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Type : War Memorial (152 plaques)

8th London Howitzers (id=4779) Acton Cemetery War Memorial (id=6380) All Saints Fulham War Memorial (id=6522) All Saints WW2 Memorial (id=6709) Animals of War Memorial (id=23) Anzac Battlefield Boulder (id=4354) Armenian Genocide (id=4224) Australian War Memorial (id=3803) Battle of Waterloo - Wellesley, Arthur (1st Duke of Wellington) (id=5510) Bermondsey and Rotherhithe War Memorial (id=4930) Bethnal Green Disaster (id=1717) Bethnal Green Disaster (id=1718) Blakes Munition Explosion (id=6491) Boer War Memorial, Coombe Hill (id=3113) Bounds Green Station Air Raid (id=4330) Brent War Memorial (id=5759) British and Commonwealth Soldiers (Singapore) (id=3259) British Armed Forces in the Korean War (id=3762) Bromley-by-Bow War Memorial (id=6318) Bullivants Wharf Bomb (id=4609) Burma Railway (id=2542) Cairns War Memorial (id=3473) Camberwell Air Raid (wedding party) (id=4904) Camberwell Air Raid (wedding party) (id=4905) Camberwell WW1 memorial (id=4939) Canadian Journalists World War One (id=4150) Canadian Korean War Memorial (id=4049) Canadian Merchant Navy (id=4050) Canadian Merchant Navy - Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion (id=4151) Chelsea Borough Council War Memorial (id=6012) Chelsea Civilians War Memorial (id=5355) Chinese Canadian Military Museum (id=4169) Church House Bombing (id=2442) Civilian War Memorial (Singapore) (id=3277) Civilian War Memorial (Singapore) (id=3278) Civilian War Memorial Hanwell - Bowlly, Al (id=5738) Colindale Station Bomb (id=3892) Columbia Market Air Raid (id=4525) Commonwealth Memorial Gates (id=2241) Commonwealth War Graves Burma (id=2242) Coronation Avenue Bombing (id=4306) Council Staff Memorial (id=3894) Deptford War Memorial (id=6604) Draycott Avenue War Memorial (id=5329) Driscoll House (id=2358) Ealing War Memorial (id=6358) Falkland Islands War Memorial (id=6840) Farnborough War Memorial (id=3851) Firemen Plaque 5 (id=1703) Fulham War Memorial (id=6523) Great Central Railway (id=5022) Great Central Railway (id=5023) Great Central Railway (id=5024) Guards Chapel (id=6442) Gurkhas Singapore (id=3258) Guys Hospital Boer War Memorial (id=5415) Hampstead Cemetery War Memorial (id=5771) Heavy Camel Corp (id=2248) Hendon War Memorial (id=6758) Hendon War Memorial (id=6759) Islington War Memorial - Maine, John (id=5269) Japanese Air Raid (Queensland) (id=3478) Japanese Canadian War Memorial (id=4164) Katyn Memorial Gunnersbury (id=5729) Kennington Park Air Raid (id=4908) Korean War (id=2897) Kranji War Memorial (id=3257) Lewisham War Memorial (id=4956) Lewisham War Memorial Victoria Cross (id=4949) Leyton War Memorial - Clapton Orient Football Club - The Footballers Battalion (id=6453) Liberal Jewish Synagogue War Memorial (id=6304) Limehouse War Memorial (id=6487) Lloyds of London War Memorial (id=5884) Lloyds TSB War Memorial (id=5648) London Hop Trade War Memorial (id=5515) London Stock Exchange War Memorial (id=6215) London Troops War Memorial (id=5929) London Troops War Memorial (id=6528) London Troops War Memorial WW1 (id=6530) London Troops War Memorial WW2 (id=6529) Lyons, Joseph - J Lyons War Memorial (id=6492) M Special Unit - Z Special Unit - MV Krait (id=3472) Machine Gun Corps Memorial (id=4973) Machine Gun Corps Memorial (id=6331) Manor Park Cross of Sacrifice (id=6017) Margravine Cemetery WW1 Memorial (id=6502) Mercantile Marine Memorial (id=5821) Merchant Navy War Memorial (id=6836) Metropolitan Railway (id=5026) Navy & Air Force Memorial,Polish Army (id=6558) New Court World War One Memorial (id=3830) New Zealand Memorial (id=5376) New Zealand War Memorial (id=4974) New Zealand War Memorial - All Blacks (id=6532) New Zealand War Memorial - Cook, Captain James - HMS Endeavour (id=6533) New Zealand War Memorial - Dunedin (id=6534) New Zealand War Memorial - Munro, Charles (id=6531) Norwegian Seamen WW1 (id=4638) Norwegian War Memorial (id=1816) Nunhead Cemetery WW1 Wall (id=5652) Operation Rimau (id=3260) Paddington Cemetery War Memorial (id=6592) Paddington Cemetery War Memorial (id=6593) Peabody Whitechapel WW2 Memorial (id=6294) Penge WW1 Memorial (id=6746) Penge WW2 Memorial (id=6747) Pepys Estate - Royal Victoria Yard (id=4873) Rangers War Memorial (id=5642) Royal Academy Students (id=6130) Royal Army Service Corps (id=6559) Royal Australian Air Force (id=4353) Royal Canadian Air Force Overseas (id=6560) Royal Canadian Legion (id=4037) Royal Fusiliers (id=6217) Royal Fusiliers - Royal Gurkha Rifles - Field Ambulance (id=6216) Second World War Memorial (id=6020) Sherwood Foresters at Pietermaritzburg (id=2055) Silver Thimble Fund (id=4423) Sloane Court East bomb (id=3845) South Lancashire Regiment and Spion Kop (id=2041) Southwark and Bermondsey War Memorial, Camberwell (id=4942) Spion Kop (id=2042) Spion Kop (id=2043) St Bartholomew War Memorial (id=6827) St Dunstans Stepney War Memorial (id=5866) St Georges School WW1 memorial (id=5096) St Marys Hospital WW1 War Memorial (id=6284) St Marys Hospital WW2 War Memorial (id=6281) St Michaels War Memorial (id=4765) St Saviours Southwark War Memorial (id=5516) Stockwell War Memorial (id=6672) Sure Shield of Britain (id=4422) Tel Fahr (Mitzpe Golani) (id=4971) The Carabiniers Memorial (The VI Dragoon Guards) (id=5606) The Over-Seas League (id=3774) Tower Hill Memorial (id=6838) Upper North Street School Bomb (id=4614) Victims of Conflict (id=4968) Victory Arch (id=5406) West Green War Memorial (id=6600) Westminster Hall - Parliamentary War Memorial (id=6580) Westminster Hall - Parliamentary War Memorial (id=6581) Willesden Civilian War Memorial (id=5689) Willesden Jewish Cemetery War Memorial (id=6639) Womens Auxiliary to the Air Services (id=4167) Woolwich Boer war memorial (id=4780) WW1 Memorial at St Johns Waterloo (id=5463) WW1 Memorial Waterloo (id=5407) WW2 Memorial Waterloo (id=5408) WW2 Memorial Waterloo (id=5409) WWII Memorial Plaque (id=4047) Zulu dead of Rorkes Drift (id=2048)