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Poets Corner, north end of Pembroke Lodge Gardens, Richmond Park, London TW10 James Thomson (Poet) John Heneage Jesse (Poet)(Photos Taken: 30-Dec-2017)Link
Plaque Wording: Lines on James Thomson The Poet of Nature. . Ye who from London's smoke and turmoil fly, To seek a purer air and brighter sky, Think of the Bard who dwelt in yonder dell Who sang so sweetly what he loved so well, Think, as ye gaze on there luxuriant bowers Here Thomson loved the sunshine and the flowers. He who could paint in all their varied forms, April's young blooms. December's dreary storms, By you fair stream, which calmly glides along Pure as his life, and lovely as his song, There oft he roved, In yonder churchyard lies All of the deathless Bard that ever dies, For here his gentle spirit lingers still In yon sweet vale - on this enchanted hill; Flinging a holier int'rest o'er the grove, Stirring the heart to poetry and love, Bidding us prize the favourite scenes he trod, And view in Nature's beauties, Nature's God.

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