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Type : Plaque (5521 plaques)

 Countess of Lovelace, Ada (id=2) 101 Farm Lane (former horse-drawn bus depot) (id=2192) 135 Rotherhithe Street (id=2446) 18 Tuesday Market Place (id=2513) 1858 Black Migration (id=4093) 28-32 King Street, Kings Lynn (id=2508) 2i Coffee Bar (id=2804) 50 Years of Peace in Europe (id=8201) 7-9 King Street, Kings Lynn (id=2504) 72 Farm Lane (former horse-drawn bus stabling) (id=2193) 9/11 Memorial - Marsh and McLennan (id=5461) 9/11 Memorial Ladder 5 Manhattan (id=7614) 9/11 Memorial Ladder 5 Manhattan (id=7615) 901-911 Homer Street (id=4181) Abbas, Ali Mohammed (id=2022) Abbensetts, Michael (id=7695) Abbey Road Depot bombing (id=1508) Abbey Street Bridge - Landmann, George Thomas - London and Greenwich Railway (id=5523) Abbot, Philip Stanley (id=4016) Abbots of the Monastery of Westminster Abbey (id=3792) Abbotsbury Gate Holland Park (id=4383) Abel, Bobby (id=2350) Abel, Bobby (id=6648) Abercrombie, Patrick (id=4745) Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company (id=6288) Abney, Thomas (id=1321) Abrahams, Harold (id=1) Ace Cafe (id=6113) Acheson, Edward Goodrich (id=3873) Ackerley, J R (id=4469) Act of Toleration - Quakers (Society of Friends) (id=5618) Adam, Robert (id=4) Adam, Robert - Hood, Thomas - Galsworthy, John - Barrie, J M (id=3) Adams, Henry Brooks - United States Embassy (id=5) Adams, John (id=2918) Adams, William Bridges - Flower, Sarah (id=6079) Adams-Acton, John (id=1239) Addinsell, Richard (id=2543) Addison, William (id=6089) Adelaide Lunatic Asylum (id=3363) Adele (id=3726) Admiral Duncan Pub (id=2806) African National Congress (id=6) Aickman, Robert (id=7) Ainsworth, William Harrison (id=2544) Air Raids (id=2712) Aitken, Max (1st Baron Beaverbrook) (id=79) Aitken, Max (1st Baron Beaverbrook) (id=7378) Aitken, Max (2nd Baron Beaverbrook) (id=7379) Albarn, Damon (id=2972) Albert Bridge (id=9) Albert Bridge (id=4351) Alcindor, John (id=10) Alcock, George Edgar (Sutton and Cheam Society) (id=3124) Alcock, John - Ely Old Bishops Palace (id=2495) Aldermanbury conduit (id=2268) Aldermen of Portsoken Ward (id=7457) Aldersgate Site (id=1742) Aldgate Site (id=1966) Aldrich-Blake,  Louisa Brandreth (id=6340) Aldridges Horse Bazaar (id=6305) Aldridge, Ira (id=1545) Aldridge, Ira - Von Brandt, Amanda (id=6744) Alexander, George (id=12) Alexander, Sam (id=2394) Alexandra Palace (id=1417) Algiers New Orleans (id=7473) Ali, Altab (id=5856) All Saints Church - Gaynesford, Nicholas Gaynesford - Scawen, William - Fellowes, John (id=3127) Allenby, Viscount (id=14) Alleyn, Edward - Fortune Theatre (id=2774) Alliance Assurance Company (id=3883) Allied Powers (Maritime Courts) Act 1941 (id=8112) Allingham, Margery (id=15) Allison, Jerry (id=7573) Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (id=16) Almeida, Manuel de (id=8053) Along the Bluff (Vancouver) (id=3995) Amalgamated Society of Engineers (id=6697) Amaral, Manuel Augusto de (id=8019) Ambedkar, Bhimrao Ramji (id=17) Ambrose, Bert (id=18) Ambulance Service (London Auxiliary) (id=19) American Stock Exchange (id=7618) Amersham Great War Memorial (id=2466) Amis, Kingsley (id=1681) Amphitrite Point Lighthouse (id=4046) Amwell Society (id=3684) Anaesthetic, First in England (id=20) Anchor Brewery - Monger, James - Child, Josiah - Halsey, Edmund - Thrale, Ralph - Thrale, Henry - Barclay Perkins - Courage Ltd (id=1520) Ancic, Mario (id=7870) Anderson, Elizabeth Garrett (id=21) Anderson, Elizabeth Garrett (id=1724) Anderson, Elizabeth Garrett (id=6335) Anderson, Lindsay (id=22) Anderson, Louisa Garrett (id=6337) Andrew Jackson Hotel (id=7512) Andrews, Julie (id=6271) Angel Alley (id=3766) Angel Place (Marshalsea Prison) (id=5452) Angle, H H (id=3999) Anglo-American Polar Expedition (id=4056) Angus, Michael (id=8084) Ankovic, Andrija (id=7919) Anne Boleyns Well - Boleyn, Anne (id=3128) Annesley, Susanna (id=1730) Ansdell, Richard (id=24) Apollo Theatre (id=5224) Appleton, Edward Victor (id=25) Approach To Old London Bridge Site (id=1878) Apthorp Apartments (id=2924) Araújo, Carvalho - NRP Augusto de Castilho (id=8011) Arber, Agnes Robertson (id=3533) Arbutus Unedo Strawberry Tree (id=3004) Archer Street Chambers - Finsberg, Geoffrey (id=5077) Archer, John Richard (id=1341) Archer, John Richard  (id=1342) Archway Toll Gate (id=2713) Arden, Don - Small Faces (id=1912) Ardizzone, Edward (id=26) Arkwright, Richard (id=27) Arments (id=3947) Armour, Alan Norman (id=4103) Armstrong, Boo (id=6640) Armstrong, Louis (id=7474) Arnaud, Yvonne (id=28) Arne, Thomas (id=29) Arnold, Benedict (id=30) Arnold, Edwin (id=32) Arnold, John - Nesbit, Edith (id=1984) Arnold, Matthew (id=31) Arsenal F.C. (id=1992) Art Workers Guild - King Charles III (Prince Charles) (id=7987) Artists Rifles - Phillips, Henry Wyndham
 (id=2807) Arup, Ove N (id=33) Ashbee, C R (id=1710) Ashleigh and India Houses (id=2203) Ashley, Laura (id=35) Ashley-Cooper, Anthony (id=3091) Ashmore, Albert (id=1537) Ashton, Frederick (id=2461) Ashton, Mark (id=3253) Askes Hospital (Haberdashers Alms House) (id=4521) Askes Hospital (Haberdashers Alms House) - Aske, Robert (id=4522) Aske, Robert (id=36) Asquith, Herbert Henry (id=37) Asquith, Herbert Henry (id=2708) Association Football - Battersea Park (id=6108) Association of Paulinis Malta (id=8199) Astafieva, Princess Seraphine (id=38) Astley, Philip (id=5400) Astley, Thea (id=3409) Aston Martin (id=5348) Astor, Gavin (2nd Baron Astor of Hever) (id=7365) Astor, Nancy (id=39) Atkinsons Carillon (id=4318) Attlee, Clement (id=1363) Attlee, Clement (id=1826) Attlee, Clement (id=2945) Attwood, Thomas (id=40) Atwell, Winifred (id=5680) Aubrey House - Grosvenor (1st Earl), Richard - Coke, Mary - Taylor, Peter - Taylor, Clementia - Alexander, William Cleverly (id=1831) Audley, Bernard (id=7388) Aurobindo, Sri (id=1295) Austen, Henry - Austen, Jane (id=6131) Austen, Jane (id=41) Austen, Jane (id=42) Austen, Jane - Bull and George Dartford (id=7251) Austin City Limits - Nelson, Willie (id=7561) Austrian Centre (id=3493) Automobile Association - Miller, James (id=7346) Avenue House (id=2671) Avery, David (id=6469) Avery, Jack William (id=4409) Avondale Park (id=4439) Ayahs Home (id=6957) Ayer, Alfred (id=43) Aylward, Gladys (id=3042) Aylward, Gladys (id=3044) Aylward, June (id=2915) Ayrton, Hertha (id=44) Azores Sailors Tribute (id=8015) Babbage, Charles (id=45) Babbage, Charles (id=2279) Bachelors Acre Town Green - Mellor, Doris (id=3654) Bacon, Francis (id=2618) Bacot, Arthur (id=6083) Baden-Powell, Olave (id=1761) Baden-Powell, Robert (id=46) Baden-Powell, Robert (id=3095) Bader, Douglas (id=2459) Baeck, Rabbi Leo (id=2408) Bagehot, Walter (id=47) Bagnold, Enid (id=48) Bagnold, Enid - Thirkell, Angela (id=2413) Bagot, Millicent (id=6589) Bailey, David (id=2962) Baillie, Joanna (id=49) Baines, Frank (id=6082) Baird, John Logie (id=50) Baird, John Logie (id=1452) Baird, John Logie (id=2808) Baird, John Logie (id=3637) Baird, John Logie (id=6306) Bairnsfather, Bruce (id=51) Bakasun, Veljko (id=7925) Baker Street and Waterloo Railway (id=3772) Baker Street Station Restoration (id=5027) Baker, Benjamin (id=1493) Baker, Benjamin (id=3911) Baker, Constance (id=6520) Baker, Henry (id=6424) Baker, Hubert Baron - Williams, Leopold Totobag (id=7002) Baker, Hylda (id=2002) Bakers Almshouses (id=2980) Bakers Chop House Site (id=2269) Balcon, Michael (id=52) Balcon, Michael (id=4222) Balding, Richard Courtney (id=5437) Baldwin, Stanley (id=54) Balfe, Michael William (id=55) Balham Station Bombing (id=4488) Balic, Ivano (id=7789) Balic, Ivano (id=7875) Balint, Michael - Balint, Enid (id=4297) Ballantyne, R. M. (id=1525) Ballester, Gonzalo Torrente (id=2038) Bandler, Faith (id=3415) Banff Springs Hotel (id=4022) Banff Springs Hotel (id=4024) Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (id=6953) Bank House (id=2517) Bank of Montreal (id=4190) Banks, Joseph - Brown, Robert - Don, David - Linnean Society (id=56) Bannister, Roger (id=57) Barbauld, Anna Laetitia (id=1318) Barber, Francis - Johnson, Doctor Samuel (id=7300) Barbirolli, Evelyn (id=58) Barbirolli, John (id=59) Barbirolli, John (id=60) Barbosa, Ruy (id=2751) Barbour-James, John (id=7139) Barclays Bank - Lloyd II, Samson - Quakers (Society of Friends) (id=5625) Barham, Richard (id=4460) Baring, Evelyn (id=62) Baring, Francis (id=1463) Baring, Rowland (Rowley- 3rd Earl of Cromer) (id=7395) Barker, Cicely Mary (id=1532) Barker, George Granville (id=6086) Barking Abbey - St Margaret s Church Barking - Curfew Tower Barking (id=6476) Barking Road Recreation Ground (id=6061) Barlow, William (id=2137) Barlow, William Henry (id=1487) Barnardo, Doctor (id=1708) Barnardo, Doctor (id=1774) Barnardo, Doctor (id=3207) Barnes, Bert (Leysdown Boy Scouts Tragedy) (id=4689) Barnes, Fred (id=6242) Barnett, Henrietta (id=2545) Barnett, Henrietta (id=3034) Barnett, Henrietta - Barnett, Samuel (id=63) Barracks Court Royal Arsenal (id=7975) Barratt, Thomas J (Bell Moor) (id=64) Barraud, Francis (HMV Nipper) (id=65) Barrett, Florence Elizabeth (id=6348) Barrett, Syd (id=6308) Barrie, J M (id=66) Barrie, J M (id=3596) Barry, Charles (id=1378) Barry, Charles (id=2546) Barry, Geraldine Mary (id=6339) Barry, James (id=67) Barry, John Wolfe (id=6043) Barrymore, John (id=4015) Bartlett, Robert (id=4057) Bartok, Bela (id=68) Barton, Derek (id=2760) Basevi, George (id=69) Bateman, H M (id=1353) Bates, Frank (id=2130) Batten, Rex (id=4688) Battle of Cable Street (id=1634) Battle of Lewisham (id=3231) Battle of Lone Pine (id=3370) Battle of Mareth - Clive, A F L (id=6445) Bawden, Nina (id=2795) Bax, Arnold (id=1437) Baxter, George (id=2715) Baxter, George (id=4696) Bay House Westfield College (id=7274) Bayes, Gilbert (id=70) Baylis, Lilian (id=1392) Baylis, Samuel (Radical Club) (id=2090) Baynards Castle Site (id=1858) Bazalgette, Ian WiIlloughby (id=7214) Bazalgette, Joseph (id=71) Bazalgette, Joseph (id=3915) Bazalgette, Joseph (id=7235) BBC (id=74) BBC Bush House (id=2346) BBC Elstree Centre (id=2491) BBC Hippodrome - BBC Concert Orchestra (id=2349) BBC Lime Grove (id=2387) BBC Maida Vale Studios - BBC Symphony Orchestra - BBC Radiophonic Workshop (id=2347) BBC Overseas Service (id=7305) BBC Riverside Studios (id=2876) BBC School Radio (id=73) BBC Television (id=1416) BC and Yukon Chamber of Mines (id=4186) Beamish, Victor (id=3155) Bean, C E W (id=3434) Beara, Vladimir (id=7929) Beard, John - Ewart, William (id=1790) Beardsley, Aubrey (id=75) Beatles - Pop Go The Beatles (id=2348) Beaton, Cecil (id=76) Beaton, Cecil (id=4406) Beauclerk, Topham - Beauclerk, Diana (id=77) Beaufort, Francis (id=78) Beaufort, Margaret (id=3805) Beaver - Douglas, James (id=4061) Bebic, Milivoj (id=7904) Bechet, Sidney (id=80) Beck, Harry (id=81) Beck, Harry (id=1822) Beck, Harry (id=2668) Becket, Thomas (id=82) Becket, Thomas (id=83) Becket, Thomas (id=7239) Beckett, Samuel (id=1496) Becontree Estate (id=2944) Bedford Estate (id=5014) Bedford Tavern & Music Hall - Sickert, Walter (id=5044) Bee Gees, The (id=84) Beecham, Thomas (id=85) Beecham, Thomas (id=86) Beehive Kiln - Kensington Hippodrome (id=2382) Beerbohm, Max (id=87) Beethoven, Ludwig Van (id=1624) Beeton, Mrs Isabella - Beeton, Samuel (id=3021) Begbie, Matthew Baillie (id=4067) Bego, Zvonko (id=7917) Beharry, Martyn Edward (id=4324) Beit, Otto (id=88) Belair House and Park (id=4682) Belfield-Clarke, Cecil (id=7647) Belgian Volunteers (id=2836) Bell House - Wright, Thomas - Harding, Anthony - Widdowson, George - Lucas, Nan - Lutyens, Edwin (id=6535) Bell, Gertrude (id=4746) Bell, Natalie (id=3979) Bell, Robert - Paine, Thomas - Common Sense (id=7628) Bell, Vanessa (id=89) Bell, Vanessa - Grant, Duncan (id=7982) Belle, Dido Elisabeth (id=4238) Bello, Andres (id=90) Belloc, Hilaire (id=91) Belsize Square Synagogue (id=4218) Ben-Gurion, David (id=93) Benedict, Julius (id=92) Benes, Edvard (id=1365) Benn, Caroline DeCamp (id=94) Bennett, Arnold  (id=95) Bennett, Arnold (id=96) Bennett, Arnold - Riceyman Steps (id=2789) Bennett, Frank (id=3881) Bennett, William Sterndale (id=97) Benson, Arthur Christopher (id=3646) Benson, E F (id=98) Bentham, George (id=99) Bentham, Jeremy (id=100) Bentine, Michael (id=8158) Bentley Motor Car (id=2809) Bentleys Oyster Bar (id=7001) Bentley, Edward Clerihew (id=3149) Bentley, John Francis (id=1383) Bentley, Richard (id=101) Benvoulin - Mackay, George Grant (id=4001) Beresford, Jack (id=102) Berg, Jack (Kid) (id=1633) Berger Family Great Lawn (id=7639) Bergman-Osterberg, Martina (id=103) Berkeley, Lennox (id=104) Berlin Wall Section (id=5981) Berlin, Isaiah (id=6954) Berlioz, Hector (id=105) Bermondsey Abbey (id=2351) Bermondsey Abbey (id=5521) Bernal, John Desmond (id=106) Besant, Annie (id=1443) Besant, Annie - Match Girls Strike - Theosophical Society - Indian National Congress (id=1701) Besant, Walter (id=107) Besant, Walter (id=108) Besant, Walter (id=109) Besley, Robert (id=4663) Bessemer, Henry (id=2716) Bestall, Alfred (id=1979) Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre (id=4415) Bethlehem Hospital (First) Site (Bedlam) (id=1964) Bethlehem Hospital (First) Site (Bedlam) (id=7998) Bethlehem Hospital (First) Site (Bedlam) - Imperial War Museum - Harmsworth (1st Viscount Rothermere), Harold (id=2321) Bethlehem Hospital (Second) Site (Bedlam) (id=1641) Bethnal Green Fire (Adam Meere & Bill Faust) (id=6929) Betjeman, John (id=110) Betjeman, John (id=111) Betjeman, John (id=5020) Betjeman, John (id=5352) Bettencourt, Caetano de Andrade Albuquerque de (id=8017) Bevan, Aneurin (Nye) - Lee, Jennie (id=1311) Bevan, Robert (id=112) Bevan, Robert (id=2547) Beveridge, William (id=3623) Bevin, Ernest (id=113) Bezmalinovic, Mislav (id=7894) Biko, Steve (id=2538) Billig, Hannah (id=1631) Billroth, Theodor (id=7811) Bing, Rudolf (id=7655) Bingham, Susan (id=6816) Binney, Captain Ralph Douglas (id=114) Binnie, Alexander (id=3912) Biograph Theatre (id=1360) Bird, George (id=2189) Bird, Mitchell (id=6283) Bishops Wood Almshouses (id=4299) Bjedov, Durdica (id=7911) Black Boy Inn (id=2218) Black Lion pub ghost (id=4255) Black Prince (id=1576) Blackett, Patrick (id=1497) Blackfriars Bridge (id=115) Blackfriars Station - Whitwell, David (id=8181) Blackfriars Station old entrance (id=2281) Blackheath Literary Institution (id=7147) Blackheath Proprietary School (id=4960) Blackheath Station (id=4963) Blackie, Margery (id=116) Blacksmiths Hall Site (id=1859) Blacksmiths, Worshipful Company of (id=117) Blackwell, Elizabeth - Fawcett, Millicent Garrett (id=118) Blackwell, Thomas (The Cedars Gateway) - Scott, Walter (id=3025) Blagborne, William Harley (id=4098) Blairman, Philip (id=3723) Blairman, Philip (id=3724) Blake, Peter - Dury, Ian - Greenaway, Peter - Russell, Ken (id=3003) Blake, William (id=119) Blake, William (id=1623) Blake, William (id=1915) Blanch, William Harnett (id=2627) Bland, Dorothy (Mrs Jordan) (id=2339) Blaney, Captain Max (id=6018) Blanke, John (id=6388) Blanke, John (id=6391) Blazevic, Miroslav  (id=7783) Bligh, William (id=1397) Bligh, William (id=1781) Blind Fred (id=4582) Blind Veterans UK (id=6540) Bliss, Arthur (id=120) Bliss, Henry H (First Fatal Motor Accident) (id=2880) Block Arcade (Melbourne) (id=3290) Bloomsbury Group - Woolf, Virginia - Bell, Clive - Strachey, Lytton - Strachey, Dorothy (id=121) Bloomsbury Group - Woolf, Virginia - Grant, Duncan - Stephen, Adrian - Woolf, Leonard - Keynes, John Maynard (id=3636) Blow-up bridge (id=5048) Blue Anchor Pub (id=1241) Blumlein, Alan Dower (id=122) Blumlein, Alan Dower (id=1238) Blunt, Wilfrid, Scawen (id=123) Blyton, Enid (id=1650) Blyton, Enid (id=1978) Blyton, Enid (id=2157) Blyton, Enid (id=2432) Blyton, Enid (id=7420) Bobs Corner (Robert Brady) (id=3829) Bockstoce, John (id=4105) Boden, Charles (id=6784) Bodley, George Frederick (id=124) Bogart, Humphrey (id=2925) Bolan, June (id=4465) Bolan, Marc (id=1325) Bolan, Marc (id=6858) Bolivar, Simon (id=125) Bolivar, Simon (id=126) Bolton, Elizabeth (id=6344) Bomber Command Association (id=6766) Bomberg, David (id=128) Bonanic, Duje (id=7931) Bond Street - Princess Margaret (id=5221) Boney M, (Elizabeth Mitchell) (id=130) Bonham Carter, Violet (id=131) Bonhoeffer, Dietrich (id=1455) Bonhoeffer, Dietrich (id=1636) Bonn, Leo (id=132) Booth, Catherine (id=1515) Booth, Charles (id=133) Booth, Charles (id=3945) Booth, William - Salvation Army (id=3225) Boothby, Robert (id=134) Boothby-Heathcote, Robert (id=3078) Boraska, Igor (id=7880) Borenius, Tancred (id=2458) Borges da Silva, Francisco (id=8012) Boris the Cat (id=3600) Borough Market (id=2282) Borough Tube Station (id=2283) Borrow, George (id=135) Bosch, Robert (id=8187) Boscovich, Roger Joseph (Ruder Boskovic)  (id=7803) Boston Manor Station (id=8075) Boswell, James (id=136) Boty, Pauline (id=7653) Boucicault, Dion (id=2548) Boult, Adrian (id=137) Bourne, Frank (id=1678) Boustead, John (id=7221) Bow Church (id=6323) Bow Fairfield (id=4519) Bow Heritage Trail (id=3208) Bow Railway Station (id=4566) Bow Road Railway Station (id=4567) Bow Street - Fielding, Henry - Fielding, John - Gibbons, Grinling - Macklin, Charles - Radcliffe, John - Sackville, Charles (Earl of Dorset) - Wycherley, William (id=138) Bowen, Elizabeth (id=139) Bowerman, Charles (id=2803) Bowers, Henry Robertson (id=4491) Bowers, Henry Robertson (id=5603) Bowers, Henry Robertson - Scott, Captain Robert Falcon (id=2480) Bowie, David (id=1677) Bowie, David (id=3960) Bowie, David (id=6749) Bowie, David (id=7149) Bowie, David - Trident Studios (id=2228) Bowie, David - Ziggy Stardust (id=140) Bowker, William (id=6678) Bowler, Clifford Norman (id=141) Bowles, Edward (id=3060) Bowlly, Al (id=142) Bowman, William (id=4748) Boyd, Florence Nightingale (id=6345) Boyle, Helen (id=6351) Brabner, Rupert Arnold - Brabner, Jean Gwenneth (id=6092) Bradbury-Evans (id=143) Bradley, James (id=2960) Braeside (Loughton Red Cross Military Hospital) (id=6088) Bragansas (id=3944) Braham, JRD (Bob) (id=2619) Braidwood, Thomas (id=1287) Brailsford, Henry Noel (id=144) Brain, Dennis (id=145) Brajnovic, Marko (id=7923) Brambell, Wilfrid (id=8165) Brandon, Charles (id=3168) Brandt, Bill (id=146) Brangwyn, Frank (id=1298) Bray, John - Wesley, Charles (id=147) Bremer, Frederick (id=2984) Brennan, Christopher (id=3424) Brick Lane Bombing (id=5872) Bride, Harold (id=1648) Bridewell Palace - Bridewell Royal Hospital - Henry VIII - Edward VI (id=4677) Bridge, Frank (id=149) Bridgeman, Charles (id=150) Bridgetower, George (id=7041) Briers, Richard (id=4498) Brigade of Guards Boat Club (id=3551) Briggs, Thomas (id=4594) Bright John - Cobden, Richard (id=151) Bright, Richard (id=152) Brilliant Sign Company, Paragon Works (id=2183) Bristow, Charles (id=4500) Britannia Saloon and Theatre (id=1277) British Association of Dermatologists (id=5572) British Electricity Authority (id=6820) British Ex-Servicemens Association Vancouver (id=4165) British Horse Society Equestrian Hall of Fame (id=2340) British Imperial Standards (id=1692) British War Relief Society - Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (id=5088) Brittain, Vera (id=154) Brittain, Vera - Holtby, Winifred (id=153) Britten, Benjamin (id=156) Britten, Benjamin (id=2797) Britten, Benjamin - Pears, Peter (id=155) Britton, Thomas (id=1844) Brixton Bombing (id=5583) Brixton Uprising (id=6409) Brizendine House (id=7541) Brlic-Mazuranic,  Ivana (id=7782) Brlic-Mazuranic, Ivana (id=7770) Broad Street Pump (id=2810) Brockway, Fenner (id=2717) Brodie, Bernard (id=2078) Brodie, Bernard (id=2079) Broketa, Bozo (id=7936) Bromley Millennium Rock (id=4700) Brook Farm Open Space Pavilion Fire (id=4291) Brooke House - King Henry VIII - Herbert, William - de Vere, Edward (id=1330) Brooke, Charles Vyner (id=158) Brooking, Charles (id=1583) Brooks, Allen (id=7595) Brooks, James (id=1818) Brooks, Oliver (id=3648) Brother Jonathan - Pemberton, Joseph Despard (id=4062) Brotherton, William (id=4548) Brougham, Henry (id=2811) Brown, Captain Samuel (id=2550) Brown, Dennis Emmanuel (id=2016) Brown, Errol (id=5701) Brown, Ford Madox (id=159) Brown, Geoffrey (id=6518) Brown, Josephine (id=6497) Brown, Lancelot (Capability) (id=1786) Brown, Lancelot (Capability) - Luton Hoo (id=6123) Browne, Hablot Knight (Phiz) (id=1828) Browning, Elizabeth Barrett (id=162) Browning, Elizabeth Barrett - Browning, Robert (id=161) Browning, Robert (id=163) Browning, Robert (id=164) Browning, Robert (id=1426) Browning, Robert (id=2426) Brownsword, Beryl (id=3959) Bruce, Esther (id=6694) Bruckner, Anton (id=2014) Bruges, Teotónio de Ornelas (id=8035) Brummell, Beau (id=166) Brunel, Isambard Kingdom (id=167) Brunel, Isambard Kingdom (id=3917) Brunel, Isambard Kingdom - Brown Lenox (id=4611) Brunel, Isambard Kingdom - Paddington Station (id=4404) Brunel, Isambard Kingdom - Thames Tunnel (id=2352) Brunel, Isambard Kingdom - The Great Eastern - Russell, John Scott (id=1770) Brunel, Marc Isambard  (id=1785) Brunel, Marc Isambard - Brunel, Isambard Kingdom (id=169) Brunel, Marc Isambard - Brunel, Isambard Kingdom (id=1784) Bryan, Dora (id=2551) Bryan, Peter (id=7361) Brydges, James (Earl of Chandos) - Handel, George Frideric (id=3602) Brydges, James (Earl of Chandos) - Michenden House (id=2691) Buchanan, Jack (id=170) Buckmaster, John Charles (id=6334) Buddleia Davidii (id=4771) Buddy Holly Plaza (id=7567) Bulic, Frane - St Martins Church Split (id=7941) Buljubasic, Ivan (id=7868) Bull and Crown (id=3080) Bull and George Dartford (id=7249) Bull and Mouth Inn Site (id=1733) Bull Engine (id=1260) Bull, Philip C (id=7651) Bunting, Jabez (id=2718) Burdett-Coutts & Townshend School - Burdett-Coutts, William (id=6667) Burdett-Coutts, Angela (id=3859) Burdett-Coutts, Angela (id=4265) Burgoyne, John (id=171) Burke, Edmund (id=173) Burke, Henry (id=3893) Burkill, Henry (id=3281) Burlington Arcade - Princess Alexandra (id=5598) Burne-Jones, Edward (id=174) Burne-Jones, Edward (id=2412) Burne-Jones, Edward (id=2416) Burnett, Frances Hodgson (id=175) Burney Street Garden (id=2133) Burns, John (id=1349) Burton, Decimus (Tivoli Lodge) (id=1548) Burton, James (id=3597) Burton, Michael (id=2109) Burton, Richard (id=177) Burtt, Lewis (Daddy) and John - Hoxton Market Christian Mission (id=1274) Busby, C A (id=2553) Busby, George (id=5705) Busby, Vernon - Cricklewood Aerodrome (id=6241) Bushey Jewish Cemetery (id=6266) Bushey Jewish Cemetery - Jakobovits, Immanuel - Wolfson, Isaac (id=7072) Buss, Frances Mary (id=178) Butler, Dawn (id=6197) Butler, Josephine (id=1555) Butt, Clara (id=179) Butt, Clara (id=2554) Butterfield, William (id=180) Buxton, Thomas (id=1729) Buzzcocks (id=7741) By, John (id=3798) Byers, William D (id=4120) Byron, Edmund (id=2167) Byron, Lady (id=181) Byron, Lord (id=5098) Cabmens Shelter Fund (id=2198) Cabmens Shelter Fund (id=2650) Cabmens Shelter Fund (id=2833) Cabmens Shelter Fund (id=3621) Cabmens Shelter Fund (id=4544) Cabmens Shelter Fund (id=4990) Cabmens Shelter Fund (id=8074) Cadboro - Douglas, James (id=4064) Cadbury, John - Rowntree, Henry Isaac - Quakers (Society of Friends) (id=5624) Cadbury-Brown, Jim (id=6310) Cadman, William (id=5029) Caesars Camp (id=6866) Caesars Camp - Evelyn, John (id=6865) Cafe Tortoni (id=2237) Cain, John - State of Victoria (id=3804) Caine, Marti (id=8164) Caine, Michael (id=2353) Caird, James - Hook, Norman - St Marys Church Wimbledon (id=7224) Cairns, Hugh (id=6070) Caldecott, Randolph (id=182) Caldwell House (Singapore) (id=3279) Caledonian Inn (Robe) (id=3320) Callas, Maria (id=2238) Callas, Maria (id=3736) Calman, Mel (id=1324) Calthrop, Everard Richard (id=6068) Cambridge Barracks Gate House (id=1490) Camden Road Station (id=4602) Camden Roundhouse (id=1625) Camm, Sydney (id=3658) Campbell, Colen (id=183) Campbell, Herbert (id=3645) Campbell, John (id=6219) Campbell, Judy (id=5343) Campbell, Ken (id=6073) Campbell, Malcolm (id=1664) Campbell, Malcolm - Campbell, Donald (id=1981) Campbell, Mrs Patrick (id=4386) Campbell, Thomas (id=2839) Campbell-Bannerman, Henry (id=184) Campden Hill Square - Hanson, Joshua Flesher (id=2455) Canada Place - Queen Elizabeth II - Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) - Trudeau, Pierre (id=3993) Canadian Air Force (id=185) Canadian Firefighters (id=4502) Canaletto, Antonio (id=186) Canaletto, Antonio (id=187) Canning, George (id=188) Canning, George (id=2555) Canons Gate Pillars - Brydges, James (Earl of Chandos) (id=3148) Canterbury Association - Godley, John Robert (id=3778) Carden, Herbert (id=2556) Cardinal Godfrey (id=4407) Carey, Peter (id=3407) Carlile, Prebendary Wilson (id=189) Carlile, Richard (id=8096) Carlton Mansions (id=6643) Carlyle, Thomas (id=192) Carnegie Library - Carnegie, Andrew (id=2979) Carnegie, Andrew - Dallas Central Library (id=7592) Carnegie, Andrew - East Greenwich Library (id=5566) Caroline Princess of Wales (id=2226) Carpenter, Edward (id=2557) Carpenters Companys Technical Institute (id=1513) Carr, Emily (id=4131) Carr-Gomm, Hubert - Carr-Gomm, Emily Blanche (id=2354) Carr-Gomm, Richard (id=2355) Carroll, Deborah (id=4736) Carter, Angela (id=4334) Carter, Howard (id=193) Cartwright, Alan (id=5278) Carver, Deryk (id=2558) Casals, Pablo (Pau) (Villa Colette) (id=2471) Cascade Dance Hall (id=4025) Caslon, William (id=1953) Cassidy, David (id=5229) Castalia Square - Brookes, Bruno (id=6826) Castle Pub WW2 Bomb (id=4475) Castle, Roy (id=8168) Castlereagh, Viscount (id=1604) Castlereagh, Viscount (id=1605) Caterham Cottage Hospital (id=3163) Caterham Soldiers Home (id=3157) Caterham Station 150th Anniversary (id=3160) Cato Street Conspiracy (id=194) Cattle Pound of Hendon (id=2470) Cattley, William (id=2673) Caulfield, Patrick (id=2088) Cautley, Proby (id=3919) Cavafy, Constantine (id=195) Cave of Harmony (id=6309) Cave, George (id=3540) Cavell, Edith (id=1282) Cavenagh, Orfeur (id=3269) Cavendish, Henry (id=196) Cavin, Elllice Martin (id=4121) Cayley, George (id=197) Cayley, George (id=198) Cecil, Robert Gascoyne (id=199) Cecil, Viscount (id=200) Cedar Lawn (Victoria Maternity Hospital) (id=2674) Celent, Zlatko (id=7902) Central Foundation Girls School (id=4564) Central Offices Royal Arsenal - Smith, James Osborne (id=7978) Ceperley Rounsefell Building (id=4185) Cetshwayo (id=201) CGS Estevan - Ormiston, Harry A (id=4116) Chadburn, Maud (id=6343) Chadwick, Edwin (id=1799) Chain, Ernst (id=1554) Chain, Ernst (id=4219) Challoner, Richard (id=2651) Chamberlain, Joseph (id=1434) Chamberlain, Joseph (id=2719) Chamberlain, Neville (id=203) Chambers, Dorothy Lambert (id=204) Chancellor, Thomas (id=5636) Chandler, Raymond (id=1679) Chapel Arches (id=3546) Chaplin, Charlie (id=2626) Chaplin, Charlie (id=2232) Chaplin, Charlie (id=2233) Chaplin, Charlie (id=2285) Chaplin, Charlie (id=3725) Chaplin, Charlie (id=3770) Chapman, George (id=6293) Chapman, Graham (id=205) Chapman, Herbert (id=206) Chapter House (Melbourne) (id=3305) Charing Cross Euston and Hampstead Railway (id=3837) Charing Cross Euston and Hampstead Railway (id=3884) Charing Cross Euston and Hampstead Railway (id=3887) Charles Day Almshouses (id=2200) Charles, Elizabeth Rundle (id=208) Charlton House (id=4967) Charlton housing estate (id=1693) Charrington, Frederick - Tower Hamlets Mission (id=5859) Chase, James Hadley (id=2027) Chateaubriand, Francois-Rene (id=2812) Chatterton, Thomas (id=209) Chaucer, Geoffrey - Tabard Inn (id=2286) Cheam School (id=3116) Cheesman, Wallace (id=2720) Chelsea and Westminster Hospital - Sheppard, Richard (id=6983) Chelsea Bridge - King, Mackenzie (id=6132) Chelsea Childrens Hospital - King Charles III (Prince Charles) - Parker Bowles, Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall) (id=7005) Chelsea China - Smollett, Tobias (id=210) Chelsea Electricity Supply Corp. (id=5323) Chelsea Embankment (id=5339) Chelsea Embankment - Bazalgette, Joseph (id=5338) Chelsea Shed End (id=2672) Chelsham Bus Garage (id=3165) Chemical Laboratory Royal Arsenal (id=7979) Chester, Charlie (id=2001) Chesterton, G K (id=211) Chesterton, G K (id=2753) Chesterton, G K (id=7419) Chevalier, Albert (id=212) Chichester, Francis (id=213) Childrens Holocaust Memorial - Freer, Mike (id=6989) Childrens Fold - Doctor Barnardo (id=4580) Chiltern Garage (Marylebones 1st car park) (id=5097) Chinese Canadians Apology (id=4152) Chippendale, Thomas (id=214) Chisenhale Works (id=4579) Chisholm, Caroline (id=215) Chislehurst Caves (id=1665) Chiswick Square (id=1253) Chodak-Gregory, Hazel (id=6342) Choice FM (id=7042) Cholera Epidemic (id=2239) Cholera not in Hampstead (id=3831) Chopin, Frederic (id=216) Chopin, Frederik (id=217) Christ Church Cathedral (id=4174) Christ Church Spitalfields (id=5785) Christ Church Spitalfields (id=5786) Christ Church Spitalfields (id=5874) Christ Church Spitalfields (id=5875) Christchurch Fire (id=5411) Christchurch Greyfriars (id=3250) Christchurch Greyfriars Church Garden (id=7059) Christie, Agatha (id=219) Christie, Agatha (id=4348) Christie, John (id=3111) Christophe, Marie-Louise (id=6483) Christs Hospital (id=3251) Christs Hospital Site (id=220) Chui Eng Free School (id=3263) Church Common (id=2998) Church House (id=2489) Church of St John the Baptist (id=2535) Church of St Nicholas the Traveller Split (id=7848) Church of St Olave (id=5438) Church of St Thomas Apostle (id=5517) Church of the Assumption - Gordon Riots (id=5158) Church School (id=1261) Church, Richard (id=2435) Churchill Square - Churchill, Winston (id=7613) Churchill, Randolph (id=221) Churchill, Winston (id=222) Churchill, Winston (id=223) Churchill, Winston (id=224) Churchill, Winston (id=225) Churchill, Winston (id=2559) Churchill, Winston (id=2560) Churchill, Winston (id=2913) Churchill, Winston - Churchill, Clementine (id=2843) Churchill, Winston - Luton Hoo (id=6120) Churchill, Winston - Luton Hoo (id=6122) Cimarons, The (id=3801) Cipci, Ivica (id=7921) Citroen House (id=2188) City Imperial Volunteers - City of London National Reserve - The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment) - Royal Standards of the Life Guards - The Coldstream Guards (id=7283) City of London Police District (id=8120) City of London School 
 - Ward, William (id=1856) City of London School (id=1881) City Railway (Sydney) (id=3461) City Road Turnpike (id=2772) Clapham Common Deep Shelter (id=4443) Clapham Library (id=4446) Clapham Old Fire Station (id=226) Clapham Parochial School (id=4445) Clapham Pottery (Ingleton House Boys Home) (id=4450) Clapham Sect (id=1350) Clapham Sect (id=4444) Clare, Kenny (id=2974) Claremont Close WW2 Bomb (id=5284) Clarendon Arch (id=5734) Clarion House (id=5080) Clark, Edwin (id=3216) Clark, Kenneth (id=6189) Clark, Mary Elizabeth Blanche (id=2499) Clark, William Tierney (id=2400) Clarke, Emma (id=5687) Clarke, John Erskine (id=7683) Clarke, Kenneth - Hammersmith Hospital (id=6849) Clarke, Mary Anne (id=227) Clarke, Mary Anne (id=6080) Clarkson, Willy (id=228) Clattern Bridge (id=3140) Clayhall Tea House (id=1700) Clayton, Tubby - Toc H (id=229) Cleary, Fred (id=1588) Cleese, John - Kline, Kevin (id=3731) Clementi, Muzio (id=230) Cleopatras Needle (id=7092) Clerks Well (id=2788) Clifton Gardens Fire (Hamish Pettit) (id=6907) Clifton-Taylor, Alec (id=4388) Clink Prison (id=2240) Clink Prison (id=2287) Clive of India (id=231) Clockwork Orange - Kubrick, Stanley (id=3690) Clore Duffield, Vivien (id=2527) Clore Duffield, Vivien (id=2528) Clough, Arthur Hugh (id=233) Cloutman, A B (id=4226) Clover, Joseph T (id=234) Coal Exchange - Worshipful Company of Fuellers - Prince Edward (Earl of Wessex) (id=5663) Coates, Eric (id=235) Coates, Eric (id=236) Coates, John Bernard Maurice (id=7369) Coates, Richard (id=2222) Coates, Wells (id=1834) Cobden, Richard (id=237) Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas James (id=1245) Cobham, Alan (id=1433) Coborn, Charles (id=1709) Cochrane, Kelso (id=2017) Cochrane, Thomas (Earl of Dundonald) - Beatty, David Earl (id=238) Cock Tavern (id=2988) Cockburn, Jacqueline Theodora (id=3843) Cockerell, C R (id=239) Cogan, Alma (id=240) Cogan, Eliezer - Disraeli, Benjamin (id=3008) Cohen, Jack (id=1722) Coin Street Community Builders (id=6044) Cole, Harry (id=2288) Cole, Henry (id=241) Cole, Henry (id=242) Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (id=243) Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (id=244) Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (id=1304) Coleridge, Samuel Taylor - Order of St John Malta (id=8215) Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel (id=1539) Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel (id=2206) Collegiate Church of St Martin Site (id=1732) Collins Music Hall (id=2722) Collins, Jose (id=6100) Collins, Michael (id=2389) Collins, Peter - Writers Walk (id=3423) Collins, Wilkie (id=245) Collins, Wilkie (id=246) Collins, William Jefferies (id=1922) Collinson, Peter (id=2666) Colvin, Ian Duncan - Colvin, Ian Goodhope (id=7358) Colyer, Ken (id=1888) Colyer-Fergusson, Thomas Riversdale (id=3490) Commonwealth Institute (id=6166) Commonwealth Walkway Banff (id=4027) Communist Party of Yugoslavia (id=7842) Compston, Nigel Dean (id=5031) Compton Road Fire (Derek Potts) (id=6924) Compton, John (id=2029) Compton-Burnett, Ivy (id=247) Confederate Field (id=7549) Congo Square (id=7516) Congregational Memorial Hall (id=6204) Congregational Memorial Hall (id=6205) Connaught Hospital (Old Town Hall) (id=2993) Connell, Jim (id=1461) Connery, Sean (id=6272) Connolly, Billy (id=5709) Conrad, Joseph (id=248) Conrad, Joseph (id=3397) Cons, Emma (id=249) Cons, Emma (id=5397) Conservatorium of Music (Sydney) - Greenway, Francis (id=3452) Constable, John (id=250) Constable, John (id=251) Constable, John (id=252) Constable, John (id=2561) Constantine, Learie (id=253) Constantine, Learie (id=254) Cook, Captain James (id=1719) Cook, Captain James (id=1776) Cook, Don (id=255) Cook, Peter (id=1939) Cooks Hall Site (id=1736) Cooks Hall Site (id=1738) Coombe Hill (id=3114) Cooper Car Company (id=4739) Cooper, Captain J O (id=2462) Cooper, E N (id=5308) Cooper, Gladys Constance (id=4239) Cooper, Henry (id=2356) Cooper, Henry (id=3479) Cooper, Henry (id=6001) Cooper, Tommy (id=1505) Cooper, Tommy (id=6810) Copeman, Sydney Monckton (id=256) Copeman, William - Copeman, Sydney Monckton (id=5033) Copper Family (id=2410) Coppice Row Turnpike (id=257) Coram, Thomas - Foundling Hospital - Harmsworth (1st Viscount Rothermere), Harold (id=7750) Corbett, Harry H (id=8166) Cormeau, Yvonne (id=7727) Corn Exchange (id=2512) Cornbould, Edward Henry (id=2757) Cornhill Standard Conduit (id=4766) Cornhill Water Pump (id=4621) Cornwell, John Travers (id=2967) Coronation Decorations (id=4233) Corporation of Trinity House - North Foreland Lighthouse (id=7970) Corris, Peter (id=3399) Cory, William Johnson (id=259) Cosic, Kresimir (id=7795) Cosman, Milein - Keller, Hans (id=7444) Cosmo Restaurant (id=4216) Costa, Catherine Da (id=4236) Costa, João Victor (id=6894) Costa, Michael (id=260) Costello, Elvis (id=1504) Cotton, Henry (id=2630) Coucher, Alfred (id=5083) Coulsdon Church of England School (id=2169) Coulsdon Comrades Club (id=1666) Coulsdon Court (id=2170) Coulsdon Station (id=2168) Countess of Lovelace, Ada (id=6915) Coutts, Thomas (id=3860) Covent Garden War Memorial (id=6923) Covert Park (id=7554) Coward, Charles (id=1931) Coward, Noel (id=263) Coward, Noel (id=1791) Coward, Noel (id=3119) Cowell, Simon (id=3702) Cowper, WIlliam (id=3808) Cox, C R (id=3283) Cox, C W (id=3158) Cox, David (id=1394) Craddock, Fanny (id=2963) Craddock, Percy (id=6902) Craft School (id=4553) Craft, Ellen and William (id=6220) Craft, Ellen and William (id=6221) Craig, Daniel (id=3738) Craigdarroch (id=4144) Crane, Walter (id=264) Cranfield, John (id=2781) Crapper, Thomas (id=1542) Crawford, Sadie (id=3134) Crayford War Memorial (id=7247) Credit Crunch Monster (id=3203) Credit Foncier Building (id=4184) Creed, Frederick George (id=1670) Cremorne Gates and Gardens (id=6011) Cresswell, Henrietta (id=2700) Cresswell, Samuel (id=2518) Cribb, Tom (id=265) Cribb, Tom (id=5405) Crichlow, Frank Gilbert (id=266) Crichton, Michael Hewan (id=4314) Crick, Francis (id=2846) Cripplegate Site (id=1740) Cripps, Stafford (id=267) Crnjanski, Milos (id=2087) Croft, Richard - Croft, Thomas Elmsley (id=5594) Crompton, Colonel R E B (id=268) Crompton, Richmal (id=1657) Cromwell Association - Reburied Regicides (id=8108) Cromwell Buildings - Waterlow, Sydney - Great Exhibition (id=5514) Cromwell, Oliver (id=2493) Cromwell, Oliver - Putney Debates (id=4472) Cromwell, Oliver - Savoy Conference (id=2867) Cromwell, Thomas - King Henry VIII (id=4474) Cronin A J (id=2709) Crooked Billet Penge (id=6742) Crookes, William (id=269) Crosby Hall (id=6198) Crosby Residence (id=4030) Crosby, Bing (id=2341) Crosby, Bing (id=2562) Crosby, Brass (id=7699) Crosfield, Arthur (id=270) Cross Bones Graveyard (id=1291) Crosskeys Inn (id=1969) Croydon Airport Terminal Building (id=2207) Croydon Canal - London and Croydon Railway - Jolly Sailor Station (id=6706) Croydon Cattle Market (id=1533) Croydon, Merstham & Godstone Railway (id=2164) Crozier, Richard (id=3337) Cruft, Charles (id=2724) Cruikshank, George (id=272) Cruikshank, George (id=2725) Crystal Palace fatal accident (id=4697) Crystal Palace Low-Level Station (id=6755) CSS William J Stewart (id=4123) Cubitt, James (id=6098) Cubitt, Lewis (id=274) Cubitt, Thomas (id=275) Cubitt, Thomas (id=276) Cubitt, Thomas (id=2563) Cubitt, Thomas (id=3687) Cugoano, Ottobah (id=5688) Cullis, Winifred - Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine (id=6855) Culpeper, Nicholas (id=1726) Culpin, Millais (id=6077) Cumming, Mansfield (id=277) Cunningham, Laurie (id=1817) Cunningham, Laurie (id=2123) Cunningham, Merce - Cage, John (id=6891) Curran, Pete (id=2987) Currie, Steve (id=4464) Curriers Hall (id=3554) Curtis, William (id=1585) Curzon, Marquess (id=278) Cushing, Peter (id=3244) Cushing, Peter (id=3696) Custom House (id=2507) Customs House (Robe) (id=3330) Customs House (Sydney) (id=3469) Cutty Sark: accidents (id=1686) Cutty Sark: accidents (id=1687) Cutty Sark: commemoration 2 (id=1690) Cutty Sark: Fire 2006 (id=1685) Cutty Sark: James Wallace suicide (id=1688) Cutty Sark: map (id=1691) DOyly Carte, Richard (id=337) DOyly Carte, Richard (id=3595) D-Day (Normandy Landings) (id=2177) Dadd, Richard (id=279) Dadds, Hannah (id=6480) Daily Courant (id=280) Dal Monte, Toti (id=7816) Dale, Anthony (id=2564) Dale, Henry (id=281) Daley, J A (Jack) (id=4114) Dallos, Josef (id=282) Dame Alice Owen School air raid (id=2794) Dance the Younger, George (id=283) Danger Mouse (id=6945) Daniell, Thomas (id=284) Daniell, William (id=285) Daniels, George (id=1543) Dankworth, John (id=3073) Dannreuther, Edward - Wagner, Richard (id=286) Danziger Brothers (id=3710) DArblay, Madame (Fanny Burney) (id=287) Darbourne, John - Darke, Geoffrey (id=3534) Darch, Winifred (id=6096) Dark and Light (id=5695) Darke, John Charles (id=3357) Darwin, Charles (id=288) Darwin, Charles (id=289) Darwin, Charles (id=3428) David, Elizabeth (id=1507) Davidson, Francis (Baroness Northchurch) (id=7366) Davies, Emily (id=290) Davies, Ray - Davies, Dave - The Kinks (id=3891) Davies, Thomas - Johnson, Doctor Samuel - Boswell, James (id=291) Davis Theatre - Beecham, Thomas - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (id=2204) Davison, Emily Wilding (id=3238) Davison, Emily Wilding (id=7717) Davy, Elias (id=2205) Dawson, Margaret Damer (id=292) Day, Wilfred (id=5227) Day, Wilfrid Ernest Lytton (id=293) Day-Lewis, Cecil (id=1481) de Burgh, Chris (id=6493) de Gaulle, Charles (id=294) de Gaulle, Charles (id=295) de Gaulle, Charles (id=296) de Gaulle, Charles (id=2243) de Havilland, Geoffrey (id=1309) de la Bodega Y Quatra, Juan Francisco (id=4117) de la Mare, Walter (id=1544) de la Mare, Walter (id=1798) de la Mare, Walter (id=6752) de la Mare, Walter (id=8062) De La Ronde House (id=7507) de Lamerie, Paul (id=297) de Laszlo, Philip A (id=298) De Marmont, Auguste (id=7939) De Miralles, Juan - Penn, John - Penn, Richard - Penn, William - Chew, Benjamin (id=7626) de Miranda, Francisco (id=299) de Miranda, Francisco (id=300) de Montfort, Simon - John of Gaunt (Duke of Lancaster) (id=2864) de Morgan, William - de Morgan, Evelyn (id=302) de Quincy, Thomas (id=303) de Rokesley, Gregory (id=304) de Roos, Willy (id=4107) de San Martin, Jose (id=305) de Valois, Ninette (id=1615) de Worde, Wynkyn (id=306) de Worde, Wynkyn (id=7356) Deakin, Arthur (id=6787) Dearmer, Geoffrey - Dearmer, Margaret (id=3840) Dearmer, Percy (id=2663) Decayed Tradesmen (id=2994) Defoe, Daniel (id=1319) Delany, Mary - DArblay, Madame (Fanny Burney) - King George III - Queen Caroline (id=3659) Delderfield, R F (id=2202) Delfont, Bernard (id=307) Delille, Henriette (id=7513) Delius, Frederick (id=308) Deller, Nell (id=3886) Delmonicos Building - Lord, James Brown (id=7621) Denman, George (id=2726) Denmark Place fire (id=8064) Dennis, C J (id=3427) Dennis, Felix (id=5217) Denzler, Juraj (id=7761) Deptford Creek (River Ravensbourne) (id=2113) Deptford Trinity Almshouses (id=4897) Derby, 18th Earl of (John Stanley) (id=6439) Desai, Jayaben - Grunwick Dispute (id=3882) Devant, David (id=309) Deveric, Stjepan (id=7897) Devil Tavern (id=310) Devine, George (id=1242) Dewey, George (id=7620) Diamond Jubilee Walk - Queen Elizabeth II (id=6695) Diana Princess of Wales (id=4583) Diana Princess of Wales (id=6213) Dick, William Reid (id=311) Dick-Read, Grantly (id=322) Dickens, Cedric Charles (id=6228) Dickens, Charles (id=312) Dickens, Charles (id=313) Dickens, Charles (id=315) Dickens, Charles (id=316) Dickens, Charles (id=317) Dickens, Charles (id=318) Dickens, Charles (id=319) Dickens, Charles (id=320) Dickens, Charles (id=2021) Dickens, Charles (id=3169) Dickens, Charles (id=4271) Dickens, Charles - Bedford Hotel (id=2565) Dickens, Charles - Charles Kitterbell (A Bloomsbury Christening) (id=2492) Dickin, Maria (id=1286) Dickinson, G Lowes (id=321) Dickson, Alec (id=2936) Dikic, Ivan (id=7804) Dilke, Charles Wentworth (id=323) Dimbleby, Richard (id=1805) Dimbleby, Richard (id=3550) Dimoldenberg, Amelia (id=6199) Diniz, Júlio (id=6883) Diplomatic Gates (id=5134) Dire Straits (id=1421) DIscovery Pier Campbell River (id=4039) Dispuut House of Lords (id=8109) Disraeli, Benjamin (id=324) Disraeli, Benjamin (id=325) Disraeli, Benjamin (id=326) Disraeli, Benjamin (id=327) DIsraeli, Isaac (id=328) Dixie (id=7465) Dobson, Austin (id=329) Dobson, Frank (id=330) Docklands IRA Bomb (id=4610) Dockmanagers Office (id=2357) Dockwra, William (id=1579) Doctors Commons Site (id=1857) Dodgson, Charles (Lewis Carroll) (id=2566) Doggett, Thomas (id=4959) Donat, Robert (id=331) Donegan, Lonnie (id=4191) Donovan, Terence (id=333) Doolittle, Hilda (HD) (id=334) Dorman, Maurice - Mamo, Anthony (id=8229) Dorph-Petersen, Viggo (id=2473) Dors, Diana (id=2927) Dos de Mayo Uprising in Madrid (id=2037) Douglas DC-3 (id=7582) Douglas, James (id=4149) Douglas, Norman (id=1339) Douglas-Home, Charles (id=7389) Douglass, Frederick (id=335) Doulton, Michael Duke (id=2748) Dove, Evelyn (id=7969) Dovehouse Green - Queen Elizabeth II (id=2928) Doves Bindery (Press) (id=4256) Dowding, Hugh (id=1557) Downes, Ralph (id=3631) Dowson, Ernest Christopher (id=1467) Doyle, Arthur Conan (id=336) Doyle, Arthur Conan (id=1540) Doyle, Arthur Conan (id=3403) Doyle, Arthur Conan - College of Psychic Studies (id=6112) Dr Williamss Library (id=5013) Draganjka, Duje (id=7872) Dragojevic, Oliver (id=7800) Drain, Job (id=6473) Drain, Job (id=6475) Drake, Charlie (id=1998) Drake, Francis (id=1420) Druid Street Arch Bombing (id=2359) Druid Street Arch Bombing (id=5524) Druids, Ancient Order of (id=2813) Dryden, John (id=338) Dryden, John (id=6315) Drysdale, Charles Vickery (id=1407) du Boulay, William Thomas (id=339) du Maurier, Daphne (id=340) du Maurier, George (id=341) du Maurier, George (id=342) du Maurier, Gerald (id=343) du Pre, Jacqueline (id=344) du Pre, Jacqueline (id=1668) du Pre, Jacqueline (id=2814) Dubrovnik War Memorial (id=7963) Duchess of Kent (Princess Marina) (id=3794) Duchess Theatre - Eliot, T S - Coward,Noel (id=345) Duff, Peggy (id=346) Duffield Sluice (id=4935) Duffield, Vivien Clore (id=6921) Duffield, Vivien Clore  - Robey, Simon - Lord Sainsbury (id=6920) Duke of Buckinghams House Site (id=1894) Duke of Northumberlands River 2004 (id=3013) Duke of Wellington Hotel (Melbourne) (id=3291) Duke-Elder, Stewart (id=347) Dukes Head Hotel (id=2515) Dukes, Ashley (id=348) Dulwich Air Raid (id=4678) Dulwich Air Raid (id=4679) Dulwich Air Raid (id=5828) Dulwich Air Raid (id=6004) Dulwich College (id=349) Dulwich College - Alleyn, Edward (id=4683) Dun, Elizabeth (id=4433) Duncan, Leland Lewis (id=1464) Duncan-Sandys, Edwin (id=2084) Dunsmuir, Robert (id=4143) Duperier Vallesa, Arturo (id=1369) Durrell, Gerald (id=5640) Dvornik, Boris (id=7806) Dyke, Dryden and Wade (id=5703) Dyson, Frank (id=1485) Eagle House (id=4332) Eagle House - Bell Robert - Jackson, Thomas (id=3101) Eagle Pass BC (id=4009) Eagle Tavern - Lloyd, Marie (id=1275) Eagle Warehouse (id=2909) Ealing Hospital - Jenkin, Patrick (id=6962) Early London Bridges (id=5458) Earnshaw, Thomas (id=350) Earnshaw, Thomas (id=3606) East & West Riverside Guardroom (id=7669) East & West Riverside Guardroom (id=7980) East End Dwellings Company (id=6184) East India Dock Company - King George III (id=6824) East London Federation of the Suffragettes - Pankhurst, Sylvia - Smyth, Norah (id=4578) East Street Market (id=3640) Eastlake, Charles (id=351) Eco, Umberto (id=3436) Eddington, Arthur (id=1470) Eddington, Paul (id=8162) Ede, James Chuter (id=3239) Edelman, Daniel J (id=2407) Eden, Anthony (id=352) Edge of Tomorrow (id=3732) Edgware Turnpike (id=2540) Edmondson, James (id=2848) Edmonton Local Board of Heath (id=3039) Edward Somerset, 2nd Marquess of Worcester - Hyde, Anne - King James II (Duke of York) (id=2866) Edwardes Square - Edwardes, William (2nd Lord Kensington) (id=2755) Edwards, Amelia (id=353) Edwards, George (id=3076) Edwards, Howell Powell (id=4399) Edwards, Jimmy (id=8161) Edwards, John Passmore (id=354) Edwards, John Passmore (id=1715) Edwards, John Passmore (id=6019) Edwards, John Passmore - Passmore Edwards Public Library (id=2182) Edwards, John Passmore - South London Gallery (id=7732) Edwards, John Passmore - Vernon Hall (id=1714) Ehrengott (Errington), Harry (id=7996) Eisenhower, Dwight D (id=355) Eisenhower, Dwight D (id=356) Eisenhower, Dwight D (id=2179) Eisenhower, Dwight D (id=2655) Eisenhower, Dwight D - Nixon, Richard (id=7623) Eisler, Paul (id=357) Eldridge Street Synagogue (id=2888) Eleanor Cross - Queen Eleanor (id=3185) Electricity Generating Sub-station for Tramway - Harris, Vincent (id=1272) Elen, Gus (id=1352) Elgar,  Edward (id=359) Elgar, Edward (id=360) Elgar, Edward (id=1305) Elgers Freehold Land (id=361) Eliot, George (id=362) Eliot, George (id=363) Eliot, George (id=1361) Eliot, T S (id=364) Eliot, T S (id=365) Eliot, T S (id=2519) Eliot, T S (id=3217) Elizabeth Fry Refuge - Fry, Elizabeth (id=1285) Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital - Anderson, Elizabeth Garrett (id=6227) Elizabeth Line - Queen Elizabeth II (id=7446) Ellen Keeley Co (James Keeley) (id=6311) Elliott Hall (id=3023) Ellis, Henry Havelock (id=1389) Elliston-Erwood, Frank (id=7110) Elsie, Lily (id=5773) Elstree Studios - Syms, Sylvia (id=3700) Elthorne Gate (id=3019) Elworthy, Harold Barrington (id=4112) Elwyn-Jones, Frederick - Binder, Polly (id=2567) Emanuel Hospital - Lady Dacre - Emanuel School (id=3818) Emperor of Japan - Fukushima Disaster (id=4381) Empire Theatre Penge - Sprague W. G. R. - Lloyd, Marie (id=6750) Empress Hotel (id=4054) Empson, William (id=366) Empson, William - Empson, Hetta (id=3601) Endell Street Military Hospital - Anderson, Louisa Garrett - Murray, Flora (id=2139) Enfield Chace (id=2697) Engelhard Cromwell, Georgia (id=4014) Engels, Friedrich (id=367) England Cricket Team 1987 (id=3727) English, David (id=7394) Ennals, David (id=4571) Enslaved Africans (id=7495) Entente Cordiale (id=1619) Entente Cordiale - Petty-Fitzmaurice , Henry (5th Marquess of Landsdowne) (id=4453) Epsom Watch House (id=3241) Epstein, Brian (id=368) Epstein, Brian (id=2920) Epstein, Jacob (id=369) Epstein, Jacob (id=370) Epstein, Jacob (id=6072) Equiano, Olaudah (id=371) Ermita de Santiago Marbella (id=3983) Escott, Duncan Miller (id=7363) Esperance Bridge - Esperance Club - Neal, Mary - Pethick-Lawrence, Emmeline (id=6482) Espinosa, Edouard (id=2929) Essex Chronicle Newspaper (id=2217) Essex Hall (id=2873) Essex Street - Barbon, Nicholas - Bridgeman, Orlando - Fielding, Henry - Crosby, Brass - Savage, James - Charles Edward Stuart, Prince - Lindsey, Theophilus - Johnson, Doctor Samuel (id=61) ETA Assassination (id=2034) Eton Parish School (id=1612) Evans, Barry (id=372) Evans, Edith (id=373) Evans, Geraint (id=1660) Evans, Richardson (id=3096) Evelina Childrens Hospital  - Rothschild, Evelina - Rothschild, Ferdinand de - Farre, Arthur (id=5436) Evelyn, John (id=5534) Everest, Barbara (id=1503) Everett, Kenny (id=374) Everett, Kenny (id=6805) Everett, Percy (id=3173) Ewart, Gavin (id=1366) Ewart, William (id=375) Eyre Arms Tavern (id=3874) F A Albin and Sons (id=4643) FA Cup Final (id=6647) Fabian Society (id=376) Fabian, Shoshana (id=2081) Fairfield Works - Match Girls Strike - Bryant & May (id=1702) Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (id=4013) Faith, Adam (id=3957) Fall of Singapore (id=3254) Fani-Kayode, Rotimi (id=6658) Faraday House - Electrical Engineering College (id=3612) Faraday, Michael (id=377) Faraday, Michael (id=1787) Faraday, Michael (id=3641) Faraday, Michael (id=8189) Farman, Noel (id=2707) Farringdon Train Shed Roof - Lord Richard Faulkner (id=6190) Faryner, Thomas - Worshipful Company of Bakers (id=4653) Fascists March 1937 (id=6385) Fauguet, Anna (id=5255) Fawcett, Millicent Garrett (id=378) Fegans Homes (id=379) Fell, Margaret - Quakers (Society of Friends) (id=5614) Felton, William - Trevithick, Richard (id=3617) Fenton, Roger (id=380) Fenwick, Ethel Gordon (id=381) Fenwick, Ethel Gordon (id=7299) Ferdinand Schiess of Rorkes Drift (id=2044) Ferdinand, Rio (id=2425) Ferrier, Kathleen (id=382) Ferrry Bridge Tottenham (id=5707) Ferrymans Seat (id=2289) Festival of Britain (id=1344) Festival of Britain (id=4217) Festival of Britain (id=4264) Festival of Britain (id=4307) Festival of Britain (id=4588) Festival of Britain (id=4699) Festival of Britain (id=4961) Festival of Britain (id=6022) Festival of Britain (id=6871) Festival of Britain - Heath Park Estate (id=6063) Feuz, Edward (id=4018) Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue (id=1628) Fielding, Henry (id=1810) Fields, Gracie (id=383) Fields, Gracie (id=1626) Fiennes, Celia (id=1284) Fighter Command (id=3147) Fijan, Andrija (id=7756) Fildes, Luke (id=2380) Finlaison, John - Institute of Actuaries (id=6102) Finn, Elizabeth - Distressed Gentlefolks Aid Association (id=1300) Finn, Mickey (id=4466) Finsberg, Geoffrey (id=3865) Finsbury Park (id=5827) Finsbury Park Empire (id=2849) Finzi, Gerald (id=385) Firemen Plaque (Stephen Maynard) (id=4627) Firemen Plaque (Yvonne Green) (id=1498) Firemen Plaque 1 (id=387) Firemen Plaque 10 (id=2118) Firemen Plaque 11 (id=2158) Firemen Plaque 12 (id=2290) Firemen Plaque 13 (id=3094) Firemen Plaque 14 (id=4508) Firemen Plaque 15 (id=4584) Firemen Plaque 16 (id=4478) Firemen Plaque 17 (id=4479) Firemen Plaque 18 (Bill Faust & Adam Meere) (id=5789) Firemen Plaque 19 ( Francis Wingfield & 4 others) (id=6950) Firemen Plaque 2 (id=386) Firemen Plaque 3 (id=1683) Firemen Plaque 4 (id=1684) Firemen Plaque 6 (id=1712) Firemen Plaque 7 (Charles Pearson) - Sidney Street Siege (id=1721) Firemen Plaque 8 (id=1769) Firemen Plaque 9 (id=1771) First Belgian School in London (id=5322) First Bomb in City of London (id=1741) First Bomb of World War One (id=1819) First Convent of the Sisters of Mercy Sydney (id=3388) First Fatal Motor Accident (id=3092) First Fleet (Australia) (id=3470) First Flying Bomb (id=1711) First Government House (Sydney) (id=3444) First Kilburn Bridge (id=3870) First Public Airmail Flight - Barton, Francis Alexander (id=2159) First residential roof-top wind turbines (id=4287) First Synagogue in Hackney (id=1329) First Tanderrum (id=3285) First Test Match (id=2769) First Test Match (The Oval) (id=4693) First U.S. District Court (id=7511) First, Ruth - Slovo, Joe (id=388) Fish Island (id=4575) Fisher, John (id=389) Fisher, Ronald Aylmer (id=390) Fishmongers Almshouses (id=3180) Fitzgerald, Penelope (id=7749) Fitzroy, Admiral Robert (id=391) Fitzroy, Admiral Robert (id=1680) Flamingo Club - Fame, Georgie - Brown, James - Kool and the Gang - Bowie, David (id=2815) Flamingo Club - Kruger, Jeffrey (id=4361) Flanagan, Bud (id=1727) Flanders, Michael (id=6906) Flanders, Michael - Swann, Donald (id=3624) Flaxman, John (id=392) Flecker, James Elroy (id=1465) Fleischmann, Arthur (id=393) Fleming, Alexander (id=395) Fleming, Alexander (id=2464) Fleming, Alexander (id=4397) Fleming, Ambrose (id=396) Fleming, Ian (id=394) Flemish and French Protestant Refugees (id=4481) Fletcher, Mary Bosanquet (id=4726) Flett, John (id=4087) Flicker Alley (id=1646) Flinders, Matthew (id=397) Flint, William (id=2752) Flowers, Tommy - Post Office Research Station (id=7733) Flying Bomb, Kingston Hospital (id=3146) Fogg, Gertrude (id=398) Fogg, Phileas J (id=399) Foley, Frank (id=1413) Folgate Street Houses (id=5876) Fontane, Theodor (id=400) Fontanne, Lynn (id=3065) Fonteyn, Margot (id=1843) Fonteyn, Margot (id=6251) Fonteyn, Margot - du Pre, Jacqueline (id=2910) Foord-Kelcey, William (id=4457) Football Association - Morley, Ebenezer Cobb (id=2879) For the Fallen (id=8208) Forbes, Bryan (id=3692) Forbes-Robertson, Johnston (id=2727) Ford Madox Ford (id=401) Ford, Emile (id=2710) Ford, Henry Bayles (id=3310) Forde, L W - Holland, Charles Stewart (id=7216) Forester, C. S. (id=1457) Forgotten Irish (id=5039) Former Chingford Fire Station (id=3079) Former Essex Cricket Ground - Sutcliffe, Herbert - Holmes, Percy (id=2966) Former Ford Factory (Singapore) (id=3261) Former Leitrim Hotel (Melbourne) (id=3302) Former London Chartered Bank (Melbourne) (id=3303) Former Money Order Office (Melbourne) (id=3286) Former National Mutual Life Association Building (Melbourne) (id=3294) Former State Theatre (Melbourne) (id=3292) Former Supreme Court (Singapore) (id=3276) Forster, E M (id=1254) Forsyth, William (id=5736) Fort Macquarie Tram Shed (id=3431) Fort, Charles (id=403) Fortune Theatre (id=4315) Fortune, Robert (id=404) Foscolo, Ugo (id=405) Foster, James (id=4706) Fotheringham, Priss (id=2089) Fountain Tavern (id=407) Fountain Tavern - Walpole, Robert - Coal Hole - Wolf Club - Kean, Edmund (id=406) Fowler, H W (id=408) Fowler, Henry Watson (id=3626) Fox and Crown (id=3858) Fox, Charles James (id=409) Fox, George - Quakers (Society of Friends) (id=5612) Fraga, João Carlos (id=8026) Frampton Street WW2 air raid (id=6285) Frampton, George (id=410) Francis Crick Institute - Crick, Francis - Queen Elizabeth II - Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) (id=7053) Francis Wingfield & 4 others (id=6949) Franje Josipa I (id=7776) Franje Josipa I (id=7817) Franjkovic, Tomislav (id=7918) Frank, Thomas Peirson (id=3480) Frankland, Edward (id=4294) Franklin, Benjamin (id=411) Franklin, Miles (id=3425) Franklin, Rosalind (id=415) Franklin, Rosalind - Gosling, R G - Wilson, H R - Wilkins M H F - Stokes, A R (id=413) Franklin, Rosalind - Gosling, R G - Wilson, H R - Wilkins M H F - Stokes, A R (id=414) Frankovic, Thomir (id=7876) Franks, David Salisbury - Arnold, Benedict (id=7633) Fraser Jr, Stanley (id=4119) Fraser River Gold Panning (id=4082) Fraser Sr, Stanley (id=4118) Freake, Charles James (id=416) Free French Forces (id=417) Free French Forces (id=418) Free, Jackie (id=6454) Freeborn, Stuart (id=2973) Freedmans Cemetery (id=7594) Freeman, Alan (id=1996) Freeman, Ralph (id=3908) Freemasons (id=1642) Freemasons (id=8076) Freemasons & The American Revolution (id=7586) French (Huguenot) Hospital (id=3552) French Protestant Church, Site of 2nd (id=419) Freud, Anna (id=420) Freud, Sigmund (id=421) Frey, Anthony (id=3765) Friday Hill House - Vulliamy, Lewis - Boothby-Heathcote, Robert (id=3077) Friese-Greene, William (id=2570) Frith, W P (id=422) Frost, Robert (id=7422) Froude, James Anthony (id=423) Fry, C B (id=424) Fry, C B (id=1538) Fry, Elizabeth (id=425) Fry, Elizabeth (id=4455) Fry, Elizabeth - Quakers (Society of Friends) (id=5622) Fry, John (id=1674) Fry, John (id=3759) Fry, Roger (id=427) Fry, Roger - Omega Workshops (id=426) Fuk Tak Chi Temple (id=3262) Fulham Railway Bridge (id=4476) Fulham United Reformed Church (id=2474) Furness, Thelma (id=7228) Furnivals Inn (id=428) Furse, Katherine (id=3248) Fury, Billy (id=2032) Fuseli, Henry (id=430) Fuzzens, Fred (id=3656) Gabor, Dennis (id=1833) Gadsden, Peter - World Trade Centre London (id=5801) Gage, Thomas (id=431) Gaiety Theatre - Edwardes, George (id=432) Gainsborough Film Studios - Hitchcock, Alfred - Balcon, Michael - Novello, Ivor - Fields, Gracie (id=1281) Gainsborough, Thomas (id=433) Gaisberg, Frederick - The Gramophone Company (id=6506) Gaitskell, Hugh (id=434) Galizia, Daphne Caruana (id=8212) Gall, Ernest James (Scotty) (id=4127) Galsworthy, John (id=435) Galton, Francis (id=436) Galtymore (id=7086) Games, Avram (id=3741) Gandhi, Mahatma (id=1310) Gandhi, Mahatma (id=1704) Gandy, Joseph Michael (id=438) Garcia, Juan Pujol (id=5715) Garden Museum - Tradescant, John (id=6669) Gardner, Ava (id=2342) Gardner, W E (id=4095) Gardners Pleasure Resort (id=2212) Garnett, Harry (id=7212) Garrett, Almeida (id=8032) Garrick, David (id=1789) Garrud, Edith (id=440) Garside, Mair (id=3797) Garth, Susan (id=441) Garthwaite, Anna Maria (id=1639) Garvey, Amy Ashwood (id=442) Garvey, Marcus (id=1308) Garvey, Marcus (id=4284) Garvin, J L (id=7079) Garwood, Dorothea Elsa (id=6352) Gas, Light and Coke Company (id=2844) Gaskell, Mrs (id=443) Gastown Steam Clock (id=4175) Gastown Steam Clock - Saunders, Raymond L (id=4176) Gate Cinema (id=3715) Gate of Fort Canning (id=3256) Gatehouse Highgate (id=3853) Gatehouse Square (id=5453) Gatti, Carlo (id=1237) Gatti, John (id=444) Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri (id=2624) Gaumont (id=1907) Gay Rights Demo, First (id=2801) Gayoso de Lemos, Manuel - Bouligny, Francisco (id=7504) GCHQ (id=3678) Gee, Harry (id=4607) Geffen, Denis (id=5050) Gellhorn, Martha (id=4263) General Letter Office (id=445) Genn, Billett (id=2498) Geological Society of London (id=2878) George and Devonshire Pub (id=1252) George Inn, The (id=1290) George Inn, The - Dickens, Charles (id=2291) George, David Lloyd (id=3104) George, Ernest (id=2360) George, Ernest (id=3846) Gerald Road Police Station (id=2837) Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park - Harmsworth (1st Viscount Rothermere), Harold - Bethlehem Hospital (Bethlem/Bedlam) (id=1409) Gerbrandy, Pieter - Netherlands Government in Exile (id=2817) German Hospital (id=1335) German Internees (id=2689) Gertler, Mark (id=446) Gertler, Mark (id=1640) Gertler, Mark (id=3628) Gestetner, David (id=1851) Ghattas, Karl (id=447) Gibb, Alexander (id=3909) Gibbon, Edward (id=448) Gibbon, Edward (id=4477) Gibbons, Stella (id=4266) Gibbs, May (id=3435) Gibson, Guy (id=449) Gielgud, John (id=2415) Gielgud, John (id=6307) Gilbert, W S (id=450) Gill, Madge (id=2989) Gillan, Minnie (id=4069) Gillies, Harold (id=451) Gillingham, Donald W (id=6095) Gilmore, Mary (id=3433) Gilpin, John - Cowper, William (id=3036) Gilpin, William (id=3117) Giltspur Street Compter Site (id=452) Gissing, George (id=453) Gizmo (id=3764) Gladstone, W E (id=454) Gladstone, W E (id=455) Gladstone, W E (id=1696) Gladstone, W E (id=2571) Glaisher, James (id=1476) Glanville, William (id=3907) Globe Theatre aka Hicks and Gielgud  - Sprague W. G. R. (id=5686) Goad, Roger (id=4312) Godden, Rumer (id=4240) Godfree, Kathleen (id=1804) Godfree, Kathleen - Godfree, Leslie (id=7220) Godfrey, Ambrose (id=456) Godley, John Robert (id=457) Godley, Sidney (id=4554) Godley, Sidney (id=6065) Godwin, George (id=458) Gojun, Jakov (id=7865) Golden Yard (id=3828) Golders Hill Park (id=5318) Goldie, Grace Wyndham (id=7046) Golding, William (id=1814) Goldman, John Michael (id=6986) Goldsmith, Harvey (id=7736) Goldsmith, Oliver (id=2127) Gombrich, E.H. (id=459) Gomer Berry, James (1st Viscount Kemsley) (id=7352) Gomme, Laurence (id=460) Gooch, Daniel (id=1608) Gooch, Daniel (id=3647) Gooch, Tony (id=4126) Goodengate - Doo, George Thomas - King William IV - Queen Victoria (id=7165) Goon Show - Sellers, Peter - Milligan, Spike - Secombe, Harry (id=461) Goon Show - Sellers, Peter - Milligan, Spike - Secombe, Harry - Bentine, Michael (id=1934) Goossens Family (id=1306) Goossens, Leon - Burrowes, Leslie (id=6169) Gore, Spencer Frederick (id=2541) Gort, Field Marshal Viscount (id=462) Gosse, Philip Henry - Gosse, Edmund (id=1439) Gostic, Josef (id=7758) Goswell Road Fire (Michael Lee) (id=6930) Gough, Hubert - Fifth Army 1918 (id=6279) Gould, Elizabeth (id=7120) Gounod, Charles (id=1474) Government House Victoria (id=4140) GPO Film Unit (id=1472) Grace, W. G. (id=1447) Grace, W. G. (id=1697) Grade, Michael (id=2181) Grafton Hall - Bob Burgess and Doreen Freeman (id=5568) Grahame White, Claude - Garwood, Richard (id=6761) Grahame, Kenneth (id=463) Grahame-White Aviation Company - Grahame-White, Claude (id=6765) Grainger, Percy (id=464) Granary Building Fire (Stephen Neill) (id=6931) Grand Theatre and Opera House (id=1536) Granny Banks Cottage (Robe) (id=3324) Grant, Bernie (id=2143) Grant, Cy (id=4245) Grant, Eddy (id=7735) Granville (Krystyna Skarbek), Christine (id=5635) Graves, Robert (id=1560) Grays Inn (id=5823) Gray, Henry (id=465) Grayson, Amanda (id=7040) Great Conduit (id=5670) Great Conduit, The (id=466) Great Dangaroo Flood (id=5156) Great Exhibition (id=2245) Great Exhibition (id=2343) Great Exhibition (id=2911) Great Exhibition (id=3937) Great Exhibition (id=3938) Great Fire of Tooley Street (id=5427) Great House - Tench, Fisher  (id=2965) Great Maze Pond (id=3679) Great Ormond Street (id=5015) Great Ormond Street Hospital - Callaghan, James - Callaghan, Audrey (id=5008) Great Ormond Street Hospital - Queen Elizabeth II (id=5004) Great Synagogue Dukes Place (id=3249) Greathead Shield (id=4620) Greathead, J R (id=1807) Greaves, Walter (id=467) Green, Anthony (id=468) Green, Benny (id=469) Green, George (id=1772) Green, John Richard (id=470) Green, John Richard (id=1629) Green, Leslie - Yerkes, Charles Tyson (id=6481) Green-Wood Cemetery (id=2903) Greenaway, Kate (id=471) Greenaway, Kate (id=1280) Greenaway, Kate (id=2728) Greene, Graham (id=1381) Greene, Hugh Carleton (id=3181) Greening, Edward Owen (id=1468) Greenwich Foot Tunnel (id=1483) Greenwich Foot Tunnel Bomb Damage (id=3010) Greenwich Market (id=2099) Greenwich National Servicemen (id=1989) Greenwich Town Hall (id=2132) Greenwood, Harry (id=3650) Greenwood, Ron (id=6064) Greer, Germaine (id=3408) Greet, Phillip Ben (id=1396) Greeves, Tom (id=2937) Gregory, Caroline Bousfield (id=7048) Gregory, Edward John (id=3215) Grenfell Fire (id=4995) Grenfell, Joyce (id=472) Gresham, Thomas (id=4752) Gresley, Nigel (id=473) Grey Friars Monastery Site (id=474) Grey Masts (Robe) (id=3319) Grey Towers (Te Whare Puni) (id=6025) Grey, Edward (id=475) Gribble, Herbert (id=5320) Grieg, David (id=1924) Grieg, Edvard (id=1377) Griffith, John (id=3214) Griffiths, Dennis (id=7373) Griggs, William (id=2629) Grims Dyke - Shaw, R. Norman - Goodall, Frederick - Gilbert, W S (id=1528) Grimaldi, Joseph (id=2488) Grimaldi, Joseph (id=2669) Groce, Cherry Dorothy (id=4339) Groom, John (id=1845) Gropius, Walter - Breuer, Marcel - Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo (id=3193) Groser, Rev St John (id=1775) Grossmith, George (id=477) Grossmith, George Jr (id=476) Grosvenor Chapel (id=5135) Grote, George (id=478) Grove Road Toll Bar (id=4581) Grove, George (id=1448) Grove, George (id=3663) Guardian Angels Church - Howard Family of Norfolk (id=4563) Guards Depot (id=6441) Gubbins, Launcelotte - Gubbins, Launcelot Gough (id=7222) Gudenian, Haig (id=7371) Guilders Stone (id=4603) Guildhall (id=2271) Guillaume, Rex (id=7364) Guinness, Alec
 (id=3719) Guinness, Alec (id=2383) Guizot, Francois (id=479) Gulbenkian, Calouste - Saint Sarkis the Warrior (id=3939) Gumbiner, Sam (id=2572) Gunmakers Arms Pub - Pankhurst, Sylvia (id=3206) Gunmakers Company (id=5790) Gunn, Martha (id=2573) Gunnersbury Park - Chamberlain, Neville (id=3194) Gunpowder Plot (id=1276) Gunther, Francis A (id=2893) Gunton, Herbert (id=4868) Gurney, John (id=7435) Gurney, John Hampden (id=5123) Gurney, John Hampden (id=5124) Gurneys Bank (id=2516) Guys Hospital Students at Belsen  (id=5420) Guys Hospital WW2 Memorial (id=5417) Guy, Thomas (id=3760) Guy, Thomas (id=3769) Guzman, Juan Pablo Viscardo Y (id=480) Guzzwell, John (id=4096) Gwilt the Younger, George (id=5460) Gwynne, Nell (id=481) Gwynne, Nell (id=4235) Gwynne-Vaughan, Helen (id=5573) Gyle-Thomson, Hugh (id=7342) Hackney Mortuary (id=7050) Haden-Guest, Christopher (id=482) Hagedorn, Elisabeth (id=483) Haldane, Richard (id=1813) Hale, Crystal (id=484) Hale, Crystal - Islington Boat Club (id=5289) Halford, George Edward (id=7073) Halifax, 1st Earl of (Edward Wood) (id=485) Hall, Edward Marshall (id=2574) Hall, Henry (id=486) Hall, Henry (id=487) Hall, Keith Clifford (id=488) Hall, Newman (id=2704) Hall, Radclyffe (id=489) Hall-Neale, George (id=7266) Hallam, Henry (id=490) Hamilton, Liam (id=2246) Hamilton, Liam (id=4517) Hamilton, Patrick (id=1255) Hamilton, Patrick (id=2575) Hamleys - Hamley, William (id=5216) Hammer Films (id=3706) Hammersmith Drawdock (id=2877) Hammersmith Hospital - Conran, Terence (id=6361) Hammersmith Palais (id=2190) Hammersmith Pumping Station - Clarke, William Tierney (id=2185) Hammersmith Socialists (id=2399) Hammerstein, Oscar (id=1523) Hammond, J L - Hammond, Barbara (id=491) Hampstead Garden Suburb (id=3035) Hanbury Hall - Wesley, John - Dickens, Charles - Besant, Annie - Marx, Eleanor (id=1728) Hancock, Tony (id=492) Hancock, Tony (id=1832) Hancock, Tony (id=6813) Hancock, Tony (id=8167) Handel, George Frideric (id=493) Handl, Irene (id=6809) Handley Page, Frederick (id=494) Handley Page, Frederick (id=7085) Handley, Tommy (id=495) Hanff, Helene - Marks  & Co (id=2272) Hanley, James (id=496) Hanover Chapel (id=5099) Hanover Chapel Peckham Site (id=2628) Hanseatic League (id=4761) Hansom, Joseph Aloysius (id=497) Hanwell Asylum - Conolly, John (id=6961) Harbin, Robert (id=3880) Harbor House Key West (id=7179) Harbourmaster House (Victor Harbor) (id=3335) Hardy, Admiral Thomas (under the board?) (id=2247) Hardy, Bert (id=2292) Hardy, Bert (id=7359) Hardy, Bert (press) (id=7393) Hardy, Thomas (id=1356) Hardy, Thomas (id=2916) Harley House (Melbourne) (id=3304) Harlocks Maltings (William Ebenezer) (id=2501) Harman Atwood Almshouses (id=3164) Harman, John Pennington (id=1676) Harmsworth, Alfred (Lord Northcliffe) (id=498) Harmsworth, Alfred (Lord Northcliffe) (id=499) Harmsworth, Esmond (2nd Viscount Rothermere) (id=7398) Harmsworth, Geoffrey  (id=7357) Harmsworth, Harold Cecil Aubrey (id=7382) Harmsworth, Mary (Viscountess Rothermere) (id=7399) Harmsworth, Patricia (Viscountess Rothermere) (id=7396) Harmsworth, Robert Leicester (id=7381) Harmsworth, Vere (3rd Viscount Rothermere) (id=7397) Harper, Phyllis (id=4243) Harris, Harry (id=7175) Harris, J V (id=7182) Harris, Jet (id=2033) Harrison, John (id=500) Harrison, Joseph (id=6914) Harrison, Thomas - Pepys, Samuel (id=5664) Harrow & Stanmore Railway (id=6641) Harrow and Wealdstone Rail Crash (id=3026) Harrow and Wealdstone Rail Crash (id=3028) Harrow and Wealdstone Station (id=3027) Harrow Masons War Memorial (id=7650) Harrow Old Schools (id=3090) Harte, Francis Bret (id=501) Hartnell, Norman (id=502) Harty, Hamilton (id=2576) Harvard, John (id=2293) Harvey, Frederick Milton (id=3795) Harvey, Lilian (id=2685) Haslam, Ethel (id=6091) Hatch End Station (id=3017) Hateleys Bakery (Robe) (id=3321) Hatton, Christopher (id=503) Havering Palace (id=6023) Hawkins, Benjamin Waterhouse (id=1546) Hawksley, Thomas (id=3916) Hawkwood Lodge (id=3084) Hawles, John (id=8095) Hawthorne, Nathaniel (id=1473) Hays Wharf (id=5426) Hay, Will (id=1682) Haydn, Joseph (id=6607) Haydon, Benjamin - Rossi, Charles (id=504) Hayes, Tubby (id=1983) Haygarth, Arthur (id=505) Hayman, Walter (id=3899) Haynes, Arthur (id=506) Hayward, Charles (id=4060) Hayward, Victor (id=1501) Hazell, W Howard (id=7401) Hazlitt, William (id=508) Hazlitt, William (id=1590) Hazlitt, William (id=6316) Head, Paul (id=5779) Heal, Ambrose (id=1526) Healthcare Workers (id=6149) Hearn, John (Ernies Beach) (id=5433) Hearne, Thomas (id=2818) Heartfield, John (id=509) Hearts of Oak Benefit Society (id=5234) Heater, George and William (id=4115) Heath and Hampstead Society (id=2094) Heath Robinson, William (id=510) Heath Robinson, William (id=1527) Heath, Edward (id=2482) Heath-Stubbs, John (id=4427) Heathcoat House (id=5100) Heathcote, Gilbert (id=1758) Heathrow Secret Train Station (id=3988) Heaviside, Oliver (id=6956) Hebra Guemilut Hasadim - Spanish and Portuguese Jews Association (id=1514) Heine, Heinrich (id=511) Heine, Marie Alice - Prince Albert of Monaco (id=7510) Hektorovic, Petar (id=7947) Helen Peele Memorial Almshouses (id=2361) Helen Peele Memorial Almshouses (id=4546) Hemingway, Ernest (id=7178) Henderson, Arthur (id=1386) Henderson, Russell (id=512) Hendrix, Jimi (id=513) Hendrix, Jimi (id=6899) Hendrix, Jimi (id=7129) Hendrix, Jimi - The Bag ONails (id=5218) Hendrix, Jimi - Upper Cut Club (id=6060) Henry, Edward (id=515) Henson, Jim (id=3698) Henson, Jim (id=6176) Henty, G A (id=1347) Hepworth, Barbara - Skeaping, John (id=5672) Hepworth, Cecil (id=1568) Hepworth, Cecil (id=3722) Her Majestys Theatre - Vanbrugh, John - Phipps, C J (id=3780) Herbert, Alan, A.P.H (id=1248) Herbert, Xavier (id=3437) Herford, Robert Travers (id=516) Herne Hill Velodrome (id=5587) Hertz, J H (id=517) Hervey Family (id=2819) Herzen, Alexander  (id=518) Herzen, Alexander (id=519) Hess, Myra (id=520) Hess, Myra (id=7136) Hewett, Dorothy (id=3405) Hewlett, Hilda (id=4359) Heyer, Georgette (id=1558) Hicks, Henry (id=1847) Hidden River (id=5708) High Tide Memorial (id=5558) Highams Park Signal Box (id=3075) Highgate Camp (id=3856) Highgate Primary School (id=3864) Hill Garden Shelter (id=3598) Hill, A V (id=1235) Hill, Albert (id=6621) Hill, Benny (id=521) Hill, Benny (id=6806) Hill, Derek (id=522) Hill, Emery (id=3815) Hill, Graham (id=1530) Hill, Octavia (id=523) Hill, Octavia (id=2295) Hill, Octavia (id=2296) Hill, Rowland (id=524) Hill, Rowland (id=525) Hill, Rowland (id=3108) Hill, Rowland - Stevens, Francis Worrall (id=6103) Hillfield Park Golden Jubilee (id=4272) Hillfield Park House of the Century (id=4273) Hilton, James (id=1825) Hilton, James (id=2981) Hindle House Blitz bomb (id=4532) Hindmarsh, John (id=3348) Hindoostane Coffee House - Mahomed, Sake Dean (id=691) Hird, Thora (id=1997) Hird, Thora (id=6248) Hird, Thora (id=8156) Hirst, Damien - Newport Street Gallery (id=4772) Hiscock, Eric and Susan (id=4106) Historic Pier Street Campbell River (id=4040) Historic Pier Street Campbell River (id=4041) Historic Pier Street Campbell River (id=4042) Historic Pier Street Campbell River (id=4043) Historic Pier Street Campbell River (id=4044) Hitch, Private Frederick (id=1249) Hitchcock, Alfred (id=526) Hitchcock, Alfred (id=2958) Hitchcock, Alfred (id=3699) HMCS Rainbow (id=4078) HMS Driver - Blanshard, Richard (id=4063) HMS Shrapnel (Waltham Forest College) (id=3002) HMS Sparrowhawk - Porcher, Edwin Augustus (id=4058) HMS Warspite - Jones, O Meredith (id=4084) HMV (id=527) Ho Chi Minh (id=528) Ho Feng Shan (id=5301) Hoare, John Gurney (id=529) Hobbs, Jack (id=1385) Hobbs, Jack (id=2577) Hobhouse, Charles (id=4213) Hobhouse, John (id=4777) Hobsons Place (id=6782) Hodgkin, Thomas (id=530) Hodgkinson, Eaton (id=3920) Hofmann, A W (id=531) Hogarth, William (id=2930) Hogg, Quintin (id=532) Hogg, Quintin (id=1842) Holden, Charles (id=6479) Hole in the Wall (Rutland Estate) (id=3943) Holland House - Fox, Henry (1st Baron Holland) (id=2148) Holland Park Synagogue (id=4437) Holloway, Stanley (id=1511) Holly, Buddy (id=7128) Holly, Buddy (id=7568) Holly, Buddy (id=7574) Holman-Hunt, William (id=533) Holman-Hunt, William (id=1956) Holmes, Andy (id=1243) Holmes, Sherlock (id=534) Holmes, Sherlock (id=535) Holmes, Sherlock - Watson, Doctor John (id=6978) Holocaust Memorial Day (id=5737) Holst, Gustav (id=1302) Holst, Gustav (id=1616) Holtzapffel, John Jacob (id=6317) Holy Trinity Church - Bodley, George Frederick (id=3898) Holyoake, George (id=2578) Holyoake, George (id=3593) Holywell Priory (id=1271) Holywell Priory - Priory of St John the Baptist - The Theatre (id=1269) Homem, Maria Aurora Carvalho (id=6892) Honeywood Museum - Rutherford, Mark (William Hale White) (id=3126) Hood, Thomas (id=536) Hood, Thomas (id=537) Hood, Thomas (id=2699) Hooke, Robert (id=1580) Hooke, Robert (id=4757) Hooker, Thomas (id=2215) Hooker, William - Hooker, Joseph (id=538) Hooper, Angela (id=3817) Hope, A D (id=3413) Hope, Anthony (id=539) Hope, Bob (id=1985) Hopkins Morris Almshouses (id=4975) Hopkins, Gerard Manley (id=540) Hopkins, Gerard Manley (id=1551) Hopkins, Nicky (id=6911) Hoptons Charity and Almshouses - Hopton, Charles (id=5997) Hoptons Charity and Almshouses - Hopton,Charles (id=2140) Horatio Myer War Memorial (id=4914) Horbury Terrace (Sydney) (id=3465) Hore-Belisha, Leslie (id=541) Horniman, Frederick John (id=1453) Horniman, Frederick John (id=1454) Horniman, John - Horniman, Frederick John (id=1535) Horses in  War Memorial (id=6286) Horsfall, Basil (id=3222) Horsley, Victor (id=542) Horvat, Ivo (id=7753) Hoskins, Sophie (id=4497) Hospital of St Anthony - French Protestant Church, Site of 1st (id=1962) Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth (id=2324) Hospital of the Netherlands East India Co. (id=2075) Hotel del Coronado (id=2891) Hotel Vancouver (id=4178) Hotel Windsor (Melbourne) (id=3301) Houndsditch Police Murders (id=4753) House (Adelaide) (id=3364) House of Fabergé - Luton Hoo (id=6121) House of St Barnabas (id=4251) Housman A E (id=4426) Housman, A E (id=543) Hovell, Charles William - Parmiter Street Housing Scheme (id=6926) How, George Augustus Mayo (id=6319) Howard, Andrew (id=6392) Howard, Ebenezer (id=1323) Howard, Ebenezer (id=3553) Howard, John (id=544) Howard, John (id=1332) Howard, John Eliot (id=1928) Howard, Leslie (id=1444) Howard, Luke (id=1442) Howard, Trevor (id=3705) Howe, Darcus (id=6410) Howells, Herbert (id=1809) Howerd, Frankie (id=1942) Howorth, Kenneth (id=4310) Hoxton Hall (id=1279) Hozier, Clementine (Churchill) (id=545) HS1 (High Speed One) - Queen Elizabeth II - Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) (id=4454) Hudson River Railroad - Lincoln, Abraham (id=7637) Hudson, William Henry (id=546) Hudson, William Henry (id=4413) Hudson, William Henry (id=4428) Hudson, William Henry - Green Mansions (id=3494) Hudsons Bay Company (id=3990) Hugh Lupus Grosvenor (1st Duke of Westminster) (id=5129) Hughes Mansions (id=6818) Hughes, Arthur (id=547) Hughes, Arthur (id=3129) Hughes, David Edward (id=3106) Hughes, Hugh Price (id=548) Hughes, Mary (id=1723) Hughes, Robert (id=3410) Hughes, William Morris (id=2845) Huguenot Burial Site (id=2125) Huguenot Refugees (id=4480) Human BSE (id=3799) Hume, Basil (id=549) Humphries, Barry (id=3412) Hungarian Revolution of 1956 (id=8202) Hunt, Henry Arhtur - Trollope, George (id=8107) Hunt, James (id=5537) Hunt, Leigh (id=550) Hunt, Leigh (id=2391) Hunt, Leigh (id=2694) Hunt, Leigh (id=2703) Hunt, William Henry (id=551) Hunter Brothers Block (id=3991) Hunter, Colin (id=2381) Hunter, John (id=553) Hunter, Rev Robert (id=6085) Hunter, Rick (id=4300) Hunter, Robert (id=5641) Hunter, William (id=552) Huntley, Eric - Huntley, Jessica - Bogle-LOuverture Publications (id=5684) Hurley, Alfrerd James (id=6620) Huskisson, William (id=554) Hutchinson, Jonathan (id=556) Hutchinson, Leslie (Hutch) (id=555) Hutchinson, Leslie (Hutch) (id=7296) Hutt, Allen (id=7360) Huxley, Julian (id=557) Huxley, Leonard - Huxley, Julian - Huxley, Aldous (id=558) Huxley, Thomas Henry (id=3150) Huxley, Thomas Henry (id=3901) Hyde Park Barracks - Mountbatten of Burma, Earl (id=2344) Hyde Park Corner - Duke of Wellington (id=7347) Hyde, Edward (Earl of Clarendon) (id=1796) Hydraulic Power (id=5802) Hyndman, Henry (id=560) Hyndman, Henry - Social Democratic Federation (id=559) Ibru, Michael (id=8180) ICC Cricket World Cup (id=5347) Ice Wells (id=2698) Imperial Airways Crash (id=2209) Imperial College Faculty of Medicine (id=6362) Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor (id=2869) Improving Dwellings (id=5018) India Gate (id=2615) Indian Totem Poles (id=4156) Ingold, Christopher (id=561) Ingram, Eddie (id=562) Inman, John (id=563) Inman, John (id=1999) Inner London Education Authority (id=1401) Innes, John (id=1562) Innocent Victims Memorial (id=3827) Institute of Cancer Research (id=6985) Institute of Cancer Research (id=7158) Institute of Cancer Research (id=7161) Institute of Taxation Site (id=564) International Brigade (id=6386) International Brigade (id=6521) Ireland, John (id=565) Irving, Edward (id=566) Irving, Henry (id=567) Irving, Henry (id=568) Irving, Henry (id=2390) Irving, Washington (id=569) Isaacs, Gregory (id=7069) Isaacs, Rufus (id=570) Isaacson, Walter (id=571) Island Records (id=7045) Islington in 1st World War - Battle of the Somme (id=3973) Islington Tunnel - Morgan, James (id=5287) Islington War Memorial (id=3971) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=5246) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=5257) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=5288) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=5776) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=5777) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=5778) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=6177) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=6179) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=6180) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=6181) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=6182) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=6183) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=6185) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=6186) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=6187) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=6188) Islington WW1 Street Memorial (id=6425) Isokon Building (id=3599) Ivancic, Jerko (id=7840) Ivanisevic, Goran (id=7801) Ivanisevic, Goran (id=7886) Ives, Charles Edward (id=572) Ivy Restaurant (id=2008) Ivydale School (id=6002) J&M Recording Studio - Matassa, Cosimo - Domino, Fats - Richard, Little (id=7524) Jack The Ripper - King William IV (Duke of Clarence) - Chapman, George (id=5930) Jack, David Bone Nightingale (id=2225) Jackson, Alf (id=4290) Jackson, Holbrook (with thanks to Bob Burkeman) (id=4983) Jackson, John Hughlings (id=573) Jackson, Wilston Samuel (id=6253) Jacob the dray horse (id=5525) Jacobs, W W (id=574) Jacobson, Victor (id=4077) Jacques, Hattie (id=1943) Jagger, Charles Sargeant (id=1340) Jamaica Road Bomb (id=4545) Jamaica Wine House (1st Coffee House in London) - Pasqua Rosee (id=1961) James J Curtis House (id=7202) James Rorke of Rorkes Drift (id=2045) James Rorke of Rorkes Drift (id=2046) James Smith (Maidenhead Almshouses) (id=3547) James, C. L. R. (id=1387) James, Clive (id=3411) James, Henry (id=575) James, P D (id=4982) James, Sid (id=576) James, Sid (id=6812) Jameson, Derek (id=7403) Japanese Gardens Gunnersbury House - Hudson, James (id=5731) Jarman, Derek (id=3685) Jarman, Derek (id=3768) Jarrett, Cynthia (id=4323) Jasper Information Centre (id=4033) Jasper Internment Camp (id=4034) Java Court (id=5809) Jean Baptiste Baudreau II (id=7530) Jean-Baptiste, Marianne (id=2428) Jefferies, Richard (id=1451) Jefferies, Richard (id=1603) Jelic, Matea (id=7860) Jellicoe, Admiral (id=578) Jellicoe, Father Basil (id=579) Jellicoe, Father Basil (id=580) Jellicoe, Geoffrey (id=581) Jelusic, Petar (id=7945) Jenkings, Harry (id=3455) Jenkins, Hugh (id=1367) Jenner, Edward (id=4799) Jennings, Humphrey (id=582) Jennings,, Waylon (id=7570) Jerkov, Zeljko (id=7908) Jermyn, Henry (id=583) Jerome K Jerome (id=584) Jerome K Jerome (id=2120) Jerwood Medical Education Centre - King Charles III (Prince Charles) (id=7994) Jesky, Morris (id=3895) Jessop, Gilbert (id=2947) Jessop, William (id=3924) Jewel, Jimmy (id=6804) Jewish Poor (id=1637) Jex-Blake, Sophia (id=6336) Jim and Tycho - Cole, Henry (id=3903) Jims Pitch (id=3835) Jinnah, Mohammed Ali (id=585) John Kidd and Co (id=4576) John Street Church (id=2896) John Stuart (3rd Earl of Bute) - King George III - Luton Hoo (id=6124) John the Book Man (id=8186) John, Augustus (id=586) John, Elton (id=3733) Johnson, Amy (id=587) Johnson, Anna Dagny (id=7171) Johnson, Celia (id=1800) Johnson, Denis (id=588) Johnson, Doctor Samuel (id=589) Johnson, Doctor Samuel (id=1592) Johnson, Doctor Samuel (id=5454) Johnson, Doctor Samuel (id=7057) Johnson, Doctor Samuel - Reynolds, Joshua - Turks Head (id=590) Johnson, Janet (id=2298) Johnson, Ken (Snakehips) (id=3223) Johnson, Pamela Hansford (id=7718) Johnson, Thomas (id=6116) Johnston, Edward (id=1246) Johnston, Edward (id=6191) Johnston, John Lawson (id=3664) Joiner Street Bridge - Warren, James (id=5425) Jolly Farmers - Bourne or Woe Water (id=1669) Jolly Sailor Inn (id=6707) Jonathans Coffee House (id=2273) Jones Butchers Shop (id=3000) Jones, Charles (id=3632) Jones, Claudia (id=591) Jones, Claudia (id=2018) Jones, Ernest (id=592) Jones, Ian (id=1768) Jones, Philip (id=593) Joplin, Janis (id=7737) Joscelyne, Ralph - Tottenham Outrage (id=3950) Joseph, Michael (Cornish Rebellion) (id=1570) Jowell, Tessa (id=4569) Jowell, Tessa - Horniman Museum (id=7163) Joyce, James (id=594) JSSL (id=595) JSSL (id=2135) Jubilee Square Eton (id=3662) Julius Elias (1st Viscount Southwood) - St James Piccadilly war damage (id=5593) Jurak, Ljudevit (id=7755) Kaempfen, Moritz (id=1599) Kail, Edgar (id=2431) Kalvos, Andreas (id=596) Kanaet, Toni (id=7862) Karloff, Boris (id=1458) Karno, Fred (id=6662) Karsavina, Tamara (id=597) Kauffer, Edward McKnight - Dorn, Marion (id=1837) Kaufman, Morris (id=598) Kaur, Jind - Singh, Duleep - Singh, Ranjit (id=6677) Keats, John (id=599) Keats, John (id=1582) Keats, John (id=3038) Keats, John  (id=3052) Keats, John - Stephens, Henry (id=2299) Keen, Florence (Manor Gardens) (id=2850) Keene, Mary Frances Lucas (id=6341) Keeping, Charles (id=1652) Keevil and Best (id=2405) Keith, Arthur (id=2729) Kelland, Eve (Louise Kay) - Espinosa, Edouard (id=2931) Kelley, Cereno Jones (id=4122) Kelly, Gerald (id=600) Kelowna (id=4003) Kelowna Ferries (id=4005) Kemp, Thomas Read (id=2580) Kemp-Welch, Lucy (id=3714) Kempe, Charles Eamer (id=602) Kendall, Marie (id=1380) Kendrick, Thomas Joseph (id=5306) Keneally, Thomas (id=3398) Kenley Stationmasters House (id=2171) Kennedy, Jack (id=2851) Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (id=603) Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (id=1613) Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (id=5357) Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (id=7230) Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (id=7588) Kennedy, John Fitzgerald (id=7591) Kennedy, Lena (id=2970) Kennington Palace (id=1395) Kenrick, Bruce (id=4440) Kenrick, Jarvis (id=3159) Kensal House - Fry, Maxwell (id=3757) Kent, William (id=4570) Kenyatta, Jomo (id=604) Kern, Blaine (id=7476) Kern, Jerome (id=2005) Kerridge, Roy (id=2852) Key West Aids Memorial (id=7176) Key West Art Center (id=7180) Key West Cable Hut (id=7187) Key West Cigar Industry (id=7196) Key West Coast Guard Headquarters (id=7181) Key West Coast Guard Headquarters (id=7184) Key West Cornish Memorial Ame Zion Church (id=7193) Key West Lighthouse & Keepers Quarters (id=7192) Key West Little White House (id=7199) Key West Little White House (id=7200) Key West Manslaughter (id=7207) Key West Naval Station (id=7201) Key West Water Tower (id=7185) Keyes, Frances Parkinson (id=7509) Keynes, John Maynard (id=605) Khan, Noor Inayat (id=5571) Khan, Syed Ahmed (id=606) Kidderpore Hall Westfield College (id=7275) Kilburn Wells (id=607) Kilburn Wells Spa (id=3871) Kilometre Zero (id=1370) Kindertransport Children (id=5650) King Alfred (id=1765) King Charles I (id=3652) King Charles I - King James II (Duke of York) - Henry Duke of Gloucester - Queen Elizabeth I (id=3543) King Charles II - Quakers (Society of Friends) (id=5616) King Charles III (Prince Charles) (id=6494) King Charles III (Prince Charles) (id=6922) King Charles III (Prince Charles) - Diana Princess of Wales (id=8190) King Charles X of France (id=207) King Christian X of Denmark - Duckwitz, Georg Ferdinand (id=5302) King Edward Frederick Muteesa II (id=4645) King Edward VII (id=1609) King Edward VII (id=5601) King Edward VII - Queem Alexandra (id=8223) King Edward VIII (id=8220) King Frederick Augustus I of Saxony (id=7838) King George III - Queen Charlotte - Whitbread, Samuel (id=2775) King George IV - Kings Cross (id=5279) King George Tupou V of Tonga (id=2007) King George V (id=7102) King George V - Queen Mary (id=2943) King George V - Queen Mary (id=8224) King George VI - Siege of Malta WW2 (id=8193) King Haakon VII (id=2199) King Henry VIII (id=5340) King Henry VIII - Queen Elizabeth I - King George I - Queen Victoria - King George V - Queen Elizabeth II - St Marys Church Wimbledon (id=7223) King Henry VIII - Sloane, Hans (id=514) King James I - Luton Hoo (id=6125) King John II of France - Black Prince - Chaucer, Geoffrey  (id=2865) King Khama III - King Sebele I - King Bathoen I (id=7306) King Mswati III (id=7413) King of Corsica (id=5589) King William IV (Duke of Clarence) (id=608) King William IV (Duke of Clarence) - Bland, Dorothy (Mrs Jordan) (id=1456) King William IV - Queen Adelaide (id=2614) King William IV Naval Asylum - Hardwick, Philip - Queen Adelaide (id=6754) King William IV pub (id=3242) King William Street Underground Station Site (id=1876) Kings Own Band Malta (id=8197) Kings Own Band Malta (id=8217) King, Cecil Harmsworth (id=7391) King, Gary (Clink Wharf) (id=2251) King, Hetty (id=4496) King, Martin Luther (id=8067) King, Sam (id=2434) King, William (id=2581) Kings Arms Tavern - Marine Society (id=2274) Kings Cross Fire (id=6255) Kings Cross Fire (Colin Townsley) (id=6856) Kings Hall Picture Palace (id=2154) Kings Theatre (id=2175) Kings Wardrobe Site (id=1863) Kingscote War Memorial (id=3341) Kingsley, Charles (id=3625) Kingsley, Mary (id=609) Kingston Village Pound (id=2409) Kingston, George Strickland (id=3332) Kinnear, W D (id=2395) Kipling, Rudyard (id=610) Kipling, Rudyard (id=2475) Kipling, Rudyard (id=2582) Kipling, Rudyard (id=3420) Kirkaldy, David (id=2301) Kirkaldy, David (id=3800) Kitchener of Khartoum, Earl (id=612) Kitt, Eartha (id=8132) Klein, Melanie (id=613) Kliskic, Goran (id=7843) KLO (id=4002) Knee, Fred (id=1346) Knight, Anne (id=2214) Knight, Betty (id=2793) Knight, Charles (id=3655) Knight, John Peake (id=615) Knight, Laura - Knight, Harold (id=614) Knights of St John Maypole Games (id=8218) Knowles, James (id=2583) Knox, Arthur Booth (id=4000) Knox, Dilly (id=2451) Knox, E V (Evoe) (id=616) Koder, Samuel Sabattai (id=2662) Kokoschka, Oskar (id=617) Kolly Townhouse (id=7466) Kops Brewery - Lowenfeld, Henry (id=2196) Korczak, Janusz (id=5304) Korda, Alexander (id=618) Korlevic, Korado (id=7779) Kosciuszko, Thaddeus (id=7627) Kossoff, Leon (id=4196) Kossuth, Louis (id=620) Kossuth, Louis (id=7533) Kostelic, Janica (id=7796) Kozlina, Aleksandar (id=7915) Krekovic, Josko (id=7884) Krklec, Gustav (id=7754) Krleza, Miroslav (id=7759) Krleza, Miroslav  (id=7797) Kropotkin, Peter (id=1653) Krstulovic, Duje (id=7906) Kubrick, Stanley (id=3693) Kubrick, Stanley (id=3783) Kukoc, Toni (id=7891) Kupareo, Rajmund (id=7951) Kuti, Fela (id=5774) Kuti, Fela (id=6296) Kuti, Fela (id=6387) Kvrgic, Pero (id=7788) Kwouk, Burt (id=2011) Kyoto Garden Holland Park (id=4378) La Rue, Danny (id=1995) La Trobe, Charles Joseph (id=3309) Labini, Vincenzo (id=8210) Labouchere - Wootton, Henry (id=4065) Labouchere, Henry (id=1794) Labour Party (id=6206) Lady Eleanor Holles School (id=5645) Lady MacRobert (id=6762) Lady Reading (Stella Isaacs) - Womens Voluntary Services (id=2401) Ladywell (id=4948) Ladywell Mineral Spring (id=1564) Lafayette Square New Orleans (id=7532) Laid To Rest Crossness (id=7234) Laing, Robert A (id=4089) Lake, James Winter (id=3046) Lalla Rookh - Moore, Thomas (id=4225) Lamb, Charles (id=621) Lamb, Charles (id=622) Lamb, Charles (id=3056) Lamb, Charles (id=3057) Lamb, Charles - Lamb, Mary (id=1932) Lambe, William - Holborn Conduit (id=4751) Lambert, Constant (id=623) Lambert, Verity (id=8131) Lambeth Cholera Epidemic (id=3735) Lambeth Tenements (id=7728) Lammas Day (id=1821) Lancaster, Osbert (id=2453) Lancaster, William (id=2625) Landseer, Edwin (id=2584) Lane, Allen - Penguin Books (id=13) Lane, Hugh (id=624) Lane, Lupino (id=625) Lang, Andrew (id=626) Langtry, Lillie (id=627) Langtry, Lillie (id=628) Lankester, Owen - East End Maternity Hospital (id=4623) Lansbury, George (id=1707) Lansbury, George (id=4514) Lansbury, George (id=4565) Lansbury, Minnie (id=1706) Lao She (id=629) Lasdun, Denys - National Theatre (id=3977) Laski, Harold (id=1303) Laslett-OBrien, Rhaune (id=630) Latutin, Simmon (id=7441) Lauder, Harry (id=1359) Laughton, Charles (id=631) Laughton, Charles (id=3708) Laurel, Stan - Hardy, Oliver (id=2227) Laurence Corner (id=5056) Laurence Pountney Church Site and Corpus Christi College Site (id=1874) Lauterpacht, Hersch (id=6990) Lavender Pumphouse (id=2362) Lavery, John (id=632) Law, Andrew Bonar (id=129) Lawler, Ray (id=3439) Lawrence, D H (id=633) Lawrence, D H (id=1672) Lawrence, D H (id=3429) Lawrence, John (id=2695) Lawrence, Philip (id=635) Lawrence, Stephen (id=2112) Lawrence, Stephen (id=2136) Lawrence, Susan (id=636) Lawrence, Susan (id=6471) Lawrence, T E (id=637) Laws, John (id=7166) Lawson, Edward (4th Baron Burnham) (id=7386) Lawson, George (Yorkeys Knob) (id=3474) Lawson, Henry (id=3418) LBC - IRN (id=7968) Le Belle Shipwreck (id=7552) Le Mesurier, John (id=1944) Le Mesurier, John (id=8157) Lea Bridge Stadium (id=2969) Leadenhall Market (id=639) Lean, David (id=2208) Lear, Edward (id=640) Lear, Edward (id=2730) Leasor, James (id=2486) Lebor, John (id=4731) Lecky, W E H (id=641) Lee, Christopher (id=3691) Lee, Nelson (id=1283) Leech, John - Dickens, Charles (id=2585) Legat, Nicolai Gustavovich (id=2623) Leigh, Mike - Steadman, Alison (id=642) Leigh, Vivien (id=643) Leigh, Vivien (id=3707) Leighton, Frederick (id=644) Lelas, Zana (id=7889) Lemon, Mark (id=1947) Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich (id=645) Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich (id=646) Lennon, John (id=648) Lennon, John (id=649) Lennon, John - Harrison, George (id=647) Lennon, John - McCartney, Paul - Quarrymen (id=2252) Lennon, John - Strawberry Fields (id=1895) Leno, Dan (id=1393) Lenthal Works (id=4530) LEO computer - Lyons, Joseph (id=4285) Les Miserables (id=6231) Leslie, Inez (id=4308) Lesnes Abbey (id=2326) Lesney Matchbox Cars (id=3011) Lester, Muriel - Lester, Doris (id=6071) Letchford House (id=3024) Lethaby, William Richard (id=650) Lethaby, William Richard (id=651) Letica, Svete (id=7954) Lettsom, John (id=1591) Lettsom, John (id=8188) Lever, William (Viscount Leverhulme) (id=652) Levitt, Dorothy (id=4735) Lewes Priory (id=653) Lewin, Terence Thornton (Lord Lewin of Greenwich) - National Maritime Museum (id=6683) Lewis, H K (id=3603) Lewis, John (id=2659) Lewis, John - Lewis, John Spedan (id=654) Lewis, Rosa (id=655) Lewis, Sidney (id=4492) Lewis, Ted (Kid) (id=656) Lewis, Wyndham (id=657) Lewisham train crash (id=4943) Leybourne, George (Champagne Charlie) (id=1850) Leysdown Boy Scouts Tragedy (id=4690) Leysdown Boy Scouts Tragedy (Skipper Gandolfi and Kim Mayo) (id=4691) Leysian Mission - Marshall, Horace B - Lord Strathcona (Donald Smith) - McArthur, Alexander - Reed, Albert (id=5654) Leyton (id=4728) Leyton Library (id=2124) Leyton Orient Football Club (id=2976) Leyton Town Hall - Johnson, John (id=2964) Leyton United Charity Almshouse (id=2978) Leytonstone House - Buxton, Edward North (id=2971) Liberal Party, The (id=658) Liberation of Perpignan (id=2476) Lidiard, Victoria (id=2595) Lidice Massacre (id=4543) Lieutenant Governors and Secretaries to Government Malta (id=8227) Lighthouse at Cape Agulhas (id=2064) Lightoller, Charles (id=4744) Lilly, William (id=659) Limes from Berlin (id=4424) Linacre, Thomas (id=1589) Lincolns Inn Wall (id=8127) Lind, Jenny (id=660) Lindley, John (id=3634) Lindley, William - Lindley, WIlliam Heerlein (id=1486) Lindsay, Lilian (id=661) Lindsey House - 3rd Earl of Lindsey(Robert Bertie) - de Mayerne, Theodore - More, Thomas - Zinzendorf, Nicolaus (id=4350) Ling, Ruth (id=4447) Linnell, John  - Silvy, Camille (id=4293) Linnell, John - Blake, William (id=662) Lionism in the British Isles (id=5173) Lions Gate Bridge - Guinness Brewing Family (id=4161) Lions Gate Bridge - Guinness Brewing Family (id=4163) Lions Gate Bridge - King George VI - Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (id=4162) Lipton, Thomas (id=4331) Listed House (id=3954) Liszt, Ferenc (Franz) (id=2820) Little Venice - Browning, Robert - Browning, Eizabeth Barrett - Byron, Lord - Ritchie, Anne Thackeray (id=7445) Little Venice - Byron, Lord - Browning, Robert (id=4980) Littlejohns, G Michael (id=7392) Livesey Museum - Betjeman, John (id=6000) Livesey, George (id=2424) Livingstone, David (id=1265) Livingstone, Ken (id=5840) Ljubek, Matija (id=7802) Ljubic, Sime (id=7944) Lloyd, Alice (id=3243) Lloyd, Jeremy (id=6170) Lloyd, Marie (id=1334) Lloyd, Marie (id=2083) Lloyd, Marie (id=6249) Lloyd-George, David (id=1355) Lloyd-Pack, Roger (id=2234) Lloyd-Williams, Katharine Georgina (id=6347) Lloyds Coffee House (id=664) Lockwood, Margaret (id=3665) Lockyer, Norman (id=665) Loddiges Nursery (id=2145) Lodge, David (id=1803) Logue, Lionel (id=1572) Lombardy Poplars (id=2165) London Ambulance Service (id=7451) London Ambulance Service War Memorial (id=7450) London and Greenwich Railway (id=5371) London Bridge (id=2253) London Bridge (id=2254) London Bridge - Rennie the Younger, John (id=5462) London Bridge Alcoves (id=4595) London Bridge Alcoves (id=4596) London Bridge old approach road (id=5457) London Bridge Staircase - Lord Mountevans (id=8175) London Bridge Station - Princess Anne (id=6214) London Building (id=4189) London Casino (Prince Edward Theatre) (id=5079) London Coliseum - Stoll, Oswald (id=666) London County Hall (id=1400) London General Omnibus Company - Loughton Bus garage (id=6075) London House Site (id=1884) London Olympics 2012 (id=6195) London Peace Pagoda (id=4352) London Salvage Corps (id=8123) London School of Tropical Medicine (id=667) London Scottish Regiment (id=3820) London to Croydon Atmospheric Railway (id=6738) London Wall (id=5799) London Wall (id=7146) London Wall Road - Duchess of Kent (Princess Marina) (id=5647) London, Jack (id=3417) Long Lodge - Merton Park Studios (id=4495) Lonsdale, Kathleen (id=6021) Lopez-Pumarejo, Alfonso (id=1337) Lorca, Federico Garcia (id=2035) Lord Eldon (John Scott) (id=358) Lord John (id=3489) Lord Levene of Portsoken (id=6987) Lord Mackay of Clashfern - Middlesex Guildhall (id=8113) Lord Palmerston (Henry Temple) (id=828) Lord Palmerston (Henry Temple) (id=829) Lord Palmerston (Henry Temple) (id=830) Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops - Lord Roberts (id=6141) Lord, Thomas - Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) (id=4194) Lords Cricket Ground (id=668) Lords Cricket Ground (id=669) Lords Cricket Ground (id=6127) Los Angeles Athletic Club (id=3671) Losey, Joseph (id=671) Loudon, John - Loudon, Jane (id=672) Louis Armstrong Park - Armstrong, Louis (id=7518) Lovely, William (id=2386) Lovran Fallen Fighters (id=7837) Low, David (id=673) Low, David (id=674) Low, Katherine Mackay (id=2149) Lowder, Charles (id=5818) Lowe, Arthur (id=675) Lowe, Arthur (id=8153) Lowe-Lauri, Malcolm - Kings College Hospital (id=7715) Lower Marsh (id=4972) Lubbock, John (Lord Avebury) (id=676) Lubbock, John (Lord Avebury) (id=2479) Lubbock, John (Lord Avebury) (id=3842) Lucan, Arthur (Old Mother Riley) (id=1827) Lucas, George - Spielberg, Steven (id=3697) Ludgate Site (id=1861) Lugard, Frederick (id=677) Lukin, Lionel (id=6314) Lupino Ida (id=4681) Lupino, Stanley (id=4680) Lusic, Deni (id=7900) Lustica, Slavko (id=7930) Lyell, Charles - Gladstone, W E (id=678) Lygon, William (7th Earl Beauchamp) (id=4505) Lynch, Bradley (id=4555) Lynn, Vera (id=4632) Lyons Walk Soc (id=4286) Lyons, Joseph (id=2661) Lyric Theatre (id=5223) Lyttelton, Oliver (1st Viscount Chandos) - Lyttelton Theatre (id=3978) Mac, Gordon (id=7743) Macarthur, Mary (id=2082) Macaulay, Rose (id=679) Macaulay, Zachary (id=4987) Macaulay, Zachary - Macaulay, Thomas Babington (id=1384) MacColl, Ewan (id=1649) MacColl, Kirsty (id=8070) Macdonald, George (id=680) Macdonald, George (id=2397) MacDonald, John Alexander (id=6026) MacDonald, Ramsay (id=682) MacDonald, Ramsay - Stewart, Donald Ogden (id=681) Macdonald, William John (id=4073) Macdougall, William Brown - Armour, Margaret (id=6067) Macdowell, Patrick (id=683) MacFarlane, Fred (id=4102) Macfarren, George Alexander (id=684) Mackellar, Dorothea (id=3395) Mackenzie, James (id=685) Mackenzie, Morell (id=686) Mackenzie, Morell (id=2959) Mackerras, Charles (id=687) Mackie, R F (id=3862) Mackintosh, Rennie - Macdonald, Margaret (id=4604) Mackmurdo, Arthur H (id=5879) Macmillan, Douglas (id=689) MacMillan, Douglas (id=2481) Macmillan, Harold (id=6040) MacMillan, Kenneth (id=3179) Macnee, Patrick (id=6269) Macneice, Louis (id=2013) MacQueen-Pope, Walter James (id=1923) MacSwiney, Terence (id=2436) Madness (id=5611) Maggies Corner (id=690) Magic Circle (id=1573) Maida Hill Tunnel - Morgan, James (id=6955) Maiden Lane Bridge (id=5250) Maidenhead Floods (id=3548) Maidenhead United Football Club (id=3542) Maids of Honour (id=1502) Mail Rail Post Office Railway (id=4867) Main Guardhouse (id=1695) Majsan Armoured Vehicle (id=7957) Mallarme, Stephane (id=692) Mallin, Harry (id=3677) Mallon, Jimmy (id=1725) Malone, Edward (id=693) Malta Siege (id=5665) Maltese Independence (id=8194) Maltese Republic (id=8195) Mamo, Anthony - Buttigieg, Anton - Barbara, Agatha - Xuereb, Paul (id=8230) Manby, Charles (id=694) Mandela, Nelson (id=3747) Mann, Cyril (id=2790) Mann, Ida (id=695) Manning, Cardinal (id=696) Manning, Hugo (id=3838) Manor House (id=1289) Manor House Lodge (id=5825) Mansbridge, Albert (id=2940) Mansell, Mervyn (id=697) Mansfield, Jayne (id=1266) Mansfield, Katherine - Murry, John Middleton (id=698) Manson, Patrick (id=699) Mantell, Gideon (id=700) Mantell, Gideon Algernon (id=2586) Manze, M (id=2128) Manze, M (id=2990) Mapesbury Prebendary - Brock, Thomas - Montpezat, Henri de (Prince Consort of Denmark) (id=4978) Marble Arch - Nash, John (id=6478) Marconi House (id=702) Marconi Wireless Telegraph and Signals Company - Marconi, Guglielmo (id=2220) Marconi, Guglielmo (id=703) Marconi, Guglielmo (id=704) Marconi, Guglielmo (id=6887) Marconi, Guglielmo - Melba, Nellie (id=2223) Marine Building (id=3996) Marine Police (id=1783) Marino, Patricia (id=4704) Mark, Connie (id=2173) Market Hall (id=1759) Marley, Bob (id=705) Marley, Bob (id=4295) Marley, Bob - The Wailers (id=706) Marley, Bob - Tosh, Peter - Wailer, Bunny - The Wailers (id=5681) Marlow Suspension Bridge - Clarke, William Tierney (id=3213) Marnock, Robert (id=4207) Marochetti, Baron Carlo (id=1835) Marovic, Uros (id=7909) Marquess of Tavistock, Duke of Bedford (id=2421) Marquette Council 1437 (id=7539) Marquis of Bute - Cridge, Edward (id=4066) Marryat, Captain Frederick (id=707) Marryat, Captain Frederick (id=3059) Marryat, Captain Frederick (id=3099) Marsden, William (id=708) Marsden-Smedley, Basil (id=2764) Marshall, Jim (id=2957) Marshall, Jim (id=6912) Marshall, John (id=2303) Marshall, Sybil - Oakeshott, Ewart (id=2500) Marshalsea Prison (id=2304) Marshgate Bridge - Jenks, Maurice (id=6451) Marson, Una (id=2427) Marulic, Marko (id=7752) Marvell, Andrew (id=701) Marx, Eleanor (id=1450) Marx, Enid (id=6651) Marx, Karl (id=709) Marx, Karl (id=710) Mary Abbots Church wall (id=4387) Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) - Cowdrey, Colin (id=4195) Marylebone Flyover (id=4400) Marylebone Lane Conduit (id=4695) Marylebone Station - Fay, Edgar - Fay, Sam (id=5021) Masaryk, Tomas (id=2702) Masefield, John (id=711) Mass Observation (id=7148) Massey, Edward (id=2782) Matassa, Cosimo - Celestin, Papa - Domino, Fats - Lewis, Jerry Lee (id=7525) Matcham, Frank (id=2406) Matcham, Frank - Hackney Empire (id=2445) Matcham, Frank - Hippodrome Casino (id=2821) Matcham, Frank - Richmond Theatre (id=712) Matcham, Frank - Shepherds Bush Empire (id=2388) Matcham, Frank - Victoria Palace Theatre (id=3190) Matosic, Frane (id=7935) Matthay, Tobias (id=713) Matthews, Jesse (id=714) Matthews, Matty (id=3712) Maudsley, Henry (id=6757) Maugham, William Somerset (id=715) Mauldin, Joe (id=7576) Maunder Walter - Maunder, Annie (id=6605) Maupas, Lino (id=7850) Maurice, Frederick Denison (id=716) Mawsom Arms Pub (id=1251) Maxim, Hiram (id=717) Maxwell, Gavin (id=1495) Maxwell, James Clerk (id=718) Maxwell, James Clerk (id=719) May Fair (id=720) May Fair Hotel - King George V - Queen Mary (id=5222) May, Brian - Queen (Band) (id=7076) May, Phil (id=721) Mayall, Rick (id=2392) Mayer, Robert (id=722) Mayfairs Oldest House (id=723) Mayflower Pub (id=2363) Mayhew, Henry (id=724) Mayors and City of London Court (id=2275) Mazuranic, Ivan (id=7769) Mazzini, Giuseppe (id=726) Mazzini, Giuseppe (id=2731) McBey, James (id=727) McCall, Annie (id=6350) McCall, Charles (id=2119) McCall, Davina (id=4536) McCalla, Val - The Voice (id=6172) McCarthy, John - Anderson, Terry (id=7385) McCarthy, Maud (id=728) McCartney, Paul (id=4934) McCartney, Paul - Eastman, Linda - The Bag ONails (id=5219) McCormack, John (id=729) McDonald, Jamie (id=7375) McDonald, Pat (id=4430) McDonalds Restaurants (id=4786) McGill, Donald (id=1471) McGlashon, Hugh (id=6786) McGoohan, Patrick (id=6270) McGregor, George (id=4097) McIndoe, Archibald (id=730) McKee, David - 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 (id=4470) McLaglen, Victor (id=1777) McMillan, Margaret - McMillan, Rachel (id=1563) McMillan, Rachel - McMillan, Margaret (id=1654) McMillan, W. G. 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Clinton, John (id=4857) Mendelssohn, Felix (id=734) Mendoza, Daniel (id=1627) Menon, V K Krishna (id=735) Menon, V K Krishna (id=736) Menuhin, Yehudi (id=7720) Mercers School (id=5643) Merchant Taylors School (id=2776) Mercury, Freddie (id=3012) Mercury, Freddie (id=7113) Meredith, George (id=737) Meredith, George (id=3142) Merry, Isla (id=4244) Merton Park Studios (id=4494) Merton Place - Nelson, Horatio - Lady Emma Hamilton (id=3103) Meryon, Edward (id=738) Metlicic, Petar (id=7874) Metropolitan Asylum (St Lawrences Hospital) (id=3156) Metropolitan Asylums Board (id=5605) Metropolitan Benefit Societies Asylum - Bowles, John Christopher (id=6456) Metropolitan Hotel (Adelaide) (id=3350) Metropolitan Railway (id=739) Metropolitan Railway (id=1946) Metternich, Prince (id=740) Metternich, Prince (id=2588) Mew, Charlotte (id=1936) Meynell, Alice (id=741) MGM British Studios (id=7140) Michael Alexa and Jonathan Cloke (id=6171) Michell, Charles Cornwallis (id=2068) Michener, James (id=3414) Middlesex County Council (id=8114) Middleton, Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge) - 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Infants Hospital (id=7056) Mondrian, Piet Cornelis (id=757) Monmouth House - James Scott (1st Duke of Monmouth) - King Charles II (id=5230) Monro, Henry - House of St Barnabas (id=4250) Monsell, John (id=758) Mont Blanc Restaurant Site (id=1913) Montagu Pyke - Marquee Club (id=2403) Montague House - Queen Caroline (id=2111) Montefiore, Moses (id=759) Montgomery of Alamein (Monty) (id=1399) Montrose - Gordon, Frederick - Cohen, Brunel - Dowding, Hugh - Leigh-Mallory, Trafford (id=7164) Moody, Harold (id=1431) Moody, Harold (id=5685) Moon, Keith (id=761) Moones - Monoux, George (id=3009) Moor Gate Site (id=1887) Moor, John (id=2783) Moorakyne (Robe) (id=3327) Moorcroft, William (id=5170) Moore, Bobby (id=2941) Moore, Bobby (id=2942) Moore, Bobby (id=5758) Moore, Clement Clarke (id=7605) Moore, George (id=762) Moore, Henry (id=763) Moore, Henry (id=2187) Moore, Hugh John (id=6828) Moore, Hugh John (id=7327) Moore, J J (id=4124) Moore, Jocelyn (id=6346) Moore, Roger (id=3701) Moore, Tom (id=764) Moorgate Tube Crash (id=4660) Moran, Zena (id=6608) Morant Bay Rebellion (id=3131) Morden College - 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Mountbatten, Edwina  (id=772) Mousetrap, The (Agatha Christie) (id=2025) Moy, Dick (id=1482) Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (id=773) Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (id=774) Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (id=1647) Mrduljas, Dusko (id=7901) Mrs Coborns Charity School (id=4574) Mrs Macquaries Chair - Macquarie, Elizabeth  (id=3453) Mudlark Pub (id=2257) Muggeridge, Malcolm (id=7400) Muir, Jean (id=6129) Muirhead, Alexander (id=1651) Mullins, Doug (id=2115) Munnings, Alfred (id=775) Munnings, Alfred (id=1838) Munz, Jakob Ludwig (id=7835) Murray, Andy (id=3739) Murray, Emily (id=3793) Murray, James (id=2620) Murray, Lionel (Len) (id=6104) Murrell, Christine (id=3878) Murrow, Edward R (id=776) Musgrave, Alexander (id=2503) Music Walk of Fame (id=5610) Muslim, Petar (id=7866) Mussabini, Scipio Africanus (id=777) Muybridge, Eadweard (id=3139) Muybridge, Eadweard (id=3144) Muybridge, Eadweard (id=3145) My Beautiful Laundrette - Frears, Stephen - Kureishi, Hanif (id=6174) Myddelton, Hugh (id=2701) Mydiddee (id=4898) Myers, George (id=1410) Nabuco, Joaquim (id=779) Nachmanides (Moses ben Nahman, Ramban) (id=2536) Naglic, Aramis (id=7890) Nags Head (id=2992) Naisbett, Elsie (id=4347) Naoroji, Dadabhai (id=2791) Naoroji, Dadabhai (id=2792) Naoroji, Dadabhai (id=7089) Napoleon Bonaparte (id=1600) Napoleon III (id=780) Narayan, Rudy (id=1390) Nardelli, Toni (id=7914) Nash, Heddle (id=1659) Nash, John (id=781) Nash, John (id=782) Nash, Paul (id=783) Nash, Paul (id=784) National Federation of Building Trades Employers (id=5984) National Institute for the Deaf - King George VI (id=3604) National Museum of Singapore (id=3280) National Spiritualist Church (id=2996) National Sporting Club - Lowther, Hugh Cecil (5th Earl of Lonsdale) - Bettinson, Arthur Peggy (id=2824) National Union of Womens Suffrage Societies (id=7090) Navy Landing New Orleans (id=7497) Navy Office - Pepys, Samuel (id=3247) Neagle, Anna - Wilcox, Herbert (id=1402) Neagle, Anna - Wilcox, Herbert (id=2592) Necker, Germaine (Baronne de Stael-Holstein) (id=785) Nehru, Jawaharlal (id=786) Nell Gwynne Tavern - Gwynne, Nell (id=4316) Nelson Hospital (id=3669) Nelson, Horatio (id=787) Nelson, Horatio (id=788) Nelson, Nigel (id=6908) Nepali Community (id=2732) Nesbit, Edith (id=1567) Nesbitt, James K (id=4091) Nettlefold, Frederick (id=3668) Nevill, Dorothy (id=789) Nevinson, Henry - Nevinson, C R W (id=3175) New Cross Fire (id=1424) New Cross Fire (id=4957) New Orleans Marching Brass Band (id=7517) New River (id=3952) New York Foundling Hospital (id=7612) New Zealand Company - Wakefield, Edward Gibbon (id=790) Newbolt, Henry (id=791) Newgate Prison Site (id=792) Newington Green Church (id=1313) Newlands, J A R (id=2307) Newley, Anthony (id=1328) Newman, Cardinal (id=793) Newman, Cardinal (id=1584) Newman, Cardinal (id=1795) Newspaper House (Melbourne) (id=3295) Newton, Isaac (id=794) Newton, Isaac (id=2826) Nicaragua House (id=4912) Nichols, Mary Ann Polly (id=7433) Nicholson, Ben (id=795) Nicholson, Jack (id=6268) Nicholson, William (id=796) Nicholson, William (id=797) Nicholson, William (id=2258) Nicoll Family (id=2490) Nicolson, Harold - Sackville-West, Vita  (id=798) Nightingale Hospital - Nightingale, Florence - Duchess of Albany (id=3879) Nightingale Street Buildings (id=6295) Nightingale, Florence (id=799) Nightingale, Florence (id=800) Nightingale, Florence (id=2414) Nightingale, Florence (id=6496) Nightingale, Florence (id=7084) Nimmo, Derek (id=8170) Nims, Robert E (id=7472) Nine OClock Gun (id=3989) Nipper (id=1980) Nissel, George (id=2917) Nivedita, Sister (Margaret Noble) (id=2653) Nixon, David (id=6811) Nkrumah, Kwame (id=801) No 13 RAAF Radar Station (id=3311) Noakes, Michael - Noakes, Vivien (id=802) Nobrega, Cecile (Bronze Woman) (id=5694)