinema (id=3746) Pickwick Bicycle Club (id=1331) Jonson, Ben - Pimlico Hostelry and Pleasure Gardens (id=1438) Ping Pong (id=867) Pinner Hill Farm (id=3014) Pinner House (id=3020) Police Plaque-Shepherds Bush Murders - Head, Christopher - Fox, Geoffrey - Wombwell, David (id=881) Police Station Bushey (id=3713) Polish Government in Exile (id=883) Polish Sailors - Dunbar-Nasmith, Martin (id=2597) Pollocks Toy Theatre Shop (id=1278) Beatles - Pop Go The Beatles (id=2348) Poplar Town Hall (id=3209) Porcupine Pub (id=1914) Port of London Authority (id=2368) Postmans Park (id=1900) Poulters Hall (id=1954) Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, The (id=889) Pret a Manger (id=3821) Prince of Wales Theatre - 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Riceyman Steps (id=2789) Richmond Palace - King Henry VII - King Henry VIII - Queen Elizabeth I (id=3541) Richmond Palace - Cholmondeley, George, 3rd Earl - 4th Duke of Queensbury (William Douglas) (id=2465) Richmond Palace (Asgill House) - King Henry I - King Edward III - King Henry VII - Queen Elizabeth I (id=3539) Matcham, Frank - Richmond Theatre (id=712) River Tyburn (id=3796) Road Builders Memorial (Katoomba Blue Mountains) (id=3386) Robe House (id=3316) Robert Daniel Almshouses (id=3236) Roedean School (id=2602) Roman Bath (id=934) Roman Camp Site (id=2856) Ropers Garden (id=937) Rose Cottage (id=3154) Rose Theatre (id=938) Rosebank (id=2667) Rotherhithe Picture Research Library - Sands Films Studio (id=2371) Rotherhithe Tunnel - Fitzmaurice, Maurice (id=2372) Rotten Row (id=946) Royal Air Force (id=951) Royal Army Medical Corps - Convicts in Australia (id=3740) Royal Arsenal (id=1990) Royal Artillery Memorial (id=3802) Royal Avenue (id=952) Royal Brass Foundry (id=1991) Royal College of Chemistry (id=2919) Royal College of Physicians Site (id=953) Royal Family visit 1947 - 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Shepherds Bush Empire (id=2388) Shepherds Well, The (id=1003) Sherlock Holmes Society of London (id=1007) Sherwood Foresters (id=1756) Sherwood Foresters at Pietermaritzburg (id=2055) Ship Tavern, The (id=1008) Shoreditch Refuse Destructor (id=1273) Shoreham Airport Memorial (id=2606) Sick Childrens Trust (id=1937) Silver Studio (id=1299) Simpson, Maule and Nicholson (id=1408) Singapore Botanic Gardens (id=3282) Skearborst (Robe) (id=3326) Skye Cottage (Robe) (id=3322) Sloane Court East bomb (id=3844) Sloane Court East bomb (id=3845) Smitham Station (id=2211) Soapsuds Island (id=3201) Hyndman, Henry - Social Democratic Federation (id=559) Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts - King George V (id=3825) Soudan Contingent (Sudan New South Wales) (id=3450) South Lancashire Regiment and Spion Kop (id=2041) Southend United Football Club (id=2224) Southgate Local Government (id=2693) Southgate Stocks (id=3049) Southgate Village Hall (id=2696) Southwark Cathedral (id=2263) Spa Road Station (id=2374) Spandau Ballet (id=2922) Spaniards Toll Gate (id=1037) Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue (id=2885) Special Operations Executive (SOE) (id=2337) Special Operations Executive (SOE) (id=1038) Special Operations Executive (SOE) Norway Telemark (id=2336) Special Operations Executive (SOE) Norway Telemark (id=2009) Spion Kop (id=2042) Spion Kop (id=2043) Spion Kop (id=2040) Squeeze (id=2116) St Aldhelms Church (id=3043) St Anne's College (id=2161) St Bartholomew Site (id=1041) St Bartholomews Grange (id=2609) St Benet Fink Site (id=1963) St Benet Gracechurch Site (id=1879) St Benet Sherehog Chuch Site (id=1042) St Botolph-without-Aldersgate Site (id=1737) St Dionis Backchurch Site (id=1968) St Edmund, King and Martyr (id=2264) St Gabriel Fenchurch Site (id=1406) St George's Chambers (id=2510) St George's Hospital (id=2147) St George's Hospital (id=3785) St James Piccadilly war damage - Julius Elias (1st Viscount Southwood)
 (id=3781) St James's Theatre - Leigh, Vivien - Olivier, Laurence - Alexander, George (id=3776) St John Street Turnpike (id=2739) St John The Baptist Upon Walbrook Site (id=1873) St John The Evangelist Church Site (id=1043) St John Zachary Site (id=1743) St John's Ambulance (id=2786) St John's Church (id=2711) St John's Gate (id=2787) St John's National School (id=3162) St Katherine Coleman Site (id=1967) St Lawrence Jewry (id=1404) St Margaret Fish Street Hill Site (id=1877) St Margaret's Church - Borough Compter (id=2311) St Martin Orgar Site (id=1875) St Martin Outwich Site (id=1581) St Mary Aldermanbury - Churchill, Winston (id=2277) St Mary Axe Church Site (id=1965) St Mary Bothaw Site (id=1872) St Mary Cole Church SIte (id=1044) St Mary Woolchurch Haw (id=1045) St Mary's Church (id=2977) St Mary's School (id=2679) St Marylebone Parish Church - Bacon Francis - Hogarth, William - Gibbs, James - Sheridan, Richard Brinsley - Wesley, Charles - Byron, Lord - Nelson, Horatio (id=3061) St Michael Bassishaw Site (id=1958) St Mildreds Church Site (id=1046) St Pancras Church Site (id=1867) St Pancras Station (id=2487) St Paul's Cathedral Precinct (Melbourne) (id=3293) St Paul's School (id=2176) St Paul's School  (Dean Colet) (id=1767) St Peter's Church (id=3787) St Peter's Italian Church (id=3616) St Stephen Coleman Street Site (id=1959) St Thomas Hospital - Bible, First Printed English (id=2312) St. Lawrence Whitchurch - Brydges, James (Earl of Chandos) - Handel, George Frideric (id=2946) St. Peter's Anglican Church (Robe) (id=3323) Stainer Street Arch Bombing (id=2313) Stanmore Hall - D'Arcy, William Knox - Holland, Robert (id=3031) Stanmore Park (RAF) (id=3030) Staple Inn Hall (id=1052) State of Victoria (id=3804) Stationers Company School Site (id=1852) Status Quo (id=1986) Steam Bus Garage (id=2430) Stocks Market (id=1061) Stoke Newington Manor House (id=1314) Stoke Newington Town Hall (id=1315) Stones End Fort (id=2315) Lennon, John - Strawberry Fields (id=1895) Suffolk Palace (Place) (id=3252) Suffragette (to be)  Postbox (id=3112) Suffragettes, The - Pankhurst, Emmeline - Pankhurst, Christabel - Pethick-Lawrence, Emmeline (id=1075) Sulloniacae, Site of Roman Pottery of   (id=1077) Sunday Times (id=1854) Sunnyside Lodge (id=3081) Surrey Docks Farm (id=2447) Surrey Docks Fire (id=2376) Surrey Iron Railway (id=3093) Sutton House (id=1081) Swedish War Hospital (id=1082) Sydney Harbour Bridge (id=3393) Synagogue, Site of First (id=1083) Synagogue, Site of Great (id=1084) Chaucer, Geoffrey - Tabard Inn (id=2286) Tachbrook Estate (id=3806) Tachbrook Estate (id=3809) Testimonial Fountain (id=1705) Texas Legation (id=2831) Thames Barrier (id=1988) Brunel, Isambard Kingdom - Thames Tunnel (id=2352) Thames Tunnel - Brunel, Marc Isambard (id=2378) Thames Tunnel Mill (id=2379) The Anchor Brewhouse (id=1766) The Angel (id=3037) The Bell, Carter Lane - Quiney, Richard - Shakespeare, William (id=2278) The Breakwater (Granite Island Victor Harbor) (id=3338) The Chindits - Wingate, Orde Charles (id=3763) The Den (Millwall F.C.) (id=1430) Brunel, Isambard Kingdom - The Great Eastern - Russell, John Scott (id=1770) The Hermitage (id=3029) The Kirk (Robe) (id=3325) The Obelisk (Robe) (id=3328) The Old Bank (id=1749) The Old Farmhouse (id=1745) The Old Presbytery (Sydney) (id=3390) The Over-Seas League (id=3774) The Over-Seas League - Patricia Knatchbull (2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma) (id=3775) The Peckham Experiment - Pioneer Health Centre (id=2422) The Peckham Experiment - Pioneer Health Centre (id=1432) The Plough (id=3610) The Roxy (id=2923) The Settlers (Sydney) (id=3391) The Smugglers Inn (id=1748) The Star Inn (id=1747) The Steamer Inn (id=1746) The Sun (id=2184) Shakespeare, William - The Theatre - Burbage, James (id=1270) The Village Store (id=1750) Theatre Royal Drury Lane (id=1100) Theatre Royal Marylebone Site (id=1911) Theatro Technis Cypriot Village (id=3643) Thorntons Corner (Beckenham Journal) - First Airmail Post Office (id=2160) Thorpe Hall Primary School (id=3071) Time & Talents (id=3681) Time Ball Tower (id=3380) Tin Pan Alley (id=1113) Toll Gate (id=2670) Toll House (id=1115) Tooting Military Hospital (id=2155) Tottenham Court Road (id=2404) Tottenham Outrage (id=3072) Totterdown Estate (id=1358) Tower Bridge (id=3767) Tower Hamlets International Brigade (id=1632) Tower of Church of St Augustine (id=2146) Townmead Road School (id=2195) Toy Inn, The Site of (id=1120) Trafalgar Way (id=2178) Trafalgar Way (id=1258) Trafalgar Way (id=1575) Triangle House, Whyteleafe (id=3153) Tricycle Cinema - Thompson, Emma (id=3869) Bowie, David - Trident Studios (id=2228) Triffids, The - Born Sandy Devotional (id=2785) Trinity Almshouse (id=1720) Trinity House (id=1125) Tsitsikamma National Park (id=2061) Tudor Hall (id=2675) Tudor Palace of Greenwich (Placentia) - King Henry VII (id=2103) Turkish Bronze Gun (id=2102) Johnson, Samuel - Reynolds, Joshua - Turks Head (id=590) Turners Hall, The Second Site (id=1868) Tuttle Fields (id=3807) Twining, House of (id=1136) Twinning of Veules les Roses and Alfriston (id=1751) Tyburn (Gregory Gunne) (id=1138) Tyburn Manor House (id=1139) Tyburn Stone (id=3751) Tyburn Tree (id=1841) Tyburn-105 Catholic martyrs (id=1137) Tylers and Bricklayers Hall Site (id=1140) Ukrainian Canadians Servicemens Association (id=2463) Unitarian Chapel Portico (id=1142) United Nations (id=1143) United Reform Church (id=1752) Adams, Henry Brooks - United States Embassy (id=5) United Westminster Almshouses - Palmer, James - Hill, Emery (id=3813) Unity Theatre (id=2744) Uphall Brick Earth Pits (id=2939) Upholders Hall Site (id=1860) USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) (id=3673) V1 Bomb Highbury Corner (id=2799) V1 Bomb Walthamstow (id=2991) V1 rocket attack (id=1466) V2 Rocket 1 (id=1256) V2 Rocket 2 (id=1425) V2 Rocket 3 (id=1658) V2 Rocket 4 (id=2152) V2 Rocket 5 (id=3132) V2 Rocket 6 (id=3143) Vaughan Library - Scott, Giles Gilbert (id=3089) Verbruggens House (id=1694) Edwards, John Passmore - Vernon Hall (id=1714) Veterans Avenue (id=2469) Victoria Coach Station (id=3790) Livingstone, David - Paget, Edward - Victoria Falls (id=3152) Matcham, Frank - Victoria Palace Theatre (id=3190) Victoria Palace Theatre - Matcham, Frank (id=2842) Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall (id=3274) Villebois's horse - Villebois-Mareuil, General George de (id=2418) Villebois's horse - Cavendish, Charles (3rd Baron Chesham)
 (id=2419) Vince Mans Shop (id=3488) Vincent de Paul (id=2191) Voortrekker Monument Pretoria fragment (id=2063) Waitrose (id=1154) Walthamstow Fire Engine House (id=2995) Walthamstow Windmill (id=1824) War damage at V&A (id=3755) Watch House (id=2997) Watch House (id=1167) Wax Well (id=3016) Webheath Estate (id=3868) Well House, The - Glyn, Arthur (id=1176) West India Docks - Wedburn, Alexander (Lord Loughborough) - Pitt the Younger, William (id=3234) West India Docks (id=3235) West Norfolk and King's Lynn High School for Girls (id=2509) West Street School (id=3240) West View Harrow (id=3088) Westfield College (id=1183) Westminster Chapel (id=3819) Westminster Fire Station (id=3816) Westside House - Gore, Spencer - Copley, John  (Lord Lyndhurst) (id=3097) Whitaker, Joseph - Whitaker's Almanack (id=3054) White Hart Dock (id=3734) White Hart Inn (id=2319) Whitecross Debtors Prison - Gwynne, Nell (id=2092) Whitecross Market (id=2091) Who, The (id=1945) Wick House, Star and Garter Home (id=1189) William Campbell Museum (id=2060) Williamson Dressler (id=1909) Winchester Palace (id=2265) Windrush Monument (id=2437) Windsor Bridge (id=1611) Windsor Martyrs (id=3661) Winnie the Pooh (id=1208) Women's Freedom League (id=3611) Lady Reading (Stella Isaacs) - Womens Voluntary Services (id=2401) Woodside School (id=3001) Woolseys of Acton (id=2213) Working Jetty (Granite Island Victor Harbor) (id=3336) World War 2 Westminster (id=3151) Worlds First Cash Machine (id=3053) Worlds First Cash Machine (id=3227) Worship Street Workshops - Webb, Philip - Morris, William (id=1268) Wren Building - William & Mary College (id=2267) Collins, Peter - Writers Walk (id=3423) WW2 Bomb (id=2483) WW2 bomb (id=2338) Tatem, James George - Wyer Hall (id=3045) Wyoming Building (Sydney) (id=3466) Yalumba Distillery (id=3381) YMCA (id=1643) Yueh Hai Ching Temple (id=3264) Zeppelin Raid  (id=3615) Zeppelin Raid (id=1595) Zoroastrian Centre (id=3085) Zulu dead of Rorkes Drift (id=2048)