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Type : Clock Tower (17 plaques)

Baron Hermann de Stern - Peoples Palace Mile End (id=5861) Bexleyheath Coronation Memorial Clock Tower (id=2484) Clock Tower St Albans (id=3186) Clock Tower, The (id=232) Copenhagen Fields - Tolpuddle Martyrs (id=2847) Copenhagen House - Caledonian Market  (id=3686) Coronation Clock Tower (id=2150) Crouch End Clock Tower - Williams, Henry Reader (id=4231) Epsom Clock Tower (id=3237) King Edward VII (id=4490) Lewisham Clock Tower - Queen Victoria (id=4946) Metropolitan Asylums Board - Atkinson, Stanley B (id=5868) Neuner, Frederick (id=4232) Owen, Karen (id=6864) Stanley, William Ford (id=6705) The Angel Clock - Pop Goes The Weasel (id=6815) Williams, Henry Reader (id=4230)