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Type : Foundation Stone (299 plaques)

Aberconway, Lord - Metropolitan Railway (id=5028) Acton Fire Station - Birkett, Richard William (id=6796) Addison, Christopher (id=5639) Adelphi Terrace - Adam, John - Adam, Robert - Beauclerk, Topham - Beauclerk, Diana - Garrick, David - DOyly Carte, Richard - Hardy, Thomas - Shaw, George Bernard - Savage Club (id=2805) Alexander, William Henry - National Portrait Gallery (id=7983) All Hallows-On-The Wall (id=7427) All Saints Church tower (id=4484) Aske, Robert (id=6252) Baldwin, Mrs Stanley (id=53) Barnato Family - Middlesex Hospital (id=5063) Baron Lambourne (Amelius Richard Mark) (id=3812) Baron, Bernhard (id=6290) Beatrice Dowager Lady Dimsdale - The Mission Limehouse (id=6948) Bernhardt, Sarah (id=5076) Bethnal Green Town Hall - Barnard, Alfred Fisk (id=6927) Betts, John (id=6595) Bevan, Aneurin (Nye) (id=4257) Bolsom, Sidney (id=6663) Booth, Catherine Bramwell (id=4540) Boulnois, Edmund - St Charles Hospital (id=5775) Bowater, Ian Frank (id=6203) Bradmore House (id=5712) British Legion - Sassoon, Philip (id=4229) British Library - Queen Elizabeth II (id=6157) Burdett-Coutts & Townshend School - Queen Elizabeth II (id=6665) Burdett-Coutts & Townshend School - Townshend, Chauncy Hare - Burdett-Coutts, Angela (id=6666) Camberwell Public Library - Edwards, John Passmore - Rolls, John  (1st Baron Llangattock) (id=7061) Caudwell, John - Bomber Command (id=4993) Cedars Club (id=4358) Chamberlain, Neville (id=202) Chelsea Old Town Hall (id=5354) Chelsea Temperance Society (id=5331) Christ Church and Upton Chapel (id=6047) Christ Church Lambeth - Morley, Samuel (id=6045) Christ, Jesus (id=6484) Church of St John the Baptist upon Walbrook (id=7335) City of London Artillery (id=8134) City of London School - Broadbridge, Thomas - King Edward VIII - Elliston, George (id=7307) City of London School - Carpenter, John - Traill, Alan (id=4674) City of London School - Carpenter, John - Truscott, Francis Wyatt (id=4673) City of London School - Carpenter, John - Truscott, Francis Wyatt (id=7308) City Temple Holborn - Binney, Thomas (id=5852) Commodity Quay (id=6936) Conroy, Geraldine Campbell (id=6516) Corbin, John (id=4234) Courtauld, S A (Institute of Biochemistry) (id=262) Cox, Adelaide - Salvation Army Social Work (id=4538) Cozens-Hardy, Herbert - The Peoples Hall (id=6557) Creighton, Louise - Creighton, Mandell (Bishop of London) - Edwards, John Passmore - Acton Hospital (id=6053) Crosby, Thomas Boor - Gresham Committee - Coates, David (id=7287) Crossness Pumping Station, Abbey Wood - King Edward VII - Bazalgette, Joseph (id=7232) Cullen, Horace - Crosby, Thomas Boor (id=7286) Deptford Central Library - Schultz, William Albert (id=6603) Deptford Fire Station (id=8085) Deptford Town Hall - Dickson, Alexander (id=6606) Drill Hall (id=4997) du Cros, William Harvey (id=6917) Duchess of Gloucester - Notting Hill Housing Trust (id=6504) Duchy of Cornwall Almshouses (id=4913) Duke of Cambridge (Prince George) (id=4534) Duke of Cambridge (Prince George) - German Hospital (id=4533) Duke of Connaught - Freemasons (id=4768) Duke of Connaught - Freemasons (id=4769) Duke of Gloucester - Beetham, Michael - Bomber Command (id=4992) Duke of Kent (Prince George) - William Booth College (id=4902) Earl, Sebastian - YMCA (id=4227) East End Dwellings Company (id=5283) Edwards, John Passmore (id=4253) Edwards, John Passmore (id=6486) Electric Lighting Station Walworth (id=4940) Electric Lighting Station Walworth (id=4941) Elliott, George Samuel - Islington South Library (id=6925) Engine House Christ Church (id=5784) Father Jack Holden (id=5267) Faudel-Phillips, George (id=7310) Finnish Seamens Mission (id=4626) First state-aided housing in Islington (id=5290) Fowler, Robert (id=7309) Frederick Lord Bishop of London - Fulham Wasteland & Lygon Almshouses (id=6870) Freemasons (id=4770) Fulham Wasteland & Lygon Almshouses (id=6869) Gaitskell, Baroness Dora - McNeal, Julia (id=6426) Garden of Remembrance Christ Apostolic Church - Queen Mary - King George VI (id=3888) Garvey, Marcus (id=2142) Gascoyne-Cecil, Robert (5th Marquess of Salisbury) (id=4384) Geard, Henry (id=4482) General Post Office (id=7336) Giffard, Hardinge Stanley (1st Earl of Halsbury) - de Keyser, Polydore (id=4659) Glassey, Alec E - Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6428) Gloucester Gate Bridge (id=5036) Gloucester Gate Bridge (id=5047) Gordon, Cosmo (Archbishop of Canterbury) (id=5507) Gough, Hubert (id=4228) Grace, W. G. (id=3877) Grenfell, Joyce (id=3965) Grosvenor, Hugh (7th Duke of Westminster) - The Peninsula Hotels (id=7702) Guildhall reconstruction - Bowater, Ian Frank - Campbell-Jones, Owen (id=7328) Haberdashers Place (id=5364) Hanbury Hall - Forster, William (id=6773) Heals - Heal, Ambrose (id=5235) Heals - Heal, Ambrose (id=5236) Henriette Raphael Nurses Home - Raphael, Henry (id=5414) Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6429) Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6430) Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6431) Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6432) Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6433) Highgate Branch Library (id=3956) Hill, Roderick - Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (id=3897) Holborn Library - Kilmuir, Viscount (id=5017) Holloway Fire Brigade Station (id=3968) Holy Trinity Sloane Street - Cadogan, George (5th Earl) -  Cadogan, Beatrix Countess (id=6675) Horsemans Place Leper Hospital (id=7248) How Memorial Gateway - Bishop of Bedford - Bishop of London (id=6321) Howard, Seymour - City Temple Holborn (id=5850) Hume, Basil (id=7122) Imperial College - King Edward VII (id=3896) Institute of Optometry (London Refraction Hosptal) (id=5504) Irving, Henry (id=5075) Irving, Henry - Brixton Theatre Foundation Stone - Matcham, Frank (id=4338) Isleden House (id=4750) Isleden House - London Parochial Charities - Queen Mary (id=5268) Jahncke Ltd (id=5358) Jenks, Maurice (id=7226) John Jackson Lord Bishop of London (id=8063) Johnson, Thomas (id=8078) Johnston, Andrew (id=6599) Katz, Bernard - Princess Anne (id=7985) Keen, Florence (id=3969) Kensal Rise Constitutional Club - Pinkham, Charles (id=6505) Kerr, Michael - Lincolns Inn Boghouse (id=8128) Keston Park (id=7701) Key West Cornish Memorial Ame Zion Church (id=7194) King Charles III (Prince Charles) - Parker Bowles, Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall) - King George V (id=6208) King Edward VII - Duke of Fife - British & Foreign Sailors Society - Shore, Peter (id=6489) King Edward VII - Queen Alexandra - Kew Bridge (id=6797) King Edward VII - Rotherhithe Tunnel (id=4624) King Edward VII - Rotherhithe Tunnel (id=4641) King Edward VII Galleries - King Edward VII (id=5881) King Edward VIII - King George V - Citadines Hotel (id=4281) King George V - Queen Mary - County Hall (id=8082) King George VI - Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (id=6671) King Haakon VII - St Olaves Church (id=7646) King Harold V of Norway - Queen Sonja of Norway (id=4639) King Oscar II of Sweden (id=4640) Lady Ludlow (Blanche Holden) - Lord Ludlow (Henry Lopes) - King Henry VI - Astley, Joanna (id=6974) Laing, John (id=5727) Lambeth Bridge - King George V - Queen Mary (id=6967) Lauderdale House (id=3861) Lawson, Peter - Fulham Wasteland & Lygon Almshouses (id=6868) Levy-Lawson, Edward (1st Baron Burnham) - The Institute of Journalists (id=7984) Lloyds of London - King George V - Queen Mary (id=5854) Lloyds of London - MacKinnon, Percy Graham (id=5855) Lord Ampthill - United Grand Lodge of England (id=8065) Lord Lyttelton (8th Viscount Cobham) - Cobden Working Mens Club (id=5811) Lord Strathcona (Donald Smith) - Royal Academy of Music (id=7438) Lubbock, John (Lord Avebury) - North Kensington Library (id=7088) Luscombe, John (id=6115) Lygon, Henry (id=7243) Malone, Gerald - Kings College Hospital (id=6872) Mansford, Herbert - Conway Hall (id=8099) Marnham, Herbert (id=5726) Marriott, Bill - Angus, Michael (id=8083) Martin, Richard Biddulph (id=5054) Matear, John - William Booth College (id=4903) MCC Bicentenary - Duke of Westminster (Gerald Grosvenor) - Lyttleton, Charles (10th Viscount Cobham) (id=3876) Metropolitan Benefit Societies Almshouses (id=5359) Middlesex Guildhall - Herbrand Russell (11th Duke of Bedford) (id=8111) Mills, Henry - Islington Central Library (id=3963) Missions to Seamen - King George V (id=4616) Mocatta, Edward Lumbrozo (id=4510) Montefiore, Joseph Sebag - Lauderdale Road Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue (id=7075) Moorfields Eye Hospital - King Edward VII - Queen Victoria (id=5367) Moorfields Eye Hospital - King George V - Queen Mary II (id=5368) Morgan, Jeffrey (id=5256) National Amalgamated Approved Society - Neill, Thomas (id=5055) National Provident Institution (id=8174) New River Company (id=5285) Newham Town Hall (id=6472) Nichols, Vincent - St Josephs Cottages (Almhouses) (id=5327) Number 1 Poultry - Lady Mary Stirling (wife) (id=7334) Old Bermondsey Library (id=4937) Penton, Henry (id=5254) Peoples Gospel Mission Hall (id=3955) Pepys Estate -  Earl Mountbatten of Burma (id=4871) Perry, William Robert (id=3953) Pithers - The Pither Family (id=5207) Poulton, J Sylvester (id=5728) Prince Arthur - British Columbia House (id=4363) Prince Augustus Frederick (Duke of Sussex) - Charing Cross Hospital (id=6511) Prince Augustus Frederick (Duke of Sussex) - Charing Cross Hospital (id=6512) Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) (id=5034) Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) - New Mound Stand (id=7241) Princess Christian (id=4542) Princess Christian - Queen Victoria (id=5780) Princess Louise (Duchess of Argyle) - Hill, Philip E (id=3974) Princess Margaret (id=6434) Princess Margaret - Hampstead Garden Suburb (id=4210) Queen Beatrix - The Seven Dials Sundial (id=6277) Queen Elizabeth II -  Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) - Barbican Arts Centre (id=5644) Queen Elizabeth II - City Temple Holborn (id=5851) Queen Elizabeth II - Henry Campbell Lord Bishop of London - Geoffrey Fisher Archbishop of Canterbury - Cullum Welch Lord Mayor (id=7281) Queen Elizabeth II - Queen Elizabeth Hall (id=7436) Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (id=3875) Queen Mary - John Astor House (id=7152) Queen Mary - Westminster Polytechnic - Studd, Kynaston - Hogg, Quintin (id=8066) Queen Marys Home for St. Bartholomews Nurses - Queen Mary (id=7058) Queen Victoria (id=7662) Queen Victoria - Princess Christian (id=6857) Raikes, Henry Cecil (id=6200) Ravenhill, John - Tooting School (id=6617) Rochester Square Spiritualist Temple (id=5041) Rochester Square Spiritualist Temple - Doyle, Arthur Conan (id=5040) Rogers, Maurice (id=4551) Rolls, Georgina (Lady Llangattock) - Camberwell Public Baths - Rolls, John  (1st Baron Llangattock) (id=7060) Ronald Bishop of Southwark - Frankham, Harold (id=8176) Rotherhithe Tunnel (id=4625) Rotherhithe Tunnel (id=4642) Rothschild, Constance de - Queen Victoria - Edwards, John Passmore - Acton Hospital (id=6052) Royal Academy of Music - Duke of Connaught - Lord Alverstone (Richard Webster) - Earl of Kilmorey (Francis Needham) - Lord Strathcona (Donald Smith) (id=7442) Royal Coburg Theatre - Prince of Saxe-Coburg (Leopold I of Belgium) - Princess Charlotte of Wales (id=5398) Royal South London Dispensary - Duke of Cambridge (Prince George) (id=8080) Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital - Charles Duke of Richmond (id=6509) Rye Lane Chapel (id=6794) Rye Lane Chapel (id=6795) Salvation Army Social Work (id=4539) Salvation Army Social Work (id=4541) Samuel, Marcus (id=6202) Sanders House (id=5253) Scott, George Gilbert - Pearson, John Loughborough - Farrar, Frederic - St Margarets Church (id=8106) Scott, William Booth (id=6192) Seitz, Raymond (id=5505) Shakespeare, WIlliam -  National Theatre (id=3975) Shaw, Stanley (id=5038) Shoreditch Town Hall (id=7654) Smith, J Rider - Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church (id=6427) Smith, John - Smith Payne and Smiths (id=7160) Society for Improving the Condition of the Labouring Classes - King George V - Princess Louise (Duchess of Argyle) (id=6965) South Acton Baptist Church (id=6585) South London Gallery - Peckham Road Fire Station (id=8090) Spurgeon, Charles - Higgs, William (id=6659) St Andrew by the Wardrobe - Fletcher, Banister (id=8182) St Bartholomews Hospital - King Edward VII (id=6977) St Benet and All Saints Church (id=3885) St Gabriel Fenchurch - St Margaret Pattens - St Edmund the King (id=7343) St Jamess Park  Station - Auton, Thomas (id=6968) St Jamess Square Notting Hill (id=4435) St Josephs Cottages (Almhouses) - Cashman, David - Heenan, John (id=5326) St Josephs Cottages (Almhouses) - Hume, Basil (id=5328) St Lawrence Jewry - Wren, Christopher (id=7277) St Martin-in-the-Fields (id=6517) St Mary Rotherhithe Free School (id=4926) St Marys Parochial School (id=7748) St Marylebone Parish Church - Mrs Gladstone (id=5082) St Matthews Church - Lady Barrow (id=6503) St Nicholas Schools (id=4895) St Olaves Church (id=7645) St Stephen with St John Westminster - Burdett-Coutts, Angela (id=6664) Stepney Meeting House (id=5795) Stern, Edward (id=5240) Stern, Sydney (Lord Wandsworth) (id=4487) Studd, Kynaston - London Fruit and Wool Exchange (id=5931) Swedish Church in London - Wrangel, Herman (id=6685) Swedish Church of London (id=5166) Swiss Embassy (id=5122) Tate, Henry (id=4489) Tate, Henry (id=6173) The Barnett School - Queen Mary (id=4209) The International Hall of Residence - Pandit, Vijaya Lakshmi (id=8092) The Methodist Church - Wardle, William Lansdell - Wesley, John (id=6367) The Middlesex Regiment (id=8115) The Norwegian Church (St Olavs Church) (id=4636) The Oddfellows (id=3964) The Old Fire Station Brentford (id=7115) Thomas, Randall (Archbishop of Canterbury) (id=4917) Tickle, Japheth (id=7285) Toms, Charles (id=4483) Tooting School (id=6616) Tower Hamlets Mission - Lunt, Evered (id=5860) Treloar, William - Ragged School (id=6054) Trinity Chapel - Lycett, Francis (id=4329) Tyler, Henry - Truscott, George Wyatt (id=7425) Tymms, T Vincent - London Baptist Association (id=3951) Union Chapel (id=5260) Victoria and Albert Museum - King Edward VII (id=3902) Walker, V. E. (id=6852) Walpole Park - Hamilton, Lord George - Walpole, Spencer - Nelson, Edward Montague (id=8072) Waterloo Road Fire Station (id=5508) Webheath Estate (id=3868) Welsh Church of Central London (id=5152) West Hampstead Fire Station (id=8077) West London Synagogue (id=5126) West London Synagogue - Leo Baeck College (id=5125) Whitefield Memorial Church (American International Church) (id=5237) Woodberry Down Baptist Church - Tymms, T Vincent (id=6598) Woodberry Wetlands - Mylne, William - Smith, Robert Percy (id=6597) Worshipful Company of Butchers (id=7081) Worshipful Company of Carpenters (id=7151) Worshipful Company of Haberdashers - Haberdashers Place (id=5363)